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An apology to Joe Mannix

Update: Since this article was written, Obot technical analysis has determined the identity signatures of 4 separate posters at Birther Report. Of the 4, only 2 have been identified.

I had said on this blog that I believed that the Internet poster at Birther Report named Joe Mannix was indeed in real life Mike Zullo. The Mannix poster at BR seemed to speak strongly in support of Zullo and his investigation, and also seemed to have inside information from the Cold Case Posse. Beyond that, I had a private assurance from someone who claimed to know that Mike Zullo posted as Joe Mannix at BR. I no longer believe that this association is correct, and in fact I have ruled it out through rigorous technical means.

I was able to trace the signatures of Birther Report Internet packets that were in background scatter signals intercepted at the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA)  in Chile where I was last month. These terrestrial signals (noise) are routinely discarded, but under a special agreement worked out by Obama Conspiracy Theories with ALMA, I obtained a real-time data feed of their “garbage.’’ The signals were processed through adaptive Laplace and Fourier transform filtering and decoded by DARPAbot cryptographic artificial intelligence technology that allows penetrating VPN proxy services.1 Through all this I determined the Joe Mannix poster at Birther Report was in the wrong place at the wrong time to be Mike Zullo. [Doc opens fortune cookie: From now on your kindness will lead you to success.]

The importance of this to me is that since Joe Mannix is NOT Mike Zullo, he may well be a private individual, and if so, it’s none of my business who he is. I want to add that I have read SOME comments by Joe Mannix, that make him seem a pretty decent fellow for a birther.2

1The preceding technobabble is of course absurd. I’m not going to disclose the technical means used to make this determination. I’ll let the birthers sweat it. It is perhaps payback to Mannix for his comment:

Fogbow member R.C. from ‘Reality Check Radio’ got Mike Zullo’s private cell phone number and called him in his car? This makes me think R.C. does work for Team Obama and most likely got Zullo’s number through a NSA contact.

2Updates will be made to the articles where Mannix and Zullo were associated on this blog.

Privacy and the birthers

This site has an editorial policy, and I will reiterate part of it here:

Posting personal information about private individuals is prohibited.

There are two phrases in the policy that I want to talk about in this article: “personal information” and “private individuals.”

A public person is someone who does something quite visible under their actual identity. Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo are public people. Jerome Corsi and Jack Cashill are public people. The blogger that goes under the name “Birther Report” is not because he doesn’t run his web site under an actual identity.

An ambiguity arises when a public person tries to keep information private and the reason for the article is my thinking about Mike Zullo. According to a complaint filed with the Arizona Corporations Commission, it appears that Mike Zullo is trying to keep his home address a secret (and perhaps illegally). Zullo’s home address is no business of mine and I’m not going to publish it here, or allow it in comments. Some items in the public record about Zullo’s family are equally off limits. On the other hand, his employment history is definitely relevant and appropriate for discussion here.

As of January 6, 2015, I no longer believe that Mannix is Zullo, in fact I am sure he is not. What I have been beating around the bush about is my strong belief that the commenter named “Joe Mannix” at Birther Report is Mike Zullo. I think this identification is relevant. As soon as I first saw the Mannix persona, I thought it was a “detective wannabe” kind of name. The reason that I believe this is Zullo is the authoritative tone that the Mannix character takes when representing the CCP, which is the primary thing he talks about. Take, for instance in these point by point responses to Foggy’s ant hill poking:

“The feds know exactly what A/Z have”—not true!
“I read some of the the transcripts myself in D.C. yesterday“–not true!
“If A/Z didn’t want me to know, they should have had secure communications.”–not true!
“A/Z think what they have is “universe-shattering,” but the feds are ready to destroy it—They won’t
“Nobody will ever vote for Arpaio again, after all this hits the fan.”–not true!
“Bring it, Sheriff Joe. Just bring it.”–He will!
“What are you afraid of?–Nothing!
“Release your evidence and see what happens, heh heh.”–In good time!
“The feds don’t want to stop the investigation.”–not true!
“They want A/Z to hold the press conference TODAY and show everything they have.”–not true!”

or this:

“They spent too much time bragging and not enough time releasing what they had, and now it’s too late.”
No it’s not.

Here, we see a convenient lie given as a straw man argument that anti-birther predictions that no universe-shattering evidence will appear:

They said there would never be a first press conference too. They were wrong.

And here is one where Mannix puts himself as an authoritative voice on investigations:

You have no idea what you’re talking about Ruben. You don’t know how criminal investigations are run. The time and patience it takes to gather evidence and cross verify through many leads and then put timelines together is delicate and painstaking. Case in point…..mob investigations. To get evidence on many mobsters or their henchmen took many months or years of interviews while eavesdropping on suspects, collecting evidence and also striking deals with witnesses to testify in order to get a conviction. This is no different except we are dealing with the ‘alleged’ president and the people who had this document forged. You never release damning evidence when a case is not closed, especially during this second criminal phase of the investigation. Sheriff Arpaio and the CCP know exactly what they are doing. Be patient and stop being pessimistic.

How could anyone outside the CCP claim to know the following since Mike Zullo never said publically that he got the codes from Lee:

“Lee said they were Hawaii’s codes, which were not in line with anything else.”
That is correct!

Here is Mannix  taking sides in the Zullo v. Vogt contest:

The difference between Reed Hayes and Doug Vogt is that Hayes is court recognized when it comes to forensic computer-generated document and handwriting attestations. Vogt is not.

Mannix points to a Zullo video:

Mr. Zullo is not a liar. Hawaii had their own seperate (sic) code manual prior to becoming a state. Verna K. Lee verified she used those codes. The CCP also has in possession two Hawaiian birth certificates from 1961 that reveal that the term ‘Negro’ was used for black babies instead of the term ‘African’. Mike Zullo explains:

Everybody please watch for educational purposes.

And last but not least, Joe Mannix admits that he, like Zullo, used to live in New Jersey:

Off topic, I find this terribly alarming coming from the former state I used to live in.
NJ Senate Passes .22 Rifle Ban, Magazine Ban By 22 To 17 Vote

Mannix ran away from this exchange, when I got the goods on Zullo and his fake codes.

If Mannix is indeed Zullo, then we have a big hint about the Reed Hayes report (note use of first name):

“You mean there is something wrong with signatures.?”
Of course. Reed is a master at detecting forgeries, especially when people try to mimic other peoples signatures on such things such as checks or birth certificates as in this case. He detects anomalies in forged signatures the average person can’t recognize.He immediately knew something was wrong after looking at the document hence why he called Mike back within 20 minutes.

Here is Mannix’ Intense Debate Profile with quick access to all his comments.

Double standard

[This article originally appeared as a comment at Birther Report.]

On the way back from Philadelphia, I read the exchanges between Foggy and the resident birthers and I wanted to make a few general observations on them.

If you don’t already know, Foggy likes to poke a stick in the birther ant hill. Of course the FBI isn’t tapping Zullo’s phone. What in earth’s name for? A really savvy birther wouldn’t take such things seriously, even for a joke.

What was interesting was that birthers immediately brought forward the contradictory claims that Foggy was disbarred AND that he resigned from the California Bar. It doesn’t seem to bother folks that these are contradictory, not even when they come from the same person!

A reference to my article, "To sue or not to sue: Chapter 2" was made, accompanying the question of what happened to a suggested lawsuit by Foggy against Jerome Corsi for libel. Foggy did consult a defamation lawyer about that case, but the upshot of it was that while Foggy could trivially prove that he was libeled, he could not show that it damaged him.

The most entertaining part of the discussion was the irony found in comments. Foggy made a claim about this FBI intelligence and everybody jumped on him saying that if he had any such transcript or evidence, that he should make it public immediately–and at the same time commenters like Joe Mannix were defending the Cold Case Posse, making equally outrageous claims of universe shattering secret evidence, from having to back up their claims and publish their evidence.

If I were to write all this up as an article on my site, I would title it, "Double Standard."

ORYR’s new look

It’s interesting to note that literally days after I wrote an article about how sucky the Obama Release Your Records/Birther Report web site looks, they opened their new Russian version of the site with a much improved front page design, fixing the distorted stetched images and cutting out the ridiculous amount of advertising. Even though they won’t listen to good advice about their Obama conspiracy delusions, at least they can take constructive criticism about web design. (The individual articles still suffer from clutter.)

I guess they think that the Obots are in Russia and that’s why they decided to open the Russian version of the site.

My favorite idiot birther comment of the day comes from ORYR birther Joe Mannix, who says:

Alabama Supreme Court to rule on Obama’s failure to register with Selective Service

I didn’t even know that Alabama had Selective Service. The link is to the “Coach is Right blog.”