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Orly’s approach to web site maintenance

Several readers of this blog are complaining that they are nable to post. Please, contact and demand that they fix this glitch ASAP

And that’s the most interesting recent post from Orly Taitz! What’s the world coming to when all an anti-birther gets to write about is maintenance problems on Orly’s web site? Or perhaps this breaking news headline from Orly is more to your taste:

No decisions yet in 5 pending cases

At least she didn’t make that 5 articles. Another major article says that Israel Hanukoglu complained to Orly about a typo in her link to his site, and this somehow turns into harassment of academics. The rest of her stuff is just invective against everybody in the government, accusing of them of treason, and some nasty anti-Muslim bigotry. Pathetic and wholly uninteresting.

A quick scan of Birther Report didn’t get my juices flowing either. Maybe there’s something in the comments, but really, “any day now” is pretty threadbare after all this time.

On the “any day now” theme, Obot1 has declared the birther movement dead — again. Yeah, right.

Game over

The Obot Mr. Hyde, obot1, wrote that the “Birther movement officially ends” back in June of 2011. After the long-form birth certificate was released, there was not much to say, except for some cranks to call it a forgery, something the State of Hawaii officially refutes.

Today, January 20, 2013, President Obama, previously confirmed by Congress as the President-elect, began his second term in office, answering Judge England’s question, “who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?” for the next 4 years.

There are any number of events that one might point to as the end of any serious doubts about Obama’s eligibility. I would go all the way back to June of 2008 when the Obama Campaign released the President’s birth certificate, and let it be photographed by The statements by Dr. Fukino of Hawaii that Obama’s records were in the files, and showed he was born in Hawaii were surely enough. Newspaper announcements, notes in Obama Sr’s immigration file and the long-form birth certificate were just redundancies.

I am not saying that just because the game is over (and has long been over) that the birthers will admit defeat and move on:  That’s not what they do; but the election is over, all of the lawsuits are either lost or moot, and there’s really nothing left for the birthers beyond old news echoing in their own ranks. I think the image of the chicken running around after its head has been cut off is an apt analogy. Eventually the chicken stops moving. Let’s see how long it takes with the birthers.

The Strange Case of Dr. Conspiracy and Mr. Obot

I was thinking about some of the stereotypes that Birthers believe about their opponents and that led to constructing  in my mind how a real “O-bot” like the birthers imagine would behave. Certainly the stereotypical Obot would be partisan and unfair. He would be unwilling to tolerate dissenting opinions. He would spin the facts to his own advantage. In fact what I envisioned would be very much like a Birther, only on the other side of the issue. Such a character would be very unlike me.

imageThis being the Season of Lent, a time of repentance and reflection, I offer this non-repentant, but self-reflecting disclosure: In 2009, my “thought experiment” transmogrified [I got to use that word again!] into a real experiment. In the Jekyll/Hyde tradition, I created the character of Obot1 and the web site The site adopted the tag line, “Birthers need not apply, ever” to emphasize censorship of anything birthers wanted said.

I took some care to hide the origins of the site. Up until the recent movement of my sites, had a distinct IP address from any of my other sites. It was registered in a protected name. It used a very different WordPress Theme, and a different set of features (e.g. it had a Tag Cloud, random posts and a calendar). Of course, all comments were moderated. I even used a different format for site links. But most importantly, I tried to make the writing style distinct from what’s here. It must have worked because no one ever suggested that I was behind Obot1.

I’ve been thinking about writing this article for the past few days and my exchange with Scientist in comments, and Dean Haskins’ visit provided some context. In the former case I give the example of what this site could be like if it took a radical tilt in the partisan direction. Dean’s discussion of the Sunahara birth certificate reminded me of another very different situation, but one that still involved the vital records of a child who died in infancy. That story (that I alluded to in comments today) resulted in one of the roughest articles to appear at

There really hasn’t been any activity at to speak of for some time. I think it has served its purpose, and I doubt if there will be much activity in the future (unless I get really motivated about something). One final tie-in with Obama conspiracies is the birther view that the person normal people see as President Obama himself has a dark and evil hidden personality.