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Important Internet Explorer Patch: XP too!

A public service announcement

A rather nasty bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer has been patched as of yesterday. Even though officially unsupported, a patch for Windows XP is available also. See article at ZDNet.

Among the more virtuous and enlightened Internet readers of this blog, the Chrome browser has taken the number 1 position (followed in order by Firefox and Internet Explorer) in April statistics:


Windows remains, far and above, the most used Operating system for visitors at 68%:


I would have expected more iOS.

Blog technical difficulties

The blog is having technical difficulties with the Internet Explorer 9 browser, resulting in articles with quotations having part of the text obscured by huge quotation marks.

Please use the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers until this is fixed (and this article is deleted).

To download Firefox visit Sorry for this temporary inconvenience.


This has been temporarily resolved by removing the quotes altogether.

Visiting Orly safely

There probably is a way to visit the Orly Taitz web site, even when malware infected, and still come out with your computer intact. Rather than using your real computer, use a virtual computer. There are several ways to accomplish this, but here is one:

First download a copy of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 from the Microsoft web site. This software lets your computer act as a host for a “virtual machine”, a computer that exists as a file on your hard drive, runs and then goes away when you are finished with it. Next you need a virtual machine image (an operating system installation). This also can be downloaded from Microsoft. This particular virtual machine image is designed for testing Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is what you’ll be running. The VM is just shy of 600 MB to download and will take a while depending on your Internet connection. You can even run it from a  large flash drive or external disk. This particular VM will expire in 2010. You can create your own VM image by creating a virtual hard drive and installing the operating system yourself, but that would take a long time, and you’d have to worry about the details of Microsoft’s licensing. And be sure to provide feedback to Microsoft if you run into any problems (as required by the license agreement).

Once everything is installed, just start up your virtual machine, browse Orly, and then on the Virtual PC console, shut your machine down, telling it to throw away any changes to your virtual hard drive. Of course, your virtual machine may get infected while it is running, so you might want to shut down any other computers on our home network just in case the malware tries to reach out and touch someone.

Orly says: Ignore Warning



In a recent email, Dentist and Attorney Orly Taitz advises visitors to her malware-infested site to ignore the warnings popped up by some browsers. She said:

You can find more info on my website Please ignore Google pop up warning, the site works fine or you can disable Jawa [sic] script on your tool bar.

Disabling JavaScript is a general technique for making your browser more safe, and limiting what website software can do to your computer. However, it also makes some content (such as Obama Conspiracy Theories polls, comment previews and the like) stop working. Reports are that Internet Explorer provides no warning and allows the visitor’s computer to be infected. She  should fix her site.

The Need for Feed

RSS Spoken here

RSS Spoken here

If you scroll down at the lower right of this page, you’ll find a couple of links: RSS Feed and Comment Feed. These “feeds” can deliver Obama Conspiracy Theories right to your desktop. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) lets you read several blogs with the articles listed all together, much like you see your email.

RSS requires a reader program. Google’s GMail and Google Reader work  as well as installed programs like Mozilla Thunderbird, Internet Explorer and recent versions of Microsoft Outlook.

RSS feeds are a great way to keep up with what’s going, with out spending a lot of time going from web site to web site. Following comments is much easier too. Continue Reading →