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Who’s your Daddy? – Part 2

I just read comments here about Mario Apuzzo having some kind of photo or video or something on his web site that somebody thinks is of Stanley Ann Dunham attending the funeral of Malcolm X.

Early on, someone produced a video showing a photo of Barack Obama being morphed into a photo of Malcolm X. I guess all black people look alike to some folks. However, such comparisons can be misleading. A similar case can be made that Obama bears a striking resemblance to another famous man.

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Birther Summit names names

According to a press release from Dean Haskins of The Birther Summit, a combination birther strategy meeting, rally and march, and a game of “pin the tail on the Congressman” scheduled for March 29 – 31 2012, the list of initial dignitaries is now available. They are, ta da:

Hyperlinks point to articles on this site. Some names are familiar to me, and some not. Fortunately the Birther Summit web site has some brief biographical information on each. If they all show up, this could be the biggest birther rally of all time.

I’d be willing to pay BIG BUCKS for a bootleg video tape of the strategy session where they work out their “unified, cohesive message.” Conspiracy theorists don’t usually get along well together.

Apuzzo fulminates against Fukino

Given how much damage Dr. Chiyome Fukino did to the birther movement when she disclosed Barack Obama not only had a long form birth certificate, but that it was signed by a doctor and thereby forcing the “Obama was not born in the US” crowd onto the last bit of land still not covered by the factual flood: “everybody’s lying,” one would expect the birthers to come out slinging. Attorney Mario Apuzzo, representing one of the more angry of the angry birthers,  has met expectations with his article: An Analysis of the Current Revelations of Hawaii’s Dr. Chiyome Fukino to NBC News Regarding Obama’s Place of Birth. Keep in mind that when a birther titles something “analysis” they usually mean “smear.”

Apuzzo upholds that stereotype with logic such as:

  • We shouldn’t listen to what Fukino, who saw Obama’s birth certificate, has to say because she’s not the current Health Director. Rather we should ask the current acting director who hasn’t seen Obama’s birth certificate about it.
  • Fukino is criticized for not disclosing the second Health Department official’s name who accompanied her to look at the certificate, despite the fact that in her statement on the Department of Health web site, she specifies the title of the person, which can only be Dr. Alvin Onaka, who has been in that position for at least 2 decades.
  • Fukino’s disclosure that a doctor signed the certificate is invalidated by the fact that she didn’t say more about which hospital Obama was born in.
  • Her comments are invalidated by the fact that she didn’t make them earlier.
  • Apuzzo makes the false distinction between birth in Hawaii and registration of a birth in Hawaii. Hawaii only registered people born there in 1961, and now that we know a doctor signed the form, all that grandmother/family fraud rumor is disproved.
  • Apuzzo says: “Obama’s supporters are proclaiming Dr. Fukino’s recent revelations are the death of the ‘birthers.'” He doesn’t disclose who said that. I didn’t say that. I just say that Dr. Fukino’s recent revelations just make them all the more fringe.
  • Tim Adams contradicts Fukino. Tim Adams will not even tell us who told him that there was no long form nor explain how this alleged person could have possibly known. Fukino has seen it herself. Apuzzo plays on public ignorance of vital statistics procedures to suggest that there could be a registration without a birth certificate.

It’s basically crap. Read it if you want, but not before you eat.

Conservative Arizona news site goes full birther

The Sonoran News, billing itself the “Conservative Voice of Arizona” has gone full birther in an article this week about Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s upcoming trial.

Far beyond simple shoddy research, this puppy is actually spinning the issue. My favorite quote is:

In September, a military judge ruled Obama’s birth records were irrelevant to the case and that his orders were legal and basically refused Lakin any manner of defense.

The court didn’t refuse Lakin any manner of defense; it just refused him the “birther” defense since it is not, as a matter of law, valid.

The Sonoran News also fails to make it clear that the American Patriot Foundation is no longer representing Lakin, Lakin having fired APF lawyer Paul Jensen and obtained reputable legal counsel.

The article trots out standard birther myths such as Obama’s millions in legal fees to hide his records and wave around Obama Connecticut social-security number. And they end the article with a plug for Kerchner’s case.

What is afraid of?

I’ve been pointed to a rather remarkable set of messages at It appears that they have created an account for me and others who post here and then banned them. What do they call that — prior restraint?

Of course they are free to call me a “CON” and “turd” and “head Rat.” I’ve been called worse. While there have been a few folks (I can count on one hand) that were obscene, obnoxious, abusive and so disrespecting of the community that I banned them, I most certainly have not banned anyone just because of who they are or their point of view about this blog’s topic.

I frankly think that the members of Free Republic are quite capable of speaking for themselves and do not need to be protected from the likes of me. If they are afraid of facts and opposing points of view, then I suggest that this is an admission of an essential weakness in their position, and I daresay many of them know that this Obama ineligibility business is just imagining pictures in the clouds.

There is an accusation in the thread that a comment by James777 was deleted. But it’s still there, so I don’t know what that is all about. If you search on Google, it points to the top of the page and you have to scroll down. The link I gave goes directly to it. Continue Reading →

Berg thanks Pravda

Obama eligibility denialist lawyer Phil Berg issued a press release yesterday thanking the Russian Internet news site

Philip J. Berg, Esquire here – WOW !  Thanks to Sam Sewell and PRAVDA for printing what the United States National Media [Radio, TV & Newspapers] has refused, I believe on purpose, to bring forth the facts regarding Obama. tends toward nationalist and sensationalist content

According to the Wikipedia, Pravda, one time official news organ for the Soviet government, was officially disbanded after the Soviet Union fell. Former Pravda employees started a new private print newspaper with the former name, and others an unrelated web publishing  enterprise, Pravda Online, the publication Berg mentions. is  a tabloid web site tending towards nationalist and sensationalist content, and is not new to birther stories, dating back to December 2, 2008 with its opinion column touting Phil Berg talking points, Barack, the Amazing Mr. Obama, written by old Soviet hardliner [just kidding] Mark S. McGrew.

Artists conception of "Where's the birth Certificate" sign from Pravda

The unsigned article yesterday is titled No evidence of Hawaiian birth for AKA Obama. What about Kenya? It cites such sources as Mario Apuzzo’s blog, and includes things that only a birther could love such as:

Obama’s ‘Certification of Live Birth’ form reveals his Birth Registration was FILED in 1961 but was never fully ACCEPTED by the Hawaiian State Registrar’s Office. Continue Reading →