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Breaking news: Dr. Conspiracy named as birth certificate forgery conspirator

Foggy just called to tell me that I have been named by Douglas Vogt as part of the Obama birth certificate forgery ring. What a hoot!

I don’t know nothin’ ’bout forgin’ no birth certificates!

— Dr. Conspiracy

The birther reporter at Newsblaze, Randy Foreman, according to Birther Report, obtained a copy of Douglas Vogt’s previous sealed affidavit most recently filed with the Supreme Court not under seal, and it names the forgers of Obama’s birth certificate. The images appear to have come from the court document itself. The affidavit names as forgers:

  • Miki Booth (not mentioned in the Birther Report article)
  • Johanna Ah’Nee
  • Kevin Davidson (me)
  • Loretta Fuddy
  • Alvin Onaka

I guess it’s natural that someone like Vogt with no forensic document examination experience would name forgers with no forgery experience. :roll:

Johanna Ah’Nee is a person born the same month as Barack Obama, who (foolishly, in my opinion) provided copies of her birth certificate through birther Miki Booth (who also had a son born in Hawaii and published a certificate) to Orly Taitz and Jerome Corsi. Corsi and Taitz both published copies in various stages of redaction, proving among other things that Mike Zullo lied about penciled race codes on Obama’s certificate, and that birthers in general were wrong about how certificates were numbered in Hawaii in 1961. Rather than make his theories fit the evidence, Vogt made the evidence fit his theories by declaring most of the August 1961 Hawaiian birth certificates including that of Booth and Ah’Nee to be forgeries. Vogt, unable to keep it in his pants under his hat, gave enough clues on birther talk radio, that it became obvious that Ah’Nee was his forger.

Both Fuddy (former Director of Health for the Hawaii Department of Health) and Onaka (Registrar of Vital records for the Hawaii Department of Health) were natural candidates for Vogt’s fantasies, since they verified and certified Obama’s own certificate.

I got tagged as the one who “did the research,” which is pretty silly when you think about it, since Dr. Onaka knows a thousand times more about a Hawaiian birth certificate than I do, since he has them all at his fingertips. I know something about birth certificates, having worked in the field almost all of my professional career, but I don’t have specialized knowledge about certificates in Hawaii, and could provide no help to any putative forgers of one. Absurd as it is, I predicted being named John Doe #8 last October, writing:

I wondered whether or not I could be one of the John Does in the complaint, and the best fit I could come up with is John Doe #8…

Vogt makes the claim that I agree with his certificate numbering scheme in one of my articles, where I said:

To forge Obama’s birth certificate, it would be necessary to create a fake certificate in early August of 1961, filled out to look like it came from Kapi’olani Hospital, with a fake signature from Dr. Sinclair (or an authentic one if he were the forger). Once inserted into the work flow at the State Department of Health, the certificate would have been registered, numbered, filed and reported to the newspapers just like certificates for all the rest born that month.

Vogt reads something into that statement that I never intended, that the list of work flow elements were listed in the order performed.

In another flight of fancy, Vogt writes:

After looking at [Dr. Conspiracy’s] articles and other obots (stands for “Obama Robots”) who post comments on his web site, it was obvious to me, that his web site was part of the disinformation program orchestrated by the White House through Jim Johnson a supporter of Obama and former head of Fannie Mae. [footnote to WorldNetDaily]

Predictably, Vogt zeroes in on my 2009 reconstruction of Obama’s long form and can’t figure out why I would have made such a thing. Vogt, usually so very imaginative, couldn’t guess that I was using a graphic format to present the known information about what would be found on the Obama certificate, should it ever be released. Vogt makes a big point that the “06” number in my reconstructed certificate is just like the off-baseline number in real certificates from that month, oblivious to the fact that I was just following the published Nordyke certificate, which I listed as one of my sources in the article. Vogt says that the available Nordyke certificate was too poor in quality for me to have gotten the information that way, but the Nordyke image linked in the article clearly shows the offset. Vogt notes that my 2009 reconstruction was updated in 2010, and wonders why. The answer is that I made a number of incremental improvements in the reconstruction as I learned stuff or decided things. The oldest version is found on the Wayback Machine and the newest version here. The specific changes were:

  1. Increasing the font size of the word “African” in Box 9
  2. Adding “Stanley Ann D. Obama” signature to Box 18a
  3. Changed placement and font size of “Wichita, Kansas” in block 16

imageVogt in the available portions of the affidavit, repeats nonsense previously debunked by me (here and here) and by Frank Arduini. I hesitate to say this, but Douglas Vogt is a pretty dim bulb.

Miki Booth agrees, according to this comment at Birther Report:

doug vogt is a f***ing idiot!! He’s gonna get his ass sued. My friend Johanna had nothing to do with this except to give her birth certificate to me to give to Dr. Corsi and Mike Zullo. vogt was jealous not being privy to the investigation and figured we were hiding something because we wouldn’t share with him.

Sibley/Vogt revive old crock about Fuddy taking a bribe

Birther memes are immortal

imageButterdezillion, the fervent viewer of Hawaii state documents, went off on a tizzy last Spring over Loretta Fuddy’s state ethics financial disclosure forms, questioning a $50,000 amount of money that mysteriously appeared (according to her). Actually, the money just moved from one place on the balance sheet into another. There was a thread at the Free Republic, and I had a wonderfully alliterative article: “Fault found with Fuddy’s financial facts–fraud?” debunking the whole nonsense (thanks to the expert analysis of Butterfly Bilderberg).

An article of the Birther Creed is the immortality of the meme, and that well-debunked misreading of financial statements has come back under the auspices of Sibley/Vogt and their formerly sealed affidavit in the Washington State case, In re: Douglas Vogt (aka Vogt v. Obama) now before the Supreme Court (for a few more days). Sibley is reported to have disclosed to talk radio host Erik Rush, and that up and coming smear merchant Nathan Bickel gives us the transcript of what Sibley said.

Sibley gives further evidence that “forensic” does not mean what birthers think it does, saying:

additionally there’s some forensic accounting investigation of Loretta Fuddy’s personal finances which resulted in a disclosure that she received a substantial – I believe she received a $50,000.00 dollars in cash shortly after she verified the Obama’s birth certificate as being legitimate.

Birther forensic accounting is no better than their forensic document analysis, i.e., abysmally inept.

Why aren’t birthers dropping like flies?

Birthers seem dead serious about the role-playing game they obsess over, a game I have dubbed “Evil Obama.” They swear up and down that they are not just playing, but there are a couple of facts that belie that.

The first fact is that they generally don’t show up in real life for a rally or a demonstration. Like gamers, they just play online.

The other observation separating birtherism from the real world is that they hold views that don’t take reality into account. One big point of dissonance is the fantasy view that Obama is ultimate evil, controls vast covert resources, and ruthlessly kills his enemies (like, for example his ally Loretta Fuddy), and that Obama and his minions are deathly afraid of imminent destruction on account of the birthers special knowledge, contrasted to the fact that the birthers have complete freedom to publish their views, and nothing bad is happening to them.

If Obama is so evil, and birthers are such a threat, why aren’t they dropping like flies?

Fuddy offed by flotsam?

Butterdezillion is continuing on her theme of a Loretta Fuddy murder or abduction with some still shots from ABC footage of the passengers in the water taken by Mr. Puentes. The stills that come from the sequence beginning around 3:30 in the Nightline video for just a moment show something that might be imagined to be a scuba diver wearing a raincoat and a big floppy hat, but in the whole sequence viewed in motion looks like debris. Certainly if it had been a real diver, there would have been a reaction from the people in the water, which there was not.

The way I look at these things is to download the video and then single-step with QuickTime (the arrow keys move by one frame).

Also in the video I found a young man wearing glasses and a pointed wizards hat riding a motorcycle.

Harry Potter?

Fuddy death ruled accidental

The Maui police released the cause of death for Hawaii Department of Health director Loretta Fuddy. She died due to cardiac arrhythmia as a result of stress following a plane crash, so reports station KITV.

This will of course not mean anything to the birthers, even though sudden cardiac death is the most frequent natural cause of death in the US.

It would be interesting to me to see how they specified the underlying and immediate causes of death. “Cardiac arrest” is the typical uninformative cause of death—everybody’s heart stops when they die. At least we didn’t get that. There is computer software to automate classification of underlying causes of death (MICAR2000, ACME and TRANSAX) and my former company’s software interfaced with those systems. The study of the classification of cause of death is called Nosology. Funny the things you pick up when you work with Vital Statistics.

Read more:

Court watch

Nothing happening here. Move along.

Alabama Supreme Court decisions were announced this past Friday and the McInnish case was not among them, and while we’re on the “Dog bites man” theme, Orly Taitz fizzled in Hawaii.

I read the order from Judge Mollway saying that Taitz had on January 9 withdrawn her request for an emergency stay of the cremation of Loretta Fuddy, which as far as I know was never intended. In any case, the interment of Fuddy is long passed and the business between Taitz and The Hawaiian Memorial Park Mortuary is over. Since the emergency stay was all there was in the original filing, Judge Mollway dismissed it, noting that if Taitz wants to file something else with different defendants, she will have to file a new case (and this means another $400 filing fee). Taitz said that she did not sleep for 48 hours, and this rebuff of her 135 pages and 30 exhibits must have been disheartening, but it appears that the Federal District Court in Hawaii is not going to let Taitz file lawsuits and tie them to different lawsuits under the same case number events pass her by. The transmogrified lawsuit is directed at the Inspector General of the US Postal Service, where again Taitz wants to be able to present her arguments and zibits to a grand jury, and of course Taitz is already suing the Postal Service

There is of course another reason why any court action regarding the disposition of Loretta Fuddy’s body is moot (at least according to the birthers) because she is still alive and in the federal witness protection program according to commenters at the Taitz site.

Taitz had another reading comprehension failure. Here’s the headline from her web site [link to Taitz web site] regarding the Taitz v. Colvin FOIA lawsuit.

Press release: after Judge Hollander denies motion for summary judgment by the SSA, the feds are replacing the attorney on the case

Well it is true that the government did switch attorneys, but here’s the misunderstanding from the order she linked to:

1. Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss (ECF 7) is GRANTED, without prejudice and with leave to amend;

2. Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment (ECF 9) is DENIED, without prejudice;

3. Plaintiff shall have 21 days from the docketing of this Order to file a second amended complaint.

It wasn’t the SSA who moved for summary judgment and lost, but Taitz. The government moved for a dismissal of the amended complaint, which was granted. Maybe she should get more sleep.