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Important Internet Explorer Patch: XP too!

A public service announcement

A rather nasty bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer has been patched as of yesterday. Even though officially unsupported, a patch for Windows XP is available also. See article at ZDNet.

Among the more virtuous and enlightened Internet readers of this blog, the Chrome browser has taken the number 1 position (followed in order by Firefox and Internet Explorer) in April statistics:


Windows remains, far and above, the most used Operating system for visitors at 68%:


I would have expected more iOS.

Visiting Orly safely

There probably is a way to visit the Orly Taitz web site, even when malware infected, and still come out with your computer intact. Rather than using your real computer, use a virtual computer. There are several ways to accomplish this, but here is one:

First download a copy of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 from the Microsoft web site. This software lets your computer act as a host for a “virtual machine”, a computer that exists as a file on your hard drive, runs and then goes away when you are finished with it. Next you need a virtual machine image (an operating system installation). This also can be downloaded from Microsoft. This particular virtual machine image is designed for testing Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is what you’ll be running. The VM is just shy of 600 MB to download and will take a while depending on your Internet connection. You can even run it from a  large flash drive or external disk. This particular VM will expire in 2010. You can create your own VM image by creating a virtual hard drive and installing the operating system yourself, but that would take a long time, and you’d have to worry about the details of Microsoft’s licensing. And be sure to provide feedback to Microsoft if you run into any problems (as required by the license agreement).

Once everything is installed, just start up your virtual machine, browse Orly, and then on the Virtual PC console, shut your machine down, telling it to throw away any changes to your virtual hard drive. Of course, your virtual machine may get infected while it is running, so you might want to shut down any other computers on our home network just in case the malware tries to reach out and touch someone.

Click Tracking at Berg Land

If you visit Phil Berg’s web site these days and right-click on some blank white space in the middle of  the main body of text, you may see some Internet traffic and a pause before the menu pops up. If you have Firefox you may briefly see “” appear on the status bar at the bottom of the browser. If you have certain security plug-ins you may see something like a “redirection alert” warning pop up. What’s going on? Should you be concerned? Continue Reading →