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Brian’s answers

Former Cold Case Posse member responds to reader questions

A number of you have commented with questions about the article, “Banned ‘Birther’ Breaks the BR Censorship Barrier” by Brian Reilly. Brian has sent me answers to  various comments, and I am including them following. His comments are in italics:

“Thank you Mr. Reilly for pulling the curtain back and exposing the foolishness.”

You’re very welcome.

Dave B:
“Mr. Reilly, if you are available to answer questions, what inferences would you make from the contrast between how Zullo conducts himself and how Dr. C. conducts himself? And in the contrast between the access he has given you here, and the cold shoulder you’ve got from birther sites?”

Regarding the first question:  I am very impressed with Mr. Davidson.  He appears to seek the truth.  He appears to be fair.  He has excellent research skills. He would have been an asset for the Cold Case Posse.

Regarding the second question:  The access given to me by his site is like a breath of fresh air.  Unless the birther script is followed, one is not welcome on the their sites, for the most part.

“It speaks well of you that you were ultimately able to accept facts that contradicted your beliefs about President Obama being ineligible.”

Thank you.  My main concern was the authenticity of the long form birth certificate.  “Eligibility” was added by others when the project was hijacked by hardcore birthers.

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