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Another birther attorney running for judge

imageTaking a page from Gary Kreep’s autobiography, birther attorney Van R. Irion is running for criminal court in Tennessee’s 10th judicial district, and so will leaving the post of lead counsel for the Liberty Legal Foundation, an organization that in addition to challenging Obama’s eligibility defends the rights of students to wear Confederate emblems at school.

The latest LLF graphic appears to the right. I don’t have a problem with this concept in the abstract, but I don’t agree that Irion is or represents God. The people ceded authority to the states, and the states ratified the Constitution, thereby binding the people to the process.

Van Irion is currently appealing the $10,565.23 in sanctions assessed in the case of  Liberty Legal Foundation v. National Democratic Party of the USA.

The cost of birtherism–Part 3

The punishment phase

United States District Judge S. Thomas Anderson in Tennessee has awarded Defendants $10,565.23 in the case of Liberty Legal Foundation v. Democratic National Committee of the USA. This is less than half of what the Defense asked for. Judge Anderson spent 17 pages explaining his decision.

This order goes against the Plaintiffs’ counsel, Van R. Irion, for needlessly multiplying proceedings, pursuant to 28 USC §1927.

It seems to me that with all of the significant birther lawsuits winding down, we’re seeing the Courts trying to make some defendants whole by assessing the costs of defending frivolous lawsuits to the birthers who brought them. Taitz was required to pay $20,000 as a punishment and $4,000 in costs in birther cases. This plus some small court costs bring the total to over $30,500. The threat of §1927 sanctions against Orly Taitz in Mississippi of much larger magnitude is looming. If we get a few more, I’ll do a table of them.

Read the order:

LLF-TN – ECF 53 – 2012-12-04 – OrDER Granting in Part Motion for Attorn

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