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Birther flu

imageIt’s sort of like the influenza that comes around every year, infecting some portion of the population, despite immunizations and good advice on infection control. Birther flu, by which I mean rumors that infect the brains of some people despite the immunization of facts from many places and good advice on critical thinking, keeps mutating and reappearing on a regular basis.

Just a few minutes ago I saw something on Twitter about Obama saying he was born in Kenya. The link was to a YouTube video, one which I recognized in a moment. The video (based on a spoof going back at least to the middle of 2010)  published again on YouTube in November of 2012, is described this way:

You will have to turn up speakers to hear this but in this old video during Obama’s Senate Campaign years, he clearly states he is "Not an American, and was born in KENYA AFRICA".

What you get is a hugely degraded, both in video and audio,  and edited copy of the spoof video from, who have been responsible for a series of spoof videos where Obama does everything from say he’s quitting in 2012 to appointing Snoop Dog to federal office. The video is not  from Obama’s Senate Campaign; it’s from a Presidential Visit to Turkey in April of 2009 and words have been shuffled to say something wholly different from the authentic video. The original is crystal clear, and you don’t have to turn up your speakers.

Whether it is April Fools jokes that somebody believed, grandmother tapes, Obama executive orders sealing records, massive legal fees, or travel bans to Pakistan, these mental viruses just keep circulating, despite our best efforts at disinfection.

April 2011 press conference: Birther Edition

I was on vacation in the mountains of North Carolina with a lousy Internet connection on April 27, 2011, the day Obama rocked the birther world by releasing his long form birth certificate. I got the story in bits and pieces when the cell phone gods graced me with a few kilobytes. The story wasn’t all that clear as it was happening.

Birthers have their own problem communicating with the real world. has now given us some insight into what it’s like to be a birther, and how a birther heard that press conference of April 27.

New video in which Obama admits to Kenyan birth

Yes, yet another YouTube video with edited audio. The grandmother tape ain’t nothing compared to this one. However, this is an edited version of an edited version. Link to the original edited version at the bottom of the article.

Update 2:

The video above was made by taking a humorous spoof made by, and removing the context which clearly identifies it as a joke. The resulting faked and stolen video (above) is then presented as the truth and thereby turns a spoof into a fraud.

Unfortunately it’s all to easy to make a fake video nowadays.

Update 3:

Here is the original White House video, unedited.


Yet another edited tape says Obama was born in Africa

Yes, another YouTube video. Links to the original and the fake version follow with the text for you to read.

Before Editing:

[5 minutes in] And we are a place where anyone has a chance to make it if they try. If that wasn’t true, then someone named Barack Hussein Obama would not be elected president of the United States of America.

[2 minutes later] That’s how my father who was from Kenya, from Africa, came to the United States, eventually met my mother.

After editing:

And we are a place where anyone has a chance to make it if they try. If that wasn’t true, then someone named Barack Hussein Obama, from Kenya, from Africa, would not be elected president of the United States of America.

This was a pretty poor editing job. The point I want to emphasize is that there are folks out there falsifying evidence in support of the birther cause. The notorious “grandmother tape” was edited; fake Kenyan birth certificates were made; fake document expert credentials presented; and more lies were told about Hawaiian birth certificates than you can shake a stick at.