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If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

— Joseph Goebbels

Recognize this image?


Chances are that you do, given that it appears at the front of so many birther videos. Repetition is the best tool to get someone to remember something and to begin to think it’s truel

I’ve criticized the Obama Release Your Records web site for its aesthetics. They used up a great deal of precious page space with the same big image of Sheriff Arpaio on every story1. The purpose of a birther web site is to convince the reader of the birther position. Unsightly as it might be, those images and the repeated phrases like “100% forgery” are there for a purpose, and indeed given poll results, this propaganda technique has been quite effective.

The purpose of this web site is perhaps best summed up in our welcome statement:

Obama Conspiracy Theories since 2008 has been your destination for conspiracy theories and fringe views about Barack Obama. Having an argument with your buddies at the office? You’re in the right place.

Visitors here can keep up with the latest Obama Conspiracy Theory news find the primary sources quickly when they want to understand a claim or to build their own argument.

When you scan this page, you won’t see a boiler plate demeaning image of crazy sign-wielding birthers with hateful slogans or Mike Zullo in an off moment when he looks like he’s about to puke. I don’t use repetition to try to convince readers of anything.

1The latest version of ORYR viewed today has dropped the Arpaio images.

Mike Volin

I was piqued by a comment I saw at Obama Release Your Records by commenter Birther1 (Mike Volin). The context was a discussion about Carl Gallups hanging up on Foggy when Foggy called the Freedom Friday radio show last week. Here’s what he said:

Birther1: Froggy can always post his comments here or at my blog or call into my show.

By “my blog” he meant his site: Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate? and the same-named Blog Talk Radio program. It might surprise my readers, given the amount of attention that I give Mike Zullo on my blog, that I don’t really follow him personally and his various Internet radio appearances. All I knew about Mike Volin was the occasional mention of his name on the Reality Check program when they talked about Zullo being on Volin’s show. Apparently Volin and Zullo have significant contact.

We’ve been talking about censorship at birther blogs, and here we have a birther web site and radio program inviting Foggy to participate. That’s noteworthy, and I hope genuine. Foggy reports that he was able to post a couple of comments on Volin’s blog. I dropped Mike a note, offering to be a guest on his radio show. We’ll see where that goes.

Another topic of late is the Sharon Rondeau attack on the Obots. I see the Volin had an interview with her on this subject 3 weeks ago. I haven’t listened to it yet.

In defense of Foggy & RC

I dropped by The Fogbow forum this morning to see if anything was up, and I noticed a few posts in defense of Foggy in the wake of some smears that appeared at Obama Release Your Records, and apparently on the Carl Gallups Freedom Friday program this past week (which I haven’t listened to). Frankly, I never thought to come to the defense of Foggy because criticism of him from the likes of Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo is about as meaningful as someone scribbling his phone number on the wall of poorly maintained gas station public restroom (you just want to get out of there as fast as possible).

I will say this: some of the best folks I have encountered in my life were people who had to struggle at some point. They are more effective and more compassionate than folks on average. I respect Foggy for being the man he is and getting through his tough times.

At the same time Gallups has been taking potshots at RC, shots unlikely to hit home since he doesn’t even know where to aim. While RC’s identity would be totally uninteresting if you knew it, I think not knowing it is a major difficulty for the Cold Case Posse. They claim to be this high-powered law enforcement organization, but they can’t even figure out who one little Obot is. In fact, all of the so-called investigation of the Cold Case Posse is just stuff that birthers feed them and that’s how they know who Foggy and I are. (Actually I was first “outed” by a commenter at the old Orly Taitz web site back in 2009, with some detail of my work history plus some nonsense. At that time the domain was registered under my real name.) They couldn’t investigate themselves out of a paper bag, and they have no backing from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, who regard the Posse as an embarrassment. So just as Zullo has done time and time again when he was in a jam, he got Carl Gallups to lie and say that they know who RC is but for some inexplicable reason, they are keeping it under wraps. It’s under wraps because if you removed the wraps, nothing would be there.

The latest fru fru at Obama Release Your Records is talk of an Obot mole. Falcon wrote:

Zullo appears to be asking for collaboration against the others using the info supplied by the mole.

Sounds like RC sold out the o-holes and went to Zullo after his cell phone meltdown and decided he had enough.

Fagbow – you have a mole.

Nate Spencer said:

From what I know Dr. Richard C. Rockwell is the best suspect. I believe that he has flipped over to the CCP and is ratting out the obots that are involved in the conspiracy. Commander Zullo is not ready to expose Reality Check at this time because he is working for the Commander.

Photo of Reality Check with Smiley Face covering real faceBut the Obots know who Reality Check is already (and it’s not Rockwell), so exactly why is Zullo keeping it under wraps unless it’s all a lie and he doesn’t know?

I can, however, confirm that RC has ratted out to the CCP the forger of Obama’s Long Form PDF. He told them it was a Xerox Workcentre 7655 multi-function office machine.

I suppose I should make some remark in defense of myself while I’m at it. Falcon wrote [bold face removed]:

Dr. Conspiracy / Fat Ass Davidson involved in Hawaiian vital records – sold software for a half a million dollars to Hawaii.

That’s simply not true: my ass is not all that fat—the weight is in front. I don’t know who provided the vital records software used by the State of Hawaii, but I know it wasn’t the company I worked for. Big software procurements are matters of public record, so I would presume that they wrote it in house. I wanted to look at a report on vital statistics systems in the US, but it said:

Due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is not available.
We sincerely regret this inconvenience.

I have now been officially inconvenienced by the shutdown of the Federal Government. Crying face

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Bryan v. Rondeau

I was somewhere on the Volga River listening via Skype™ to Reality Check Radio, guest hosted by Bill Bryan (aka Foggy), this past September 24. There were two notable things on the show. One was Foggy’s announcement that he was becoming certified to use the federal Health Insurance Marketplace and would be assisting folks in his state to sign up for insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). The second was some fairly derisive remarks about Sharon Rondeau, the editor of The Post & Email web site. Foggy and Dr. Ken Noisewater focused on how gullible she was in publishing an article created to see how crazy an article she would publish.

Now Rondeau strikes back in an article at The Post and Email, “Report: Look Who Is An Obamacare Navigator; Obama ID Fraud Defender,” The P&E is a pay subscription site, but this was reprinted at Obama Release Your Records).

photo of Bill Bryan not wearing a hatA cursory review of the article suggests that it was intended to  put Foggy in the worst possible light, but not to cross the line into actual defamation. It consists of selected facts connected with innuendo. The subject of the story is Foggy’s new job enrolling people for ObamaCare. The article focuses on Foggy’s “hammer and sickle” hat, some past health problems, his web site’s negative view of birthers in general, and how much information ABOUT YOU, the health care “navigators” can access. (I can’t vouch for the accuracy of any of her claims about the role of insurance “navigators.”) Foggy isn’t, however, a navigator, but a licensed insurance agent currently representing Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I hope Foggy signs up lots of folks and gets lots of commissions.

Rondeau mentions me in passing as evidence that “‘Obots’ cannot be trusted to tell the truth,” a false generalization of my article, “Punking the birthers: priceless.” Still, I hope the folks at ORYR will read that article because it makes birthers seem pretty silly.

I love [hate] remarks like this:

It is unknown how many Obots are working as navigators or behind the scenes for the Obama regime.

Is her ignorance supposed to be evidence of something? I can only speak for myself: the only government check I get is from Social Security. (All my adult life conservatives told me I would never see a dime of the money I paid into Social Security. Smile with tongue out)

ORYR’s new look

It’s interesting to note that literally days after I wrote an article about how sucky the Obama Release Your Records/Birther Report web site looks, they opened their new Russian version of the site with a much improved front page design, fixing the distorted stetched images and cutting out the ridiculous amount of advertising. Even though they won’t listen to good advice about their Obama conspiracy delusions, at least they can take constructive criticism about web design. (The individual articles still suffer from clutter.)

I guess they think that the Obots are in Russia and that’s why they decided to open the Russian version of the site.

My favorite idiot birther comment of the day comes from ORYR birther Joe Mannix, who says:

Alabama Supreme Court to rule on Obama’s failure to register with Selective Service

I didn’t even know that Alabama had Selective Service. The link is to the “Coach is Right blog.”

Comment at ORYR–Part 2

imageI just want to say that Obama Release Your Records is a crappy web site. It’s overloaded with advertising (even pop-up ads!), the home page is ugly with the stretched and distorted photos. It has navigation problems. And the articles are often hard to read, being jumbled up with more boiler plate pictures than article. The content is often just a video, or stuff copied from someone else’s site.

I want to mention one area that is especially annoying that relates to commenting, and why I get tired of doing that after a while (a reason beyond the the brain-dead insults from the regulars). ORYR uses a commenting system called “Intense debate.” It provides email notifications when someone replies to your comment with a link back to the comment, a link that more often than not doesn’t work. You can’t just to go the article and find the comment, because as the number of comments increases, they fold them under an expansion link. So you have to go through maybe a dozen expansion links before you can start searching for a comment.

An example of a link in email notification is:

The actual link should be:

Sometimes the link is just shortened, and sometimes it’s changed altogether.

The workaround is to get the comment identifier (“#IDComment720263772” in the example) and tack it onto the end of the real URL. Now if you are on the article containing the comment, it won’t work. You have to arrive from another page to get the hidden replies to expand. On the ORYR home page, there is at the bottom a list of the articles in the current month from which you can copy the real URL and to which you can append the comment identifier. That works for the CURRENT MONTH. Prior months are not listed, and if you select the expansion for the prior month, you just get the magazine layout with a few articles, and you have to page back through them, or branch out to Google to get the URL, go to the page, copy the URL, fix the URL, go to some other page, and then come back. Arghhhhh!

What a crappy web site!