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Sibley/Vogt revive old crock about Fuddy taking a bribe

Birther memes are immortal

imageButterdezillion, the fervent viewer of Hawaii state documents, went off on a tizzy last Spring over Loretta Fuddy’s state ethics financial disclosure forms, questioning a $50,000 amount of money that mysteriously appeared (according to her). Actually, the money just moved from one place on the balance sheet into another. There was a thread at the Free Republic, and I had a wonderfully alliterative article: “Fault found with Fuddy’s financial facts–fraud?” debunking the whole nonsense (thanks to the expert analysis of Butterfly Bilderberg).

An article of the Birther Creed is the immortality of the meme, and that well-debunked misreading of financial statements has come back under the auspices of Sibley/Vogt and their formerly sealed affidavit in the Washington State case, In re: Douglas Vogt (aka Vogt v. Obama) now before the Supreme Court (for a few more days). Sibley is reported to have disclosed to talk radio host Erik Rush, and that up and coming smear merchant Nathan Bickel gives us the transcript of what Sibley said.

Sibley gives further evidence that “forensic” does not mean what birthers think it does, saying:

additionally there’s some forensic accounting investigation of Loretta Fuddy’s personal finances which resulted in a disclosure that she received a substantial – I believe she received a $50,000.00 dollars in cash shortly after she verified the Obama’s birth certificate as being legitimate.

Birther forensic accounting is no better than their forensic document analysis, i.e., abysmally inept.

Birthers achieve total depravity

I think evil is addictive. It can start with anger, harsh words and small misrepresentations. There is a rush from saying hateful things and getting away with it. (On the Internet non-famous people can say almost anything and get away with it.) However, to maintain the rush, the rhetoric has to ratchet up and the lies get bigger. Birthers have lied so often that they are unable to even recognize the truth.

We’ve seen birthers escalating over the years, both in their obscene language towards their opponents, their homoerotic fetishes and their violent language. What they say about their opponents pales in comparison to what they say about President Obama and his family. Now they are about as depraved as they can get without graduating from verbal to physical violence.

Case in point is Nathan M. Bickel, writing for his misnamed “Moral Matters” blog in a March 26 article: “US Congress Members Qualify for Execution: Their Criminal Support for Treasonous Criminal ID Fraud Obama,” sporting images of a noose and gallows with accompanying text:

How shall public executions take place for various US Congress members who aided and abetted criminal ID (felony) fraud aka Obama? Will each state hold state capital public hangings for US Congress Members who were informed about aka Obama’s criminality and who failed to act according to their Constitutional oaths of office?

Such imagery and rhetoric is not acceptable in civilized society.

Ironically, the article is headed by a text from the Bible:

“A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.” – Proverbs 19.5

put there by a member of the party of liars and character assassins, the birthers. Bickel says that he is a former Lutheran pastor, but even to his his very conservative branch of Lutheranism, such lies are not acceptable. Here’s an image from Bickel denying the power of Christ to change lives:


I left the following comment at Moral Matters:

I condemn you for bringing into disrepute your church and the Name of Jesus Christ by spreading lies and slander about Barack Obama and specifically a wholly baseless conspiracy theory about fake IDs. I further condemn you for bringing into disrepute your church and the Name of Jesus Christ by your bloodthirsty and murderous imagery in regards to the execution of members of Congress.

Such depraved conduct has no place in civil society, much less coming from someone who describes himself as Lutheran pastor.

I pray for your repentance.