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The Judy story

imageI appreciate a link from a commenter at Birther Report (here’s a hat tip to you!) pointing to a massive and illuminating narrative from birther litigant Cody Robert Judy.

Judy recounts his participation in the Blood of Jesus v. Obama “trial” in Harlem under the guidance of Pastor Manning, and laments his non-acceptance into the mainstream of birtherism. His self-declaration as the “Birther King” should not put off the reader from a work that deserves a better title. The document is long, but it’s an engaging narrative.

Some harsh words are directed to Orly Taitz:

If she’s the Birther Queen hoping and praying with her last breath Obama is removed why sabotage an effort to bring that into a Congressional Hearing? Two possibilities exist: A) her ego spun into a jealous rage because she wants credit. B) She’s working for Obama and not against Obama. Indeed she continues to have the exact same problem she has always had no matter what direction she goes "standing", no one has been hurt by Obama directly she’s represented in away that also is not seen as racist.

The story continues through a phone conversation Judy had with Douglas Vogt June on 21, 2014.

At the end is an extensive chronology of events Judy finds significant, even some mentioning me, such as this:

2009 – April- Mr. Davidson/Dr. Conspiracy creates for some reason an Obama COLB LONG FORM RECONSTRUCTION. Modifies files in August –Types “African” in race box instead of Negro, Black, or Afro-American-Department of Health race classifications- Obama catches wind of Corsi’s book. (Vogt ref)1

The most important character, beyond Judy himself, appears to be Miki Booth, and she comes out the villain.

I’m still reading.

There is also a blog archive with several hundred articles.

1This particular entry is hopelessly muddled. My Obama birth certificate reconstruction was not done in April of 2009, but first appeared in August. The father’s race of “African” was there from the very start, copied verbatim from Obama’s short form. A few minor alterations were done April 24, 2010 to add Dunham’s signature and to adjust font sizes and alignment.

Outed by Orly

Over the years, Orly Taitz has inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) outed many of the birthers. I remember when she exposed “Mountain Goat” as being Charles Kerchner by hitting “reply all” to a Kerchner email, adding: “God speed and all the luck to Mario and you Charles (I wasn’t sure, whether I should use Charles or your web pseudonym of ‘mountain Goat’).” Guess who got that email. :roll:

She published Barack Obama’s social-security number, which subsequently was inserted into a so-far-unidentified public record under the name Harrison J Bounel and started a whole string of conspiracy theories.

Taitz has published unredacted birth certificates of private individuals, certificates supplied by Miki Booth. She disclosed the name of the person at the New York HESC who came up with the crazy story that they had a foreign student record for Obama (this whole episode may have been another “punk the Taitz” operation). Orly lists the names of a co-worker and friends on Facebook. Someone at The Fogbow commented aptly:

I’m disgusted. Just because these people know Ms [redacted] – who may or may not have said what Orly claims she said – Orly is going to make their lives a living hell. Some patriot.

Taitz published an email from “Thomas Washington” that said that he was the person who published Birther Report with assistance from “Bob Nelson.’’ “Thomas Washington” could be a pseudonym, but I don’t think it was the sender’s intention that this email be published with names. Bob Nelson was traced elsewhere. The email itself came from the official BirtherReport email address, so it was authentic.

Orly published the screen name (“calpernia’) along with the real name of her former webmaster. That linked article also contains the full name of a contributor.

I received a suggestion in email this morning about who Joe Mannix, a pro-Mike Zullo poster at Birther Report, might be in real life, and it came indirectly courtesy of Orly Taitz whose blog has the name, a photo of that person, a geographic location and job title.

Foggy says that the identity of RS1_ on Birther Report (Red Steel at the Free Republic) was outed by Orly Taitz too (I haven’t fully searched that one out). I just noted one of Orly’s “Letter from a supporter” articles with the supporters full name and a hyperlink leading to their email address (initials “ch”).

Other “supporter articles” with first and last names1:

It wasn’t Orly Taitz herself, but one of the commenters on her blog who outed the real name of Dr. Conspiracy back in 2009. Fortunately for me, who wanted my blogging not to impact my real job, nobody really noticed, and it wasn’t until years later that I was re-discovered by “KenyanBornObamAcorn” and reported by Jerome Corsi.

Orly has intentionally tried to bring pressure against her opponents by outing them (something called "doxing")  and creating problems at their workplace, including two attorneys. She threw a dart at an IP address map and made accusations against a completely innocent person who lived at the center of the target.

Orly regularly publishes IP addresses of those who criticize her.

Readers: if you have examples of birthers outed by Orly, please leave the URL to the Taitz web site in comments, and I’ll update the article. I’d like to get an encyclopedic collection for future reference. This won’t be an outing article, and the names of private persons outed will not be published.

1A word of explanation about the links. Many of the supporter contacts are pasted from Orly’s emails received at her Yahoo email address. Yahoo provides hyperlinks for things, such as adding the sender to her address book. In that hyperlink, one finds a very long string of stuff including something like:

Replacing “%2540” with an “@” gives the email address.

That’s just the birthers.

Important birther, Jeff Lichter, seriously ill

There has been virtually no coverage of Jeff Lichter of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party on this blog, but that is my oversight. Lichter has been an important figure in organized birtherism. Who else among the birthers can say that they met Donald Trump face to face, and advised him about Obama’s birth certificate (and carries a photo to prove it)? Miki Booth in her book Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i wrote about the encounter:

Dr. Kate, well-known conservative political activist and host of the Revolution Radio Show, and I met for the first time in Phoenix on April 16th for a meeting arranged by Jeff Lichter of Arizona to compile evidence that would be given to Michael D. Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel to Donald Trump. At a little known meeting weeks earlier in New York City, Jeff, Arizona State Rep. Carl Seel, and Kelly Townsend, organizer of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party, met with Trump for a brief 30 minutes discussing the Arizona eligibility bill which Trump fully supports and pledged to go to Arizona in June. Wrapping up the meeting when the topic changed to the birth certificate and “natural-born citizen,” Trump’s time had run out, but he gave a “homework assignment” to Jeff by saying, “I want to know everything about ‘natural-born citizen,’ and I want to know about these reports from Kenya when members of the Kenyan Parliament had talked about Obama having been born there.”

Booth, Miki (2012-01-30). Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i (Kindle Locations 5330-5336). New Patriot Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Lichter was a very active birther, who met not only with Trump but with Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who demanded a verification of Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii. He was also acquainted with Orly Taitz and Dean Haskins of the Birther Summit, acting as its organizer for Arizona. Lichter was instrumental in Sheriff Arpaio’s meeting with Lord Monckton, British eccentric and birther.

Lichter was one of the original Tea Party members who met with Sheriff Arpaio to urge him to investigate Jerome Corsi’s allegations about Barack Obama. Here’s a photo of Lichter with Mike Zullo taken at the Cold Case Posse Press Conference, 31 March 2012 (courtesy of the Ventura County Tea Party):


You can listen to Lichter as a guest on America’s Web Radio program “One Nation Under Fraud,” hosted by Gary Wilmott of the Article 2 Super PAC:

He made the national news in a 2011 Associated Press story where he famously said (making my quote of the day):

“The term ‘natural-born’ has nothing to do” with location of birth, said Jeff Lichter of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party.

Commenting on Miki Booth’s Facebook page in March of 2012, he said:

Miki, you raise a good point about whether we can trust SCOTUS. I encourage everyone writing on your thread here to keep fighting, keep spreading by whatever means (email, word of mouth) his ineligibility and Arpaio’s findings. And keep pounding and compounding demands to the media to stop their censorship.

Jeff was a true believer and didn’t just sit around waiting for others to act.

He has been hospitalized for some time following complications of surgery, reports Sharon Rondeau of the Post & Email. According to her, Lichter is showing some signs of recovery and there are hopes of being able to remove him from the ventilator soon. Sheriff Joe Arpaio visited Lichter in the hospital.

Throw Miki under the bus or not?

The podcast of Freedom Friday last week has finally appeared on the WEBY web site. Mike Zullo is not on the program, but there were two call-in segments. Here’s the link to them at WEBY:


I haven’t had a chance to listen to these yet, except that the first birther-related call is somewhere around 10 minutes into the first segment above. I’m taking the quote from a comment at Birther Report, Gallups speaking:

I do know Miki very well, and her husband, and and think the WORLD of her.

If Gallups is indeed Mike Zullo’s official spokesperson, then this is a pretty strong endorsement from the Cold Case Posse faction going against the accusation from Doug Vogt that Booth is an accessory to forgery. However, birthers can see things we can’t. Notice “WORLD” in all caps. That relates to what followed in the comment:

Considering EARTH-shattering information will soon be revealed, this comment by Gallups could prove to be VERY telling.

I thought it was “UNIVERSE-shattering” but I digress. Somehow for this commenter, the character reference for Booth by Gallups is only the cause for more suspicion Continue Reading →

Obots offer witness protection to embattled birthers

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You?

First, the title is just kidding. Obots don’t have any authority to offer anything in the way of protection to birthers. I’m just a retired guy who blogs. What I wanted to mention was two recent items where birthers are being singled out by other birthers as criminals.

The first is the obvious Douglas Vogt unsealed affidavit that charges Birther Princess Miki Booth with being part of the group forging Obama’s birth certificate. Some birthers were happy to take that and run with it.

The second is the charge from Carl Gallups that Douglas Vogt said things that were untrue in his unsealed affidavit before the U. S. Supreme Court. Gallups is right, by the way.

Meanwhile one wonders how many more birthers are going to get on the “Zullo is just stringing us on” bandwagon. That sentiment certainly has Carl Gallups upset.

Birthers have never gotten along that well because the prominent birthers want to be leaders, and you can’t have everybody being a leader. Conspiracy theorists are by nature lone researchers and they do not take kindly to competing theories. The messiest example was of course the lawsuit between several birthers, including Orly Taitz, Lisa Liberi and Phil Berg. Then just yesterday we had that whiny rant from Carl Gallups declaring Mike Zullo (and Gallups as his sole spokesperson) the only one who has accomplished anything for the birther movement, calling the rest “jealous.”

Conspiracy theories tend to develop factions—just look at all the Kennedy Assassination theories, or the LIH v. MIH factions for 9/11. Birthers are no different. Their theories include:

  • Obama was born in Kenya
  • Obama was born in Hawaii fathered by Frank Marshall Davis
  • Obama was fathered by Malcolm X
  • Obama isn’t related to the Dunhams
  • Obama was born in Hawaii to Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. but ineligible anyway
  • Hawaii is/is not in on it
  • Nancy Owens forged the birth certificate
  • Miki Booth and friend forged the birth certificate

Continue Reading →

Birther bits – May 14

Support group?

Due to recent incidents of injury sustained by birthers after being thrown under the bus by other birthers, I am concerned that there may be a need for some public support for these victims. The most obvious recent example is the “birther princess” Miki Booth, accused by birther Douglas Vogt as the forger of Obama’s birth certificate (with help from Ah’Nee, Onaka, Fuddy, and me). Vogt has incredibly strong credibility in the birther community based on his impeccable credentials as a self-proclaimed expert and his status as a litigant. Booth is taking her licks from commenters at Birther Report and now responds in a BR article, calling Vogt “dangerous.”

The clueless Nathan Bickel urges Booth to chill out and not be so unhappy about being accused by Vogt of a felony:

It would seem that Miki Booth would be able to stand aside and be happy that the forgery issue of aka Obama is apparently getting some Supreme Court attention.

What birthers need to realize (and some already have) is that they will have to choose between Douglas Vogt and Mike Zullo. Tensions rise as some birthers become frustrated at the lengthening silence of Mike Zullo, prompting this response to our token birther, Jim Youngblood:

FALCON: You’re a loon Jim – telling everyone that the ZeroX 666-7779 must be refuted.

It’s time that the rest of you lying O-Holes come out, proudly. And admit your allegiance. You’re not fooling anyone who has been paying attention to your asinine posts.

Other birthers who didn’t follow the party line have been similarly castigated—like Nancy Owens and Martha Trowbridge. Orly Taitz is pretty much persona non grata outside her own circle of supporters, while she has taken Mike Zullo and Joe Arpaio to court to force them to testify, and has been highly critical of delays from the Cold Case Posse. Taitz accuses her own Super PAC of stealing her money in a Mississippi court filing.

BR commenter Marshman2 puts it succinctly:

Next week people will be calling Mike Volin a OBOT. Where does it end. Orly was called a plant. Vogt may have something and he may not. The Zullo release is what I am waiting for. Then for the repubs to take the senate. That’s when the patriots need to surround the White House until congress does something about the Obama fraud.

When I was growing up, some folks said, “Republicans eat their young.” I suppose the same can be said of any doctrinaire group, and especially the birthers.

Follow me!

The conspiracy theory literature characterizes the conspiracy theorist as a loner. In the birther movement we see a number of people who act primarily alone, but then expect others to accept them as leader. Orly Taitz is a great example, and the lone researcher continues to predominate. These folks think that their insights are self-evident and have a problem when everybody doesn’t jump on board.

Will the real forger please stand up?

I have pretty good intelligence that the real creator of Obama’s long-form birth certificate may be attending the anti-birther meetup in Philadelphia. Roxy7655 has volunteered to come up from the DC area to make copies for the group.


I laughed when I saw a scathing attack against me from Nathan Bickel at Birther Report, who inflicted the ultimate insult: de-friending me on Facebook. 😯 The irony is that Bickel was never my friend on Facebook in the first place–I never accept birthers as friends on Facebook. He admitted the mistake, but it still was good fun. He did block me on Twitter.

RC Radio

I see that Reality Check Radio has a show scheduled for tonight (Wednesday) to discuss the Vogt forger identifications. I hope to call in as John Doe #8 to answer any questions.

Orly Taitz Super PAC

Reports are that the Orly Taitz Super PAC has one of its “patriotic presentations” scheduled this weekend. It may be in Auburn, California. Watch for a bloom of OTSP bumper stickers next week.