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CCP Universe-shattering evidence revealed

This article is in the Wild & Wacky category, suggesting that it’s satire or a spoof. In one sense it is and in another sense it isn’t.

The obvious question is: What could shatter the universe? Certainly no case of identity fraud on the part of Barack Obama, no matter how messy, would fundamentally alter the country, the world or much less the universe. If proven, Obama would be impeached, and out of office. It would be a scandal, but we’ve had lots of scandals. Life as we know it would continue. We survived “Teapot Dome.” No, it has to be something bigger, and what is bigger than the President? Clearly it must be something international and be tied to a fundamental way people comprehend how the world works.

I think two important clues are found in an unlikely source: anti-birther humor. The first is “What Birthers Believe,” (2009) one of my favorite videos. Please watch it and then this article will continue.

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