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Exclusive: Orly’s moving

Update: Orly’s web site is back up. Content restored to June 29 July 1. Google Safe Sites now says not suspicious any more.

Update 2: This curious item appeared in one of Orly’s ad slots (the end is .com truncated by the screen):

In an exclusive interview this morning with Obama Conspiracy Theories, Orly Taitz expressed optimism that her web site would be back up soon.

Readers will recall that her site, hosted by Network Solutions, became unavailable for a couple of days after what she described as a hacking incident. The site was restored, but then Google Safe Sites flagged the site as being a vector for third-party malware, causing a warning page to be displayed in the Firefox and Chrome browsers when anyone attempted to access it. Then the site went back down completely again yesterday and remained down as of this morning.

Taitz responded in an email this morning:

My site was hacked. It was cleaned and should be up shortly. I am also changing the hosting company.

It’s the pits when your web site is down (and I’ve been on the Internet a long time both personally and commercially and have suffered a lot of down time). It’s also a pain to change hosting companies (as readers here have experienced). So in the name of free speech, the best of luck to Orly Taitz in getting her web site up, no matter how despicable the content.

By the way, I found out that my site’s automated backup procedure hadn’t worked since last February. It’s backed up now. “shock:

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Orly’s web site is down

A fate worse than death!


Orly’s web site is back up (June 21), just like it always was, plus new stuff today, but no comment on her being down.

Orly Taitz complained yesterday that some of her visitors have gotten HTTP 502 errors. The 502 usually points to some kind of a configuration error between the web server and a proxy server. I didn’t have any problems visiting her site yesterday, but today is another story.


The “Domain Not Valid” page title doesn’t immediately shed any light on the issue because her domain registration is not expired, nor has it been altered since last year. I suppose she might have failed to pay for her web hosting, but I think more likely this is just one of those hosting errors that are the bane of bloggers.

While the "home page" displays the message above, any attempt to access a particular story on the site returns a "404" or page not found. Accessing any of the WordPress standard directories also returns 404. What I conclude from this is: Orly’s site content isn’t there. Her site content could have been deleted, or her domain directed to another server or directory without any WordPress installation or content.

A theory suggested by commenters is that her site was shut down due to a violation of her host’s acceptable use policy, of which there have been many in my opinion. While Taitz, for example, published an article correcting her earlier false statement that Larry Klayman had been convicted of criminal non-payment of child support, as of last Monday she had not actually removed the original article making this claim where she said (emphasis mine):

Ms. Ruffley actually advised me that Larry Klayman is not licensed in California, she told me that he no longer works with the Judicial Watch and that donors should know about litigation in Ohio, where he was convicted just recentlty (sic) of not paying large amount in child support. She provided a lot of other information. I will publish only, what is a public record. I am not publishing anything, that is not in public record.

That is, not only did Taitz repeat what Ruffley said, but added a claim on her own that it was in the public record.

This comment appeared at Birther Report: