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Strunk v. Electors

Christopher-Earl : Strunk is at it again. He has filed a complaint against the 29 New York members of the electoral college, a NYS Assistant Attorney General and newly-elected NY Senator Gillibrand1 as Plaintiffs. The document itself appears at the end of this article.

Strunk is under a court order that prevents him from filing lawsuits against certain officials without the approval of the court, and so a number of likely defendants were omitted.

The short version is that Strunk claims that Obama committed a crime, a felony, by presenting a fake birth certificate, and that the presidential electors in New York will become accomplices in that felony if they vote for Obama when the EC meets December 17. Strunk asks for a temporary restraining order and a permanent injunction to prevent the electors from carrying out their constitutional duty to participate in the selection of the next president. He hopes for a trial next week.

The whole thing is 211 pages, including quite a bit of repetitive boiler plate and a bunch of conspiracy stuff about the Jesuits. His evidence consists of stuff printed from the Internet, including the Arpaio affidavit and Paul Irey’s report. Strunk intends to have Irey appear as a witness, and is asking for donations to finance that.


  1. Starting on Page 30 appears a copy of an email from one Henry Wayland Blake, the subject of which is the Verification of Obama’s birth certificate that was filed in the Mississippi Federal District Court. Mr. Blake accuses attorney Scott Tepper of forging the Verification or collaborating with the forger2. Blake says “I have never testified as a forensic expert.” Well duh. He isn’t a forensic expert.
  2. On page 52 (Exhibit 2), Strunk seems to be confused by the meaning of elector in the 17th Amendment. The section is not clear. Strunk is demanding new elections for Senate.
  3. Did I mention Jesuits? “During the Black Pope’s World War I, the Masonic ally-ruled, Islamic Ottoman Empire would be defeated and dismembered after Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors Sultan Abdul Hamid II and Kaiser Wilhelm II (who had fired anti-Jesuit, Masonic Prince Bismarck) carried out the pope’s Armenian Genocide, murdering nearly two million non-papal Christians via the Grand Orient Lodge’s Masonic ‘Young Turks.’”

Read the complaint:

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“It’s the connection that counts.”

That quote is by Christopher-Earl Strunk from oral arguments in his lawsuit in New York State court, Strunk v Board of Elections (and a long list of other defendants from John McCain to George Soros). I haven’t read Strunk’s complaint yet, but I gather that he is suing the various defendants in an effort to force a more rigorous determination of the qualifications of candidates for President in the 2012 election. There seems to be more to it than my simple summary, but that’s the focus. Strunk claims that Barack Obama is ineligible to run for President because his father was not a US Citizen. I want to thank commenter “Natural Born Citizen Party” for the link and for providing something to distract me while the pain drugs kicked in for this kidney stone I’m passing. (I’m feeling much better now.)

The Court questioned Strunk at length and I personally found the exchange between him and Judge Arthur M. Schack both entertaining and informative. If you read it, count all the allusions to movies, including one of my personal favorites, The Manchurian Candidate (the one starring Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury), a favorite long before Obama ran for President. The discussion was erudite and I was particularly impressed by Judge Schack’s wide knowledge of history in addition to popular culture.

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De Vattel appears in 1884 law review article

In ARE PERSONS BORN WITHIN THE UNITED STATES IPSO FACTO CITIZENS THEROF? The American Law Review (Sep/Oct 1884) George D. Collins argues that only those born in the United States whose fathers are citizens, are themselves citizens.

This find by Leo C. Donofrio should provide some some discomfit to Mario Apuzzo who has been doggedly pursuing the two-citizen-parent rule.

Mr. Collins jumps right into the topic by attacking Lynch v. Clarke (New York 1844) denying that there is a common law of the United States (although he is quite ready to adopt the Swiss philosopher Vattel in lieu of a common law). Collins seems to think de Vattel’s “The Law of Nations” represents international law rather than de Vattel’s philosophy of international law, but the facts are that de Vattel’s view of citizenship did not represent a consensus of national laws on citizenship; quite the contrary.

Finally Collins launches into racist screed against the Chinese:

Now it is evident that such persons [the Chinese] are utterly unfit, wholly incompetent, to exercise the privileges of an American citizen….

…yet under the common law rule the children of all persons, irrespective of race, who were born within the United States would be citizens. Continue Reading →

God Bless Orly Taitz

Orly of Arc

Orly of Arc

Orly’s web site has taken on a decidedly evangelical tone of late with two feature articles:

From Reader Bill FitzPatrick

Dear Orly: May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you safe and of sound mind for the task you are undertaking.  Just like our First  Real President George Washington knelt before his battle with the English Crown at our  country’s beginning,


Thank you for your prayer, America’s spiritual foundation. Good trumps evil, we will win, I just hope it happens soon, before they destroy this country and it’s [sic] economy


1) Set an impenetrable angelic hedge of protection around District Judge David O. Carter, and attorney Orly Taitz.

2) Confound, and bind the enemy with the light of God through Christ Jesus in us, that the darkness in their false case will be completely exposed to the nation!

3) Deal swiftly when the enemy steps out of these bounds, bind their tongues.

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Searching for “natural born citizen”

US Constitution

US Constitution

Not many folks have spent more time than I searching the Internet and WestLaw for keywords including “natural born citizen”. You can see the results of such activity on pages like my The Great Mother of All Natural Born Citizen Quotation Pages and Tes’s SCOTUS & “Natural Born Citizen” – A Compendium. While that’s useful, finding short paragraphs with keywords is not the way to understand the subject in depth. Even those who disagree with me fall into the same pattern, for example, citing E. de Vattel without reading the chapters that follow.

To really understand what’s going on one must read those works where the subject is developed: this happens in some scholarly works, and in some imp0rtant court decisions. Here are some useful texts, by far not all.

Commenters here may suggest additions to the list.

Reply to Cort Wrotnowski

Mr. Wrotnowski send me an email, and this is my reply.

We agree that de Vattel writes eloquently espousing his view of natural law. And we agree that de Vattel was known to and likely influential in the minds of the framers of the Constitution.

That said, it would not be at all reasonable that to conclude that de Vattel’s views based on the stable Swiss society would closely fit in every respect the ideas from a fledgling frontier immigrant-driven democracy like the United States. Switzerland and the United States in the late 18th century were not the same kind of place. One had a stable population. The other needed immigrants just to keep the population from declining because of disease (at least this was the case in the southern colonies).

It would be an error to jump from the statement that de Vattel was influential to the statement that de Vattel was influential on issues of citizenship. One needs some additional evidence to make that connection and I do know where you would find that evidence. Continue Reading →