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Pro birther

Photo of Walter FitzpatrickWalter Fitzpatrick III is back in jail again on grand-jury related charges. According to The Post & Email, Fitzpatrick was arrested today on four counts related to stalking and harassment of McMinn County Tennessee grand jury foreman Jeff Cunningham. Fitzpatrick had been previously convicted in another county after he tried to force his way into a grand jury room to present evidence against Barack Obama.

Birther attorney Van R. Irion is representing Fitzpatrick pro birther. Attorney Irion would seem to be a good choice in this case because of his experience with the Liberty Legal Foundation in representing persons exercising their rights to obnoxious speech such as the wearing of southern heritage (Confederate) symbols in school.

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Democrats calls lawsuits “harassment”

The Democratic National Committee, through its attorney Paul F. Eckstein, has described the Liberty Legal Foundation lawsuit in Arizona “harassment” and has petitioned the Court for sanctions consisting of costs and attorneys’ fees. Arguing that the suit is “frivolous” based on the number of similar cases thrown out by the courts, attorney Eckstein said:

simply put, “advanc(ing) the ends of justice” does not include using the courts to make claims that are flatly untrue in furtherance of a political agenda.

As the number of dismissed lawsuits rises, I would think that harassment claims gain credibility.

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