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Obots amok!

Oh wow! Birther Report’s off the air! Now I can do whatever I want! I can say whatever I want! Wow, just wow! There’s no one left to check Obot excesses (Orly doesn’t count). Shout gleefully! Sing! Obots, run amok!

T-shirt saying "AMOK" divided in two lines

You know what my first major project in this BR-free environment will be? I’m going to work on the porch screens.

Birthers share a number of delusions, first among which is that anything they do really matters. Does anyone in their right mind think that the 227th lawsuit is going to go any differently that its predecessors? A corollary oft heard at Birther Report is that Obots are anxious, even scared, of what Mike Zullo is going to reveal in March. All Zullo is going to reveal in March is more proof that he and his investigation is a fraud. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is the least bit anxious over anything Mike Zullo is going to do. This Obot has a clean conscience. There is a reason why birthers lose all their lawsuits, a reason why Obama got re-elected, a reason why the mainstream media ignores them, and a reason why US Attorneys won’t touch their complaints: they are all meritless, and nothing they do can change that.

Indeed, rather than an opportunity, BR’s hiatus is a problem. There’s no one-stop shopping place for a marginally obscene and fully outrageous comments for the Quote of the Day. There’s one less source for something to poke fun at. Obot tabloids will have do go without some of their most zany and sensational stories.

Photo of a pickle

I do have one serious concern. If Birther Report moves away from Google Blogger, it becomes even more likely that they will become a dangerous site to visit in terms of malware.

Birther publishes Obama accomplice list

The conspiracy grows

I got the link from a pretty messed-up article at Orly’s place, “ObamaNazi regime is sensoring (sic) everything, including the new ‘aider and Abetter Central’ (sic) Tracy is asking the public to ad (sic) the names of people they suspect to be accomplices of ObamaNazi regime.” Orly, never one to respect private emails, identified “Tracy” as the creator of the new web site, UnslaveAmerica. Apparently this wasn’t meant as a secret, because Tracy Fair’s well-known online persona, KenyanBornObama, is the Twitter feed on the site and it links to the documents in her birther lawsuit in Maryland that name her.

The “sensoring” part is a claim that Tracy’s emails promoting her site are bouncing, but not the one to Orly. Here’s a puzzle for Tracy: If the “ObamaNazi” regime is trying to prevent Tracy getting the word out about her web site, and Tracy lists me as one of the “aider and Abettors” of that regime, then how can I be promoting the site in an article here? It’s a pickle™.

imageUnslave America is the usual compilation of birther stuff, plus Federal Reserve and Illuminati conspiracy theories. It carries on one of Tracy’s themes, naming enemies; she does this on a page “Central aid and abet list.” The list contains the media and the federal government plus a Fogbow segment that is almost the same as the “Good” list here (another example of birthers reversing the meaning of good and evil). She links to her personal exposé videos that name names to go with the screen names. Others on her list are less likely candidates, including Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and US Representative Steve King of Iowa.

Commenter strikefighter said something on this blog back in 2009 that is even more true today:

So, at this point, is there anybody, other than the birthers, who is not part of the conspiracy?

Clicking around looking for something new, I found a Mr. Hyde version of my Debunker’s Guide, called the “OBAMA INELIGIBILTY EVIDENCE DATABASE,” a compilation of Vattelist material. The challenge is often laid down to birthers to name one child born in the United States to alien parents that needed to be naturalized. This database has one, from the case of IN RE THENAULT 47 F.Supp. 952 (1942). The mother was a US Citizen and the father a French diplomat (hereby creating an exception under the 14th Amendment jurisdiction requirement).  The Court ruled that the children could become naturalized US Citizens through through the petition of their mother according to the law regarding foreign-born children of US mothers in effect at the time. The Circuit Court said:

Although these children in a geographical sense were born within the United States, by virtue of the status of their father at that time, they became subject to the jurisdiction of the French Republic as effectively as though they were born within its territorial limits and outside those of the United States.

Unslave America also includes the ubiquitous birther PayPal donation button.

It’s a shame that Tracy doesn’t use her video and graphic skills for something that benefits people. Until that happens, I have a new entry for the Bad list, Unslave America.