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6 years

It was six years ago today that the domain was registered and  the first article, “Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Forgery – Part 1,” was published. Could it have been so long ago?

I’ve written enough retrospective articles already, so I won’t plow the same ground again, except to say that when I started the blog, I thought I would be done once President Obama was inaugurated in January, 2009. I was no better at predicting the demise of the birther movement than they were in predicting the demise of the Obama administration.

Queen Orly hoax?

Did I punk myself?

In an article published today, I quoted an earlier article that I had written, “Orly Taitz demands to be made Queen of the United States” that includes a quotation ostensibly from one of Taitz’s email broadsides saying “I am uniquely the person to exercise moral power above government, as in Queen of England.”

One of the issues with that referenced article is that it is dated April 1, 2010, and categorized “Wild & Wacky.” That’s a bad sign. Did I quote my own April Fool’s joke as a real story?

Taitz thinks so, writing on her own blog the same day an article [link to Taitz web site]  titled:

New April 1 hoax. Last year it was a hoax, starting with the words “quietly eligibility case reaches Supreme Court” It still goes around, even there is no such case in the Supreme Court. Now Obots came up with 3 new ones: Orly Queen of england, Queen of America and Queen of US. Are those dumb Obots paid with our taxpayer money?”

And she was right (except for the paid part), so it turns out, as I wrote in a comment on that article I wrote:

Yes, this is an April Fool joke, as you have surmised. It has gotten a little bit of replication on other web sites that may not have gotten the memo.

My favorite comment was: “You might think this is an April Fools day joke, but it’s not.”

I’m always a little uneasy about starting a rumor, even on April Fool’s Day, but ya gotta have a little fun now and then.

And in a later comment I confirmed that the specific quotation was a total fabrication. So here I am, hoist on me own petard.

Five years

It was in December 2008 when this post-presidential-election blog started with the intent of being a repository for the debunking of some fringe claims about Barack Obama left over from the election campaign.

Birther argument had taken over my personal blog1 and I wanted to move it elsewhere. The idea for a new blog with the name Obama Conspiracy Theories came to me while driving down the interstate highway and I was very happy to find that the domain,, was available (the .com was taken) and I snatched it up—that was December 11, 2008.

In the beginning I posted under the default WordPress user name, “admin,” but that seemed so “generic” that I cast about for some nom de Internet as a substitute and came up with “Dr. Conspiracy,” inspired by Dr. Science of the Ducks Breath Mystery Theater, who always gave the disclaimer: “I’m not a real doctor, but I have a Master’s Degree… in science!”

Because the 2008 election was already over, I didn’t think that the blog would be very active, definitely behind the curve. I felt that the birthers would pack up and go home once Obama was officially inaugurated as our 44th President. That didn’t work out. I also thought that the birthers would pack it up when Obama was re-elected in 2012. Fool me twice….

I also didn’t foresee that an online community with over 1,000 visitors a day would evolve, and that I would be blessed with some wonderful comedy moments and some profound insights from commenters. Clearly the comments are a major feature of the blog. It’s also been wonderful to meet some of the anti-birthers in person—a really quality group.

So, here’s to three more years of birthers being birthers, after which I will pack it up on January 20, 2017.2

1The commenter TRUTH participated at both my personal blog and here. Through some mechanism that I never figured out, we ended up being friends on Facebook. That didn’t last because I found his views on several topics irritating.

2After the official closing of the blog, I’ll come up with some way to keep the content available online. I just won’t be actively writing and debunking. I wonder if there is an “Internet trust” to provide perpetual care to a blog. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is archiving the site properly now. [Donate to the Internet Archive]

4 more years

I let the 4th anniversary of this web site pass unmarked on December 11. The question of whether anybody will still be interested in Obama eligibility much past January 20, 2013, is an open question. I did want to make some mention of the anniversary and to thank the folks who left 168,865 comments. It’s the commenters who make the site dynamic and from whom I have learned a lot.

Four years ago today the articles were:

This what the original version of the site looked like back in 2008 (click to view live capture of the site):


The Obama conspiracy world was so much simpler then.

The Doc gets lazy

I confess that I got lazy. In the middle of doing some research, I stumbled on this article, What is a “Natural Born Citizen”? and I read it hurriedly.

I was surprised to see all the references to the important sources in the question. It was rather comprehensive.  The opening paragraphs seemed reasonable. So I said “this is cool” and put up an article, “Would P. A. Madison hold up in court?”

I also noticed that the article included the unfounded claim that Barack Obama was adopted in Indonesia and wrote a comment to the editor of the web site hosting the article. I also wondered why, in the middle of all those sources, the author mentioned an insignificant blogger, P. A. Madison. But I was in a hurry.

What I failed to do was to think about what I was reading. This was not a “non-partisan” piece as advertised, but rather a polemic disguised as a balanced report. (A report is not fair and balanced when it puts crank theories on equal footing with established fact.)

The final words of the article should have clued me in: “the sovereignty of our great nation is at risk”, but I let it slide.

I put up lots of information on this blog. Some of it is authoritative, and some of it is just interesting. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t label things correctly.

New Look

Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

Obama Conspiracy Theories has a new look as of today. The switchover has been made for primarily to fix some things (like nested comments!), but I was very impressed with the open feel of the text in this theme and the readability. Chris Wallace is the theme’s author (credits at the bottom of the page).

I would really like a bright white theme, more like a newspaper than a blog, but so far one that works and is typographically pleasing has eluded me.