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Birthers Behaving Badly

I introduced a new blog category with the article on Brent Douglas Cole: Birthers Behaving Badly. Some earlier articles have been added to the category where a birther was involved in a crime or received an official sanction. The individuals included are:

One might reasonably look at my list and come away with the idea that I’m trying to make a case that birthers are worse than people in general, or that being a birther makes them more likely to commit a crime than others. That’s not what I am trying to do. In some of the examples on the list, birtherism was a factor in their crime, for example Terry Lakin refused to deploy with his unit because he was trying to force the issue of Obama’s eligibility to be adjudicated. On the other hand Cole, D’Souza and von Brunn so far as we know were not motivated by birtherism in their (alleged in the case of Cole) illegal acts.

The reason I started the category of Birthers Behaving Badly is the same reason that I started all the categories—to make the site easier to use by indexing, categorizing and tagging articles. As for the articles themselves, they exist either because the subjects are notable birthers who have done something, or they are a birther who has done something notable. This blog is largely about birthers. In the same vein, I could publish an article like “Birther runs for Congress” (such articles would fall under the Birther Politics category).

If I had the information I could, no doubt, fill the blog with “Birther Makes Nice” stories. In our society, making nice isn’t generally notable or newsworthy and as Shakespeare’s Marc Antony says:

The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interrèd with their bones.