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OR LY for CA AG?

Orly Taitz is seeking statewide office in the postal abbreviation for California, or at least exploring the possibility, as she reports in her article, “Intent to run for state wide office in CA.” After sifting through what’s available for 2014, she came up with Attorney General.

One of her commenters asked:

I don’t know. To be the attorney general, don’t you have to have some qualifications as an attorney that has actually been in practice for a long time and has helped many clients?

Orly replied that all it takes is having been an attorney for 5 years, and she qualifies.

I actually thought this made sense in a way, Orly running for Attorney General. As AG, she would have the power to bring  lawsuits on behalf of the State and gain all sorts of new opportunities in her quest to unseat Barack Obama, which seems to have been her main goal in life for the past 5 years. Surprisingly, her 8-point platform has nothing about prosecuting Obama. Is it possible that she understands that this is a losing issue? The closest she gets is this:

assuring lawful elections with US citizen candidates instead of candidates like Barack Obama who ran for office based on fraud and using a stolen CT SSN and fabricated IDs and aided and abetting by corrupt and criminally complicit officials

The word that appears over and over in her platform is “nullification.” Interested readers can check out the Wikipedia article. Generally it is a legal theory that a state can ignore (nullify) federal laws, a theory that has generally failed in the courts. In response to one comment that nullification was unconstitutional, Orly wrote:

South Carolina is nullifying Obamacare, Western states have nullified multipe (sic) federal mandates which infringed on Second Amendment rights

South Carolina is in the process of considering legislation to nullify the Affordable Care Act. House Bill 3101, the “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act,” was passed by the House (28-16) last May and is up for consideration by the Senate this month. The bill makes it a crime for any state official to aid the enforcement of any provision of the ACA, provides a tax deduction1 for anyone who pays a penalty for not buying insurance under the ACA, and prohibits any political division of the state from purchasing health insurance from a health care exchange established by a nonprofit organization. I think the law might be better titled: “The South Carolina Insurance Company Profits Protection Act.”

Nullification is a historically-significant term in South Carolina that brings to mind the Nullification Crisis of 1832, which almost lead to armed conflict between South Carolina the federal government.

In her typical way, Orly is asking her web readers to pay the filing fee to run, $3,022, and to foot the bill of $6,000 to get her 250-word platform included in the official state voter pamphlet. Her draft platform is 376 words. She will need to come up with a 5.32 point platform to fit the requirements.

1The top marginal income tax rate in South Carolina is 7%.