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Decision in California – 2014

It’s Taitz’ big day in California. Can she make the cut for Attorney General?

These are Obama Conspiracy Theories’ endorsements for the 2014 California primary:

  • Governor: Jerry Brown (Democrat)
  • Secretary of State: Dan Schnur (Independent)
  • Attorney General: Kamala Harris (Democrat)

The Los Angeles times reports: “Analysts expect 7 in 10 of the state’s nearly 18 million voters to skip the primary.

Election returns will start becoming available after 8 PM Pacific Time.


Taitz got 3.1% of the vote, finishing 6th.

Orly 4 AG

Kamala Harris
Intrepid birther attorney Orly Taitz has filed as a candidate for California’s Attorney General. Taitz previously ran for the US Senate and California secretary of state. She is running against 1-term incumbent Kamala Harris (pictured right). The California attorney general can serve a maximum of 2 terms. Harris made mortgage relief the center of her last campaign and is noted as an opponent of capital punishment.


Taitz (pictured left) announced [link to Taitz web site] that she received the necessary petition signatures and had filed today. Taitz also announced today that the had reached received 48,810,721 views of her web site.

Harris, endorsed by prominent California Democrats Pelosi and Feinstein, presents a sharp alternative to Taitz; the two disagree on just about everything. In 2012 Taitz [link to Taitz web site] Taitz threatened to include Harris in a RICO action if she allowed Obama to remain on the ballot in California.

There is local coverage of the Taitz AG filing at the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

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