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Birthers for Cruz!

The Opposing Views web site carries a new article today about WorldNetDaily publisher Joseph Farah, his birther opposition to Barack Obama and his support for foreign-born potential presidential contender Ted Cruz. The article also cites support for Cruz from birther-friendly congressman Steve Stockman.

Both seem to like Cruz’ birth certificate more than Obama’s, even though the latter is the only one with a paper trail and official confirmation. Could the problem with Obama’s certificate be that word “African” on it—I mean as a fact, not an anomaly.

MMA cites WND lies

WorldNetDaily publishes lies — at least that’s the case if you believe WND founder Joseph Farah. Farah told Obama Conspiracy Theories:

Apparently you don’t understand the difference between commentary and news reporting.

I know of no news organization in the world that even pretends to hold commentators to the same standard of accuracy and truth as they have for news. Do you? Bill Press lies in the pages of WND in my opinion every week. But we give our commentators wide latitude to make their case. That’s probably a concept you would never comprehend.

Email from Joseph Farah, 8 February 2010

That email is in line with what Farah said in an email exchange with Justin Eliot with as reported in a new article on Media Matters for America.

WorldNetDaily doesn’t give its readers clear guidance on whether they are reading commentary (where lies are OK) and reporting where it supposedly isn’t. Staff writers, such as Bob Unruh, are allowed to repeat lies, so long as they originate with commentators. Sometimes lying WND articles are unattributed, leaving readers in the dark about whether they are reading articles or commentary. While it is often said that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts, it appears that WorldNetDaily believes that their commentators are allowed their own facts.

WND is reeling from a recent scandal in which anti-Obama writer Jack Cashill presented a family photo of Barack Obama which he claimed was the original of a photo where Obama had been Photoshopped in. The problem is that the so-called “original” still has part of Barack Obama’s leg in it. That is, Cashill showed a fake original from which Barack Obama had been Photoshopped OUT. Unlike most WND lies, this one was actually covered up (scrubbed without comment) by WND rather than left to stand. I guess WND is not consistent about when it believes its commentators can lie and when they can’t; maybe it has something to do with how obvious and how embarrassing the lie is. Previously the lie about Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan representing Barack Obama on eligibility cases was also removed, although with minor acknowledgment. The lie about the travel ban to Pakistan, remains.

Media Matters for America provides a long list of WND lies and misinformation, and shows many instances from both commentators and staff writers. But they didn’t mention the travel ban to Pakistan!

WorldNetDaily web site rankings have dropped significantly from number 500 in the US to number 720, according to web rating site, since we last published WND rankings last June. I hope that means their readers are fed up with the lies.

Hannity v Farah

Sean Hannity and Joseph Farah discuss the birth certificate. Radio interview:

Also includes clips from Chris Matthews and Donald Trump.

Farah is just plain wrong when he says that John McCain was forced to produce his birth certificate during the Senate hearings.


Engineered crisis

I have suspected almost from the beginning that the “birther controversy” is an engineered crisis, a political smear fueled and fanned by professionals, with an army of dupes to carry the message. We’ve seen efforts to create fake grass roots movements already and the phenomenon even has a name, “astroturfing.” Joseph Farah or WorldNetDaily probably deserves much of the credit, saying himself that “we created it.”

Political misinformation campaigns and dirty tricks go back to the founding of our country; however, there is a basic sea change with sophisticated computer software and the Internet. The automation of dirty tricks is a matter of great concern to me.

The latest technique that has surfaced is “persona management,” software that can maintain multiple online identities (complete with IP addresses, email addresses and accounts on social networks), undetectable by sophisticated analysis, allowing a single software operator to appear as many people in online forums. A few agents can look for all intents and purposes like a movement. Today, this type of sophisticated manipulation is on the domain of large corporations, but perhaps it is being used by political operatives as well.

The Daily KOS has written about this, and I highly recommend their article, UPDATED: the HB Gary Email That Should Concern Us All.

Thanks to Sef for the tip.

Joseph Farah makes really stupid remark

I found this Farah quote on Mother Jones:

“Imagine if just one or two states adopt such a measure before 2012,” Farah says. “Obama will be forced to comply with those state regulations or forgo any effort to get on the ballot for reelection. Can Obama run and win without getting on all 50 state ballots? I don’t think so.”

What would have happened in 2008 if Barack Obama was not  on the ballot in Arizona? Since Obama got not a single electoral vote from Arizona, I guess it would have meant nothing. In fact, Obama could have not been on the ballot in 22 states (if I counted right) and still won. Of course when Joseph Farah speaks, you have to consider his audience.

The proposed Arizona statute is blatantly unconstitutional and would have excluded just about every US President in history. It too is something really stupid.

Let’s you and him fight

Ann Coulter

I’ll try to play this straight, and resist the sarcastic remarks that are gushing from my mind like a certain ruptured oil pipe in the Gulf of Mexico last month.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has unleashed some pretty severe invective against WorldNetDaily publisher Joseph Farah. (Coulter is/was a columnist for WorldNetDaily, but is better known as a Constitutional Attorney, best-selling author and syndicated columnist .) According to

Coulter via Tweets and emails said that Farah “could give less than two shits about the conservative movement as demonstrated by his promotion of the birther nonsense. He’s the only allegedly serious conservative pushing the birther thing and for one reason- to get hits on his website.”

What’s it about? Coulter is scheduled to give a speech Homocon, a gathering of Gay Republicans, and in retaliation Farah canceled Coulter’s talk at his “Taking America Back National Conference.” Reportedly Coulter also called Farah a “publicity whore.”

In the mean time, Farah went on the offensive today with an article on WorldNetDaily attacking Glenn Beck for not being sufficiently homophobic. WND says:

By becoming the latest conservative to capitulate to same-sex “marriage,” Glenn Beck is knuckling under to a movement with Marxist roots that’s intent on sabotaging traditional morality and religion, Joseph Farah and David Kupelian warn.

The spat is being covered by the mainstream media such as the Huffington Post, and being given special attention by Gay/Lesbian sites.