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False flag operation

Have you gotten one of these emails about Michelle Obama waving the Communist Chinese flag? Here’s one version from a web site called Now the End Begins in an article titled: “Michelle Obama Proudly and Wildly Waves The Flags of Red Chinese Communism.”


So when did you ever see a national flag tied off at a point? Other photos of the event make it clear that this is not a flag at all. It’s part of a dance with streamers.

michelle obama jumps rope in china 13

But they point out, Michelle has never been seen waving an American flag.


Michelle Obama: A man?

I’m not really interested in this story, but I haven’t put up anything Wild & Wacky lately. In the video below what is called “scientific proof” explains why President Obama (whom certain people claim is gay) appears so affectionate towards his wife.

But you have to admit that the First Lady does appear a bit masculine in certain photos, such as this one:

Taitz offers proof of crime

Not content to spread Barack Obama’s social-security number across the planet (and that of another unfortunate person in a poorly-redacted court filing), Taitz is now displaying the SSN of Michelle Obama in a document on her web site [link to Taitz web site] that she is urging everyone to download.

Among the documents is a confession to the criminal misuse of a Federal database by the person who supplied the information to Taitz, one Linda Jordan of Seattle.

Barack bemused, Michelle not amused

Barack and Michelle Obama appeared in a tape-recorded segment on the Oprah Winfrey show today. The birth certificate question came up. President Obama demonstrated that he can do pretty much do what he did on the 17th without a teleprompter.

Obama repeated his bemusement over how the birth certificate conspiracy caught hold, but a very stern-faced Michelle Obama said that she was not amused.

I haven’t seen the birther part of the Oprah interview on the Internet yet; I saw it live. There wasn’t much of anything new.

Other videos from the Oprah interview are on her site.

The Bizarro Wikipedia

Bizarro planet htrae

Fans of the Superman comics know about the Bizarro World, a place where everything is the opposite of Earth, where:

Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!

While the Bizarro World is fiction, they have a real encyclopedic wiki called the Metapedia. Just as the Wikipedia has an article titled Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories, the Bizarro wiki, has its own article on Barack Obama birth controversy, where the conspiracy theories are treated seriously. The Metapedia article’s sources and citations come from such familiar web sites as WorldNetDaily, StormFront, Americas Right, and Atlas Shrugs.

I haven’t had time to dig into the Metapedia; I just looked at some Obama related articles, but what I saw had distinctive racial overtones.  The RationalWiki describes the Metapedia as “a thinly veiled neo-Nazi propaganda site that almost makes Conservapedia look well-adjusted.” The Metapedia describes RationalWiki as “a genetic-egalitarian race-denialist propaganda website.” There is a definite clash there!

Other Obama-related articles in the Metapedia:

What other wikis say about the Metapedia:

What the Metapedia says about other wikis:

Birthers waste millions in taxpayer dollars

You’ve heard, I’m sure, the claim that Obama has spent some large amount of money (since the amount is a wild guess, specifics vary widely) keeping his birth certificate a secret. Those who follow these questions know that nothing Obama can do will make the Conspiracy Theorists withdraw. If he was born in Hawaii, then he’s not a natural born citizen anyway. If a court rules the against them, it just means the judge is traitor. If nothing Obama can do (short of resigning) will have any effect on birther activity, then it is certain  that the birthers bear all of  the responsibility for all the public funds spent in dealing with birtherism.

What are those costs?

  • Members of Congress are flooded with emails, letters and phone calls asking questions and making demands related to birther theories. Their staff read and answer the mail.
  • State officials, including secretaries of state, are pestered with birther questions.
  • FOIA requests (which in most cases are free to the requester) have been filed, and must be researched and responded to
  • The state and federal courts have been flooded with cases (at least 60 actions!) and many of the plaintiffs have asked that the filing fee be waived.
  • Many of the cases involve government defendants (state secretaries of state, Nancy Pelosi, the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Elections Commission, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Clinton, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Gates, various military commanders, the US House of Representatives and the US Senate — not to mention Barack and Michelle Obama). All of these are defended at public expense.

Add up the time and effort of congressional staff, judges, law clerks, state officials and federal agency staffers. It’s got to be in the millions. Birthers are not harmless.