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Obama 1, Osama 0

Osama bin Laden is dead, President Obama announced Sunday night, killed in an attack by US forces in Pakistan. How will this affect the conspiracy theories that Barack Obama is a Muslim? My guess is it will have very little effect.

I was a little miffed to learn that bin Laden was not hiding out in a cave, but living in a mansion. I continue to think that Islamic terrorists are more like organized criminals than religious zealots.

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Obama at Columbia College (or not?)

Columbia University, NY

You may recall that Pastor James David Manning has been spinning all sorts of theories about Barack Obama in his college years working for the CIA giving weapons to the Taliban (which didn’t even exist at the time). Those stories are supplemented by claims that no one at Columbia College remembers Obama. Add to that the millions that Obama has supposedly spent to keep all his records sealed. Obama’s two-year tenure at Columbia is reported from several sources including:

But the story just won’t come to rest. Enter Orly Taitz, intrepid reporter of stuff from databases. She has obtained from the National Student Clearinghouse web site a database query that says Barack Obama was only at Columbia College for 9 months,  9/1/1982-5/31/1983, rather than 2 years. So was Obama off becoming a Muslim in Pakistan or some such nefarious thing? Continue Reading →

Notre Dame law professor dives into birther waters

Charles E. Rice, professor emeritus of the University of Notre Dame Law School has an article widely repeated on birther web sites about Barack Obama’s eligibility.


I am suggesting that Professor Rice has not taken on his topic, Barack Obama: Is he or Isn’t he an American citizen?, out of academic curiosity, but as an anti-Obama partisan. Rice’s official biography includes: “He served for eight years as State Vice-Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party.” Rice is no friend of Barack Obama either, as evidenced by this article on Rice’s book, titled What Happened to Notre Dame? that includes this opening paragraph.

When the University of Notre Dame announced that President Barack Obama would speak at its 2009 Commencement and would receive an honorary doctor of laws degree, the reaction was more than anyone expected. Students, faculty, alumni, and friends of Notre Dame denounced the honoring of Obama, who is the most relentlessly pro-abortion public official in the world. Beyond abortion, Obama has taken steps to withdraw from health-care professionals the right of conscientious objection.

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We all came out of Berg’s suit

There is a very influential work in Russian literature by Nikolai Gogol titled (in translation) The Overcoat. The importance of this work and its effect on subsequent writers was memorialized by a famous quotation from Fyodor Dostoyevsky: “We all come out from Gogol’s ‘Overcoat’.”

Philip Berg

In the same vein, virtually all of the present birther mythology is found in the original Berg v Obama lawsuit from 2008 and all the birther lawsuits are little more than warmed over Philip J. Berg. (Berg also believed that the US Government was responsible for blowing up the Twin Towers on 9/11. Berg appears to be a credulous person with a conspiracy theory mindset.) Berg’s lawsuit in some small way legitimized the conspiracy theories in the popular mind.

Here are some of the ideas that came from Berg v. Obama in his Original C0mplaint:

  1. The threat of civil disobedience should an ineligible person become the Democratic nominee for President.
  2. The claim that Obama has “refused to prove” his eligibility. (Note: this is after Obama had published his birth certificate online).
  3. Berg had a copy of the Obama divorce papers back in August of 2008 while others claimed to have “first discovered it” later. Continue Reading →

Ghostwriters in the sky

Author Obama

Author Obama

During the last election, rumors flew about saying that former radical and education activist Bill Ayers wrote all or part of Barack Obama’s book Dreams from My Father. This rumor morphed into a small cottage industry of analysis trying to prove Ayer’s involvement in the book including a series of articles by WorldNetDaily columnist Jack Cashill.

These allegations have been repeated in a number of right wing web sites such as The American Thinker and The Free Republic. Now WorldNetDaily has a new article, Author confirms Bill Ayers helped Obama write ‘Dreams’.

Of course, the “author” WND talks about is not the author of Obama’s book, but that of a new book, Barack and Michelle: An American Marriage by Christopher Andersen. Andersen should know because he had access to unnamed sources close to Obama. I should say that Cashill claims Andersen supports his view (in fact I have no confirmation of this).

The scenario alleged is in the typical nobama style. If alleges a fact (Obama was facing a deadline) that no one can easily verify but might accept because it it plausibled, it alleges another fact (Ayers lived nearby) that is non-trivial to verify and then it offers another allegation (the neighbors knew…) that no one can easily verify, but might accept because it is plausible and asserted.  It is a good example of substitution of speculation for evidence made in the form of an argument. But this claim has no more substance to it than the travel ban to Pakistan argument, the born in Kenya argument and the Indonesian adoption argument: none.

So did Bill Ayers write Dreams from My Father?   There is nothing in the WND article that would lead a rationally thinking person to jump to any conclusion.

Straining at a gnat

Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

My “proofer” buddy sent me a link in email to the “American Thinker blog“. The article said in part:

No man or woman in this Country today could successfully apply for a high-level executive position with any corporation without submitting this meager documentation to prove the statements made in a job application.

And what is this “meager documentation”? Well one thing was: “Panahou Academy school records, 5th through 12th grades.”

Now I will be the first to admit that I’ve had a fairly stable employment history, and haven’t applied for a huge number of jobs. But I have been a high-level corporate executive and I  cannot ever remember being asked for a 5th grade school transcript. In fact, I can’t ever remember being asked for high school records at all (since I’m a college graduate). What employer ever asked you for your college financial aid records?

And in fact, I can think of 43 high-level executives (former presidents of the United States) that weren’t asked to provide one, not one of these things.

Well you can see that this is not an article for “thinkers”? It’s an article for people who are being made fools of. This jerk is asking for every scrip of irrelevant information on the current president, while remaining silent on the bald-faced lies being told by him and his clan, including the doctored Grandmother tape, the fake travel ban to Pakistan, the fake Kenyan Birth Certificate, and lies about Hawaii birth certificate law.

He is straining at a gnat, and swallowing a camel (or hoping you will).