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Michigan candidate gets his birth certificate

Michigan gubernatorial candidate Mark McFarlin went to the vital records office to get his birth certificate, and to make a press statement about Obama’s.

I previously reported that McFarlin was a Republican running as a Democrat, but in this video, he says that he is a Republican. McFarlin has received some media attention about his ill-informed claim that “African American” should not have appeared on Obama’s certificate. Responding to criticism that “African American” isn’t on the President’s certificate, McFarlin corrects the record with the ill-informed claim that “African” should not have appeared on the certificate, citing the investigation of the Maricopa County Arizona volunteer Cold Case Posse. (The Cold Case Posse is a birther named Mike Zullo who has fabricated evidence and lied.)

Read more about why McFarlin is ill-informed:

Misinformed birther vies for Michigan governorship

Photo from McFarlin's campaign web siteAccording to, self-identified Democrat and “conservative populist” candidate to be Michigan’s governor Mark McFarlin:

…claims the term “African-American” appears on the line for race on the birth certificate and Mr. McFarlin says at the time Mr. Obama was born the term was not in use. He argues the term should have been “Negro.”

Of course, anyone who has actually looked at Barack Obama’s birth certificate knows that the term “African-American” doesn’t appear anywhere on it. I would have expected better from a “licensed private investigator.” (“Just the facts, Ma’am.”)

But even if “African-American” had appeared, there’s nothing odd about that, according to the 1961 Vital Statistics manual:

“Considered Negro” in this context does not mean “changed to Negro” but that the category “Negro” should be used when applying the rules to determine the race of the child for statistical purposes. Of course, Barack Obama Sr.’s birthplace wasn’t in the United States in the first place, and the birth certificate doesn’t say “African-American.” I suppose we must excuse McFarlin who was only 3 years old in 1961.

Speaking of cheesy, you should visit McFarlin’s web site and listen to the synthesized string music.

McFarlin is strongly “pro-life” and wrote that if elected, “the trophy hunting of wolves will not be tolerated.” He also supports random drug testing for all state employees, including the governor. That latter may stem from his experience managing the Chinese Buffet restaurant.

McFarlin ran for County Executive of Bay County in 2008 as a Democrat, and previously in 2004 as a Republican (source He also ran for sheriff in two counties, state senator and governor—all unsuccessfully.

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The Great Mother of All Natural Born Citizen Quotation Pages

Partial lists don’t carry the full impact of citations scattered here and there. This project is to collect everything accessible and to the point into one place If it takes much context or argument, a brief reference and a link is included. I promise you that the quotations will mean the same thing when you read them here than they mean if you read the larger context, and the larger context will be linked to the text. No tricks, no deception.

For additional citations, see The “Natural Born Citizenship” Clause (Updated) to whom this article is indebted for some of these citations. And for EVEN MORE citations see SCOTUS & “Natural Born Citizen” – A Compendium, Books on Google that define “Natural Born Citizen” and History of US citizenship laws.

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