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Hawaiian occupation coding for births and deaths in 1961

I received more than just the race summaries from the 1961 Statistical Supplement to the Hawaii Department of Health Annual Report. They also sent occupation counts. The table values were as follows (listed in the same order as the report), prefixed by a sequential number I’ve assigned:

  • 0 No occupation
  • 1 Professional, technical and kindred workers
  • 2 Farmers, managers, officials and proprietors
  • 3 Clerical and kindred workers
  • 4 Sales workers
  • 5 Craftsmen, foremen and kindred workers
  • 6 Operatives and kindred workers
  • 7 Private household and service workers
  • 8 Farm laborers and foremen
  • 9 Laborers, except farm and mines
  • R Armed forces
  • Not stated

It turns out that those assigned numbers fit penciled codes on all the birth and death certificates I have access to from 1959 to 1963. Continue Reading →