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What Ruffley told Taitz about Klayman headed for a jury

Orly Taitz repeated what Judicial Watch office administrator Constance Ruffley said about Larry Klayman. Ruffley reportedly said that Klayman had been convicted of criminal failure to pay child support, when in fact he was only indicted for that offense.

Klayman claimed defamation and sued Judicial Watch for damages. Now a jury will hear the defamation per se portion of the case and decide. Read more at Courthouse News Service.

Taitz under attack, surrounded–threats loom

While I’m at the dentist’s office, you can read this tale of Orly Taitz inserting herself where she is not wanted, but herself found wanting a legal theory to support her action.

Thanks to the Jack Ryan collection for this tidbit that contains some perhaps over-the-top language, which I borrowed for the headline.

Taitz’ motion is subject to attack on many fronts; between Plaintiffs and the Defendants, she is surrounded.

In sum, Taitz has not articulated any specific common question of law or fact, much less one compelling enough to overcome the looming threats of delay and undue prejudice.

Hon. William T. Lawrence, Judge

Judicial Watch v King (SD Ind) – Order Denying Taitz Motion to Intevene by Jack Ryan