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Investigators in Hawaii

You may remember a Louisiana investigator, Jorge Baro, that didn’t personally go to Hawaii, but submitted an affidavit about what some other unnamed investigators found. Ed Hale of Plains Radio paid some private eyes for some earth shattering documents that didn’t shatter the earth. Jerome Corsi went to Hawaii to research his book. Donald Trump maybe, kinda, sorta, just a little bit had some people maybe in Hawaii, looking into things (and they’re not believing what they are finding). (Trump is a smart guy, by the way.) The AP sent someone to snap a photo of the birth index.

So now CNN joins the stream of investigators in Hawaii with this from the Anderson Cooper 360 show blog:

Gary Tuchman travelled [sic] to Hawaii .. and what he found will be difficult for some people to accept.

Transcript here.

Anderson Cooper tweets:

Does Trump really have investigators in hawaii looking into obama’s birth? We went there, but couldn’t find anyone they’d talked with

There is a convenient compilation of all the CNN videos at The Fogbow.

LTC Lakin pre-trial motions and witness list

Today, August 20, was the deadline for submission of pre-trial motions and the witness for the LTC Lakin court martial. Lakin is a military doctor who has refused to follow orders, to force President Obama to prove he is really President.

Lakin advocacy site photo

So far I haven’t found any news on what happened today. There is, however, quite a bit of news at, the Lakin fundraising site. One big item is that the photo of Lakin has been turned into an animation showing prison bars appearing across his photo. They say legal costs are mounting and expected to reach $500,000!

They also tout a claim that CNN has retracted a comment saying Lakin was a racist.

The American Patriot Foundation spins it this way:

Washington, D.C., August 16, 2010. The Army doctor who is being court martialled for refusing to obey orders has demanded – and received – a retraction from CNN of defamatory comments made by Jeffrey Toobin about Lakin.

What CNN Legal affairs consultant Jeffrey Toobin said was:

TOOBIN: In your interview you kept saying what an honorable man he is. You know, as they say at the Supreme Court, I think I dissent. You know, these people are bigots, they’re racists, they’re freaks, they’re lunatics, these are not rational players in American politics… Continue Reading →

The Great Mother of All Natural Born Citizen Quotation Pages

Partial lists don’t carry the full impact of citations scattered here and there. This project is to collect everything accessible and to the point into one place If it takes much context or argument, a brief reference and a link is included. I promise you that the quotations will mean the same thing when you read them here than they mean if you read the larger context, and the larger context will be linked to the text. No tricks, no deception.

For additional citations, see The “Natural Born Citizenship” Clause (Updated) to whom this article is indebted for some of these citations. And for EVEN MORE citations see SCOTUS & “Natural Born Citizen” – A Compendium, Books on Google that define “Natural Born Citizen” and History of US citizenship laws.

Continue Reading →

CNN Declares: Obama natural born

By the way, who is making all these claims that the mainstream media isn’t covering the natural born citizenship issue? Baloney.

CNN Senior Legal Analyst, Jeff Toobin, stated during a broadcast of CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer:

BLITZER: What do the founding fathers mean when they inserted “naturally born” as a qualification to be president?

TOOBIN: Well, what they — what they wanted was not someone who had been born in England. They wanted someone born within, at that point, the 13 colonies. And usually it’s a pretty straightforward issue of whether someone was born in this country or not. Continue Reading →