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A while back, I read and used a writing style in which private information was redacted by inserting the word “mumble” in the text, such as “according to my sources [mumble] is a CIA field agent.”

So today I got an email notifying me that I had a private message over at [mumble] and what I found there was rather interesting, a continuation of a private conversation that has been going on for a while. [Mumble] wrote that he had received confirmation of his formal [mumble] about [mumble]. I read the thing back when it was filed, and it was wonderfully detailed, legally sound, and totally devastating, pointing out egregious misconduct on the part of [mumble] and arguing convincingly that such conduct was worthy of [mumble].

I’ll be the first to say that an anonymous report is worthless (unless you trust the source), but I think that there is a real chance that [mumble] and his [mumble] will get their comeuppance in a very public way, although probably not very soon since the wheels of [mumble] turn slowly.

I trust that I have been sufficiently vague that no one will have the slightest idea what I’m talking about (and if you made a guess, it’s probably wrong). What I actually wanted to share in this article is that one of the perks of this job is a little inside information now and again, and to say that sometimes things are a little better than they seem.


The phrase from which comes the title’s acronym is, “first against the wall when the revolution comes,” from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It’s a sentiment from some birthers, for example Sharon Rondeau who expressed it in the favorite form of birther writers, the open ended question:

Are the Obots running scared in the wake of possible criminal prosecution?

Chito Papa wrote at Orly’s site:

Obots are getting scared and desperate.

Or consider this stronger comment from Orly’s site from “WILL””:


Again from the Taitz site from Suzanne Sund:

I am praying that you/we will be heard! Obama needs to go! PERIOD! He is evil incarnate! I pray your words will be from God Himself when you stand before the Justices, that they will hear you and look at your evidence and rule that Obama is removed from office along with his entire administration, that they are all arrested for treasonous acts upon our Country & prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Thank you for all your hard work and your perseverance in getting justice in the White House and for our Great Country!

I have to shake my head in wonder at remarks like that. When in the history of a country has someone been prosecuted for supporting a public figure, or exercising their First Amendment rights to speak their minds on public policy? It did happen, back in the time of the Alien and Sedition Acts. Folks were charged with criticizing the government. Mr. Callender said of President Adams: “repulsive pedant, a gross hypocrite and an unprincipled oppressor” and was sentenced to 9 months in jail and a $200 fine. If those acts were still on the books, the jails would be full of folks like Rondeau who have said much worse about President Obama.

But it is hard to imagine the political climate in which the Alien and Sedition Acts existed, and how anyone thought they were constitutional. The Acts expired before the Supreme Court (whose review of laws for constitutionality had not yet been established) ruled on any cases. It is generally understood that a court today would rule any similar law unconstitutional.

I have problems with anyone who would advocate that the power of the state should be used to intimidate someone for their point of view.

Obot FAQ

This article comes out of three recent events: my participation in comments at ObamaReleaseYourRecords, my interview by a reporter who asked me a lot about birthers, and my extended phone conversation with Orly Taitz this afternoon. Particularly in that first instance, I found that birthers don’t know much about the other side.

I have spent four and a half years studying the birthers, focusing primarily on their arguments and their evidence. Others on my side of the fence have spent time studying the personalities of individual birthers. I’ve read thousands of pages of birther legal briefs and web sites; I’ve watched innumerable videos. It is my belief, and readers may feel free to contradict me, that we Obots (meaning “anti-birthers”) know the birthers very well, but it is also my experience that birthers know virtually nothing about Obots and their thinking. So for the benefit of the birthers, I will try to channel my inner conspiracy theorist and hope that I can answer some birther frequently asked questions about Obots.

Are Obots paid to support Obama on the Internet? No. The bloggers you see on the Internet are independent persons who write for their own reasons. The Jack Ryan person who posts legal documents at Scribd gets some donations from other bloggers to pay a small part of the cost of providing those documents for everyone.

Are Obots Obama supporters? Some are and some aren’t. I count myself an Obama supporter, but others supported Ron Paul or call themselves Conservatives. Being an Obot really isn’t about political party.

If you aren’t paid and aren’t Obama supporters, why do you work to enable that piece of trash in the White House? Everybody has their reasons. What I pick up in conversation with other Obots is a fundamental anxiety about the possibility that irrational ways of looking at things might become mainstream, to the detriment of the country. We not only think that birthers are wrong, but that they make decisions and process information in a defective way, that could lead to wrong choices. We’re afraid of a government composed of people who live by rumors and conspiracy theories, as opposed to facts and expertise. We’re afraid for our basic freedoms if the birthers ever got control. Continue Reading →

Twitters and jobbers and Obots, Oh my!

imageI had to add “Twitterverse” to my spelling checker. Winking smile

So you’ve probably noticed the Twitter widget in the right sidebar if you’re viewing the full version of the site. I’ve been on Twitter for years, but really haven’t done much with it except to announce new articles here and follow Jack Ryan’s document releases. I’m starting to tweet a little more, inspired by this steam of #birther-related material.

One of the commenters mentioned in the Open Thread that now that the jobs numbers have improved just a bit, denialists are saying that Obama cooked the jobs numbers to make up for his lack luster debate performance. So what shall we call this latest bunch of conspiracy theorists? The folks on Twitter seem headed towards the term “jobbers,” although some say “cookers” or “BLS Truthers.” These folks seem kin to the folks that deny polling results showing Obama in the lead getting such names as “pollers,” “poll truthers” and “skewers.”

I wanted to give an update on the secret Obot conference being held at an undisclosed location, now code-named “Ticonderoga.” Security is very tight. Everybody has a code name – mine is “Dr. Conspiracy.” We have an Obots-only Starbucks on the compound. I snapped a photo from there:

IMG_0471IMG_0472You can see (click to enlarge) that They served an Obama coffee blend with “Product of Indonesia” on the left and “Product of Ke[nya]” on the right. Obama was not, of course, born in Kenya, but his father was.

WorldNetDaily: Obama unleashes Obot army

The tabloid website WorldNetDaily and its PhD propagandist Jerome Corsi continue their series of articles designed to create anxiety among the birthers by creating distorted and fearful images of Obama online minions called Obots and trying to identify them as real-world people.

This time Corsi names businessman and Democratic fundraiser James A. Johnson, the former chairman of Fannie Mae, as an Obot, and has him  allegedly managing a “100-strong attack team from Pennsylvania Ave”. When WND uses the word “allegedly” in a context like this, they mean: “we found somebody willing to say it, so we can blame it on them if it turns out to be a lie.”

The person willing to “say it” is none other than Ed Hale, the colorful proprietor of an Internet radio station, Plains Radio. According to Corsi, Hale was called from the White House by James Johnson when Johnson was drunk; Johnson spilled the whole story of his disinformation operation. Corsi, cursed by an incredible streak of bad timing, puts this out as “news” yesterday when in fact Hale claims to have made the identification two years ago.  Yup, this is old news.

Is there supporting evidence? Well, WND offers some screen shots from the defunct PolitiJab web site that suggest “JimBot” shares the ID with “neonzx”. Then there is supposedly evidence that neonzx claims to be Johnson1, although I been unable to actually see it in the fuzzy screenshot labeled “Exhibit 4” WND presents. However, even if JimBot, neonzx, and former Fannie Mae chairman James A. Johnson are the same person, that doesn’t get one to “disruption,” “knowledge by Obama,” and the 100-strong Obot army. 

On a personal note, I had never heard of JimBot, neonzx or James A. Johnson before I read it this week and I have no idea who he is. And frankly, if there were really a 100-strong Obot army they surely would have contacted me, which no one has. The whole thing seems to be nothing more than one of the flights of fancy that Ed (Big Foot killer) Hale is noted for.

The usual Obot/birther wrangling has erupted in comments on the WND article including this classic:


Another commenter denies the association between JimBot and Johnson:


Orly Taitz jumps on the bandwagon from her web site:


1In passing I want to mention that “James A. Johnson” is an incredibly common name. It’s the name of a law firm in Mobile and an airport in Arkansas. A query on the name excluding entries with the word “mae” returned over 1.4 million hits on Google. The Wikipedia has three articles on persons named “James A. Johnson.”