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Notes from the infectious disease ward

UPDATE: Orly’s site is entirely down now. [5 PM EDT, 2 July 2014]

UPDATE 2: It’s back up.

This the third day since Google again identified as an attack site, passing on malware to visitors. I take such warnings more seriously than I used to. Here’s a taste of what’s going on at the Taitz web site obtained through the browser on my phone.

Taitz continues to focus on immigration issues with this headline yesterday:

  • Response from Attorney Orly Taitz to Obama’s today’s speech: our immigration system is not broken, the only thing that is broken, is the path of neuron connections in Obama’s brain. Obama did not need to dispatch Biden to Central America to search for the cause of the problem, he had to dispatch himself to the nearest mirror

Taitz is praying for more Republicans to drive drunk in this item about Pete Perry who was quoted on this blog yesterday. The title of the article is:

  • As some of you may be aware by now, Hinds County GOP chair Pete Perry, a man that many believe is behind the shenanigans on June 24, was arrested for speeding and drunk driving this past Saturday night. Here is his mugshot. Hopefully there will be more pics like this in the future! We can only pray!


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The mystery of the missing web site

Orly Taitz’ web site is back up since yesterday, but still there is little in the way of hard information about why it was down.

Is this an improvement?

The Taitz web site is again infested with advertising that tries to trick users into downloading dubious software:


An email allegedly from Taitz appears on the Internet. It says:

My website is down, Obots hacked into it and network solutions suspended the service. they demand I delete all visitor traffic stats and the whole blog in order to reinstate the account, which is insane. I might need to go to another service. Please, let me know, if any of you can help.

That email appears on The Fellowship of the Minds web site in an article titled: “Obama blocks military servicemembers from Infowars. Orly Taitz site hacked.” The only confirmation we have of the email is a Taitz article posted late yesterday containing nothing but links to a YouTube video and web article article, both of which appear to be copies of the Fellowship of the Minds article, itself mainly dealing with Infowars.

I tried reading between the lines of the purported Taitz memo. It might say that her site was hacked (possible) and infected with malware, and that in order to recover it, the entire site had to be deleted and restored from backup. In the process perhaps visitor statistics would be lost. If that’s the case, then why did it take so long? Perhaps Taitz was unwilling to submit to the “insane” restoration procedure and the loss of her precious stats. In fact, her hit counter appears to have survived the ordeal. Taitz uses the WordPress plugin “WordPress Hit Counter” to generate the statistics. One of the features of this plug-in is that you can set it to anything you want.

I accessed the Taitz site using three different browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome), and interestingly they all showed the same hit count, suggesting that perhaps it’s an honest hit counter, not fooled by page refreshes or multiple accesses from the same IP address. In fact, over the time it took to write this article (maybe 20 minutes), the hit counter didn’t change.image

Obama Conspiracy Theories, according to Google Analytics, had about 5.5 million page views since May of 2011.


Taitz is taking her web site failure as proof of how important she is, in this title:

689 news outlets connect to, the closest site,, has only 316 links, less than half of my site’s links. This might be the reason for recent hacking and cyber attacks as an attempt to silence me

Taitz doesn’t say where that number comes from, but a little poking reveals that it’s from, now an company. While Taitz beats BR in incoming links, her web ranking is 167,152, overwhelmed by Birther Report at 84,124.

One huge piece of new information is that Alexa now shows absolute numbers of visits to the Taitz web site, after Taitz “certified” her site with Alexa.1 Alexa shows daily numbers of 1,888 unique visitors. This compares to around 1,200 for my site. (Should I say something about the attraction of train wrecks?) Since there are no monthly numbers, this is the first month for Taitz as an Alexa customer. I’ll be interested to see the monthly numbers when they become available.

1Alexa certification involves a monthly fee.

A walk in the park

With Orly’s web site down, Birther Report being too toxic to approach, and the Cold Case Posse in hiding, today is a good day to take a walk in the park. Maybe I’ll catch a good photo of something.


I made one nice photo.


Sometimes, you can spot things by zooming in:


Life goes on.

Orly’s web site is down

A fate worse than death!


Orly’s web site is back up (June 21), just like it always was, plus new stuff today, but no comment on her being down.

Orly Taitz complained yesterday that some of her visitors have gotten HTTP 502 errors. The 502 usually points to some kind of a configuration error between the web server and a proxy server. I didn’t have any problems visiting her site yesterday, but today is another story.


The “Domain Not Valid” page title doesn’t immediately shed any light on the issue because her domain registration is not expired, nor has it been altered since last year. I suppose she might have failed to pay for her web hosting, but I think more likely this is just one of those hosting errors that are the bane of bloggers.

While the "home page" displays the message above, any attempt to access a particular story on the site returns a "404" or page not found. Accessing any of the WordPress standard directories also returns 404. What I conclude from this is: Orly’s site content isn’t there. Her site content could have been deleted, or her domain directed to another server or directory without any WordPress installation or content.

A theory suggested by commenters is that her site was shut down due to a violation of her host’s acceptable use policy, of which there have been many in my opinion. While Taitz, for example, published an article correcting her earlier false statement that Larry Klayman had been convicted of criminal non-payment of child support, as of last Monday she had not actually removed the original article making this claim where she said (emphasis mine):

Ms. Ruffley actually advised me that Larry Klayman is not licensed in California, she told me that he no longer works with the Judicial Watch and that donors should know about litigation in Ohio, where he was convicted just recentlty (sic) of not paying large amount in child support. She provided a lot of other information. I will publish only, what is a public record. I am not publishing anything, that is not in public record.

That is, not only did Taitz repeat what Ruffley said, but added a claim on her own that it was in the public record.

This comment appeared at Birther Report:


Taitz changing emphasis?

The once queen of the “birthers” seems to be emphasizing other issues on her web site of late. Of the 15 articles comprising the home page of, none of them are about President Obama’s eligibility. Indeed, one has to go back to the 3rd page to find something birther-related, the Sibley/Vogt/Fuddy bribery faux story.

Taitz seems more oriented towards her run for California Attorney General, anti-Muslim bigotry, and advocating tolerance of racism. Oh, and Benghazi!

On April 7, there was this typical Taitz article:

Update: no decision yet in outstanding 5 cases filed by Attorney Orly Taitz in relation to Obama’s use of a stolen CT SSN and bogus IDs. Decisions are expected any day now.

On the Taitz lawsuit front as you may recall, Taitz moved in Mississippi asking the Court for leave to file new evidence and authority. This was opposed by defendant Mississippi Democratic Executive Committee, joined by other defendants. Taitz would have had her decision in Mississippi if she hadn’t muddied the waters filing more stuff the day before the decision was to have been handed down.

Commenting @ Orly

Last October I did an article, “Max(Orly)” about Orly Taitz’ blogging activity, how many articles she published on a daily basis. As of that time, she had published a whopping 12,314. Building on that effort, I did a new report, this time on Orly’s commenters.  Here are some statistics as of today, March 2, 2013:

Total articles


Articles with comments


Articles without comments


Total number of comments


Average comments per article


Average comments on articles with comments


Most comments on any article [link to Taitz site]


Number of commenters1



The very first comment [link to Taitz blog] on Orly’s blog was by imanamerican on April 22, 2009, saying about an upcoming march on Washington:

September?!! Why not tomorrow?

The most prolific commenter, as you might guess, is Orly Taitz herself with 3829. The runner up is Veritas with 1422, followed by The Phoenix, John, Starla, Redd, Elizabeth, The Truth, Phil, RacerJim, and hippybiker.

Here are some of the odder commenter names I found:

  • Loretta Fuddy
  • Ebony bbw anal (spam)
  • Muslim Brotherhood
  • tramodol (more spam)
  • Perfect Business Suit For Men (ditto)
  • best times to go to disney world (lots ❗ more spams omitted)
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