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Orly Taitz: I can see China from my house

Orly Taitz, bless her heart, has a new article up, titled:

Now Chinese media followes (sic) dozens of US publications in reposting an article with the notification Attorney Taitz sent to Obama’s new attorney, Neil Eggleston, in regards to Obama’s use of a stolen CT Social Security number and fabricated IDs. Our main networks are still silent. No decisions from courts yet.

Photo of SeattleTaitz cites, a Seattle-based community-sourced news site. Taitz’ link is broken, but she says the article is at “,” so whoever posted the article (“seeded” is how they label copied content) put it in the China section. I say “whoever” because I was not able to find any article mentioning Taitz and Eggleston at Photo of BeijingNewsvine. In any case, this is not “Chinese media” in any sense.

This is not to say that there aren’t articles about Orly Taitz at Newsvine. One of my favorites is the one titled: “Totally not crazy Orly Taitz running for California General.” It’s a hoot, and not too long.