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Hillary’s brain v. the generic birther

“Xerox” and “Kleenex” are words that have taken on a generic meaning beyond their specific product brands. Is this happening with “birther”? Case in point is an article at the Huffington Post titled, “Fox News Jumps on Board the New Birther Meme: Hillary’s Brain.”

The “show us the birth certificate” conspiracy theory of the 2016 campaign has begun, this time with medical records.

This time doubters are demanding a copy of Clintons brain MRI. I can understand the liberal media (and I think I can use that term at least for the Huffington Post) wanting to tar conservatives with the “birther label.” I wish they wouldn’t. I’d like to keep the birther brand specific.

Birther, but not Obot

Sometimes labels matter

A “birther” is defined as someone who believes Barack Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States by reason of the facts of his birth. It’s a not straw man label. Such people really exist; there are polls counting them. The only negative connotation of “birther” is that created by the nonsensical nature of the belief itself and the misbehavior of some who hold it.

“Obot” derives from “Obama robot”, someone who follows Barack Obama’s bidding to disrupt the birthers. In fact, those who oppose birthers get no direction from Barack Obama either directly or indirectly, and many of those those who oppose birthers aren’t Obama supporters at all. The “Obot” is a straw man label. There are no Obots.

While I was willing to accept the Obot tag at one time, I think that was a mistake. From now on, my phrase is “anti-birther” or “birther debunker.”