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Disturbing the birthers–priceless!

Sharon Rondeau, citizen journalist at the Post & Email web site, has interviewed Cold Case Posse commander Mike Zullo. In the interview, republished at Gerbil Report™, [cue the MAD-TV “Lowered Expectations” theme], Zullo is quoted:

The Post & Email spoke with Zullo, who told us that “there are going to be some findings that ‘birthers’ may find disturbing,” referring to those who specifically doubt that Obama was born in Hawaii, as he claims.

Since his two original disastrously-wrong but detail-filled news conferences, Mike Zullo has been very closed lipped about his investigation, giving no one anything more to evaluate or criticize. This stonewalling has been remarkably successful in taking off the heat from critics and letting birthers’ imaginations run free, and their hopes soar.

More difficult to parse is another Zullo remark from the interview:

The public doesn’t understand the type of evidence required in a law enforcement investigation. The word “evidence” is often used to describe information that cannot be supported by its own weight.  Evidence that cannot be supported or corroborated is in fact not evidence at all but often personal opinion or just mere speculation.   Real evidence is something that provides proof to ascertain the truth in a proceeding. It has to stand the test of scrutiny, cross-examination and ultimately be determined to be factual and relevant.

Zullo puts that last in the context of speculation that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s real father, a speculation devoid of any proof says Zullo. He goes on to suggest that birthers are making him look bad, and he clearly is trying to distance himself and his investigation from the birther movement itself, says Rondeau:

Zullo believes that this is the type of activity which has diminished the credibility of the topic.

Of course it was Zullo himself who promoted all manner of crank image analysis, fake race code tables and unsupported tales at the beginning, but I digress.

Specifically, Zullo criticizes birthers trying to make sense of his intentionally ambiguous remarks, such as those on the Cark Gallups radio program. Zullo seems to be saying that birthers are mistaken when they think he is saying anything understandable [unplug irony meters]:

There is no room for this kind of rabid speculation. This is how wild rumors get started and then are repeated enough times that information-hungry audiences start to believe it to be factually correct.

Some have speculated that Zullo is making a subtle reference to Lawrence Sellin’s interpretation of a Zullo conversation to conclude that some Obots had turned coat and are assisting in the Cold Case Posse investigation (an absurd suggestion because no Obot has anything that could assist Zullo in proving his nonsense conspiracy theories). But even this speculation would be misguided if we listen to Zullo, who taken at his word, is telling us that it’s a mistake to try get any information out of anything he says. Zullo also promised another press conference. Because Zullo was widely criticized for not meeting his previous promises about press conferences, he’s not setting a date for this next one.


Surprise! Tea Party to hear Rondeau tomorrow

imageThe Surprise Tea Party Patriots (not to be confused with the Surprise Tea Party or The Judean People’s Front), will hear Post & Email web site editor Sharon Rondeau make a presentation September 2, 2014, via Skype™ about her favorite subject, the travails of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III. STPP describes the Post & Email:

The Post & Email is a child-friendly site which focuses on government corruption and constitutional issues.

The heavily-spun article on the STPP site is quite lengthy with a bio of Rondeau and a narrative of Fitzpatrick’s run-ins with the State of Tennessee over his attempt to force his interpretation of Tennessee grand jury statutes on the State.  One can be sure that the Arizona patriots will not hear both sides of the issue.

The Surprise Tea Party Patriots is the bunch that petitioned Sheriff Arpaio to investigate Obama’s birth certificate.

High-class judge shopping

Funny how quickly yesterday’s big story fades. I gave quite a lot of attention to an action Douglas Vogt filed in Seattle federal court, trying to force a judge to empanel a grand jury and let Vogt present his unqualified image analysis to it. It was pretty exciting with it’s sealed affidavit and bread crumbs left all over Internet radio leading to his mystery Jane Doe forger of Obama’s birth certificate. In the end, it didn’t work. The judge dismissed whatever it was.

Vogt and his “not an attorney anymore” associate Montgomery Blair Sibley (Sibley left his name in document metadata)  appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for a Writ of Mandamus to force the court in Seattle to give him his grand jury. That was denied January 14, and the case closed. (Vogt filed a motion to reconsider in January 24).

Undaunted Vogt started mailing his big package-o-papers to 175 federal judges asking them for a grand jury. That’s some judge shopping list. Vogt tried to drum up excitement by publishing the heavily-redacted reply from one judge that he took to be favorable, but nothing must have come of it because…

Having failed with everything so far, Vogt is taking the ultimate step of going before the US Supreme Court (although his motion for reconsideration is still pending before the 9th Circuit), says Vogt in a letter to the Post & Email blog. In the copyrighted letter, dated today, Vogt asks for money, $800, to defray the cost of printing 40 copies and the filing fee. Is it just me, or is it weird that a successful businessman who owns a photocopier company is asking for money to make copies? OK, I expect there are special printing requirements and maybe it makes sense to let a professional in Supreme Court filings do the work, but $800 is not all that much money for big-time executives.

The Vogt Press Release says: “Douglas Vogt will be lodging with the United States Supreme Court this month the compelling forensic evidence contained in his 95 page public and 75 page sealed affidavits.” I don’t think Supreme Court Rules are going to let him submit 170 pages—not even close, but then I wonder if the Supreme Court ever got a petition like this one before.

In his begging letter Vogt mentions, but does not explain, some urgency in getting this to the Supreme Court now because 9th Circuit delays were making were going to make it too late to file with the Supreme Court. This presumably refers to his motion for reconsideration, so far still pending. There is a limited time (90 days) after denial by the circuit during which an appeal to the Supreme Court may be filed.

This all seems silly to me unless it’s a publicity stunt for Vogt’s upcoming book, “From Forgery to Treason.” Folks who donate $25 towards his expenses will get an autographed copy of the Supreme Court filing, but alas no book. Vogt has clearly gone around the bend describing the 9th Circuit as afraid of his case.

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The Post & Email Will Not Air Michael Shrimpton Interview

Heavens to Zullo1, what is going on? There I was, all set for the new Michael Shrimpton interview with The Post & Email and Birther Report as the detonating introduction to March Universe Shattering™ month, and now they say it won’t happen?

Birther Report published a string of articles about an old Shrimpton talk from 2008, uploaded to YouTube in 2012, recently discovered, forwarded to Carl Gallups, and featured at BR. Then BR reported that they had contacted Shrimpton, interviewed him, and that the audio recording would be released shortly. Frankly, I was impressed that BR was finally going to get some original content, bless their black birther hearts.

I had published the introductory article, but it was not to be. Sharon Rondeau, editor of the Post & Email wrote today:

(Mar. 9, 2014) — The Post & Email has decided not to air any portions of the interview conducted with Barrister Michael Shrimpton on Friday evening as announced on Saturday morning.

We are also confirming that no “fundraising” has been done by The Post & Email as a result of speaking or communicating with Shrimpton, nor have we benefited financially in any way from those contacts. The original story announcing the interview has been removed so that there is no question that any financial gain has been realized by The Post & Email from having conducted the interview.

Reading between the lines, I’m thinking that Shrimpton wanted money. It wouldn’t be the first time.


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Stunning: The Return of the Shrimpton

In a stunning move, Birther Report is publishing some original material. They in conjunction with The Post & Email conducted an interview via Skype™ with Michael Shrimpton Friday, a British Barrister with some specialization in national security matters. Shrimpton reportedly told BR that Barack Obama’s “not a U.S. Citizen.”

We’ll just have to wait for the promised audio to find out why he thinks that.

There has been some speculation as to the timing of the recent release of the old Shrimpton video and whether it had anything to do with Zullo’s promised “March reveal.” There is a connection of some kind. According to a comment at Birther Report, Carl Gallups was the conduit connecting the person who found the tape with Birther Report who published it:

Gaia Militia: It isnt that much of a story…Ive been researching the German involvement in the European Union & the New World Order, I was listening to WW2 Codebreaker Dr Harry Beckhough in a playlist…the next video that came on was Shrimpton…who has never let me down yet…so I let it play…all of a sudden, I heard the name Obama mentioned and Kenya…it brought a big smile to my face, and I thought of America straight away…so I cut out the Obama parts, stuck them together and uploaded…I contact Carl Gallups straight away as I knew he was the person who would get this video where it needed to go.

Bryan v. Rondeau

I was somewhere on the Volga River listening via Skype™ to Reality Check Radio, guest hosted by Bill Bryan (aka Foggy), this past September 24. There were two notable things on the show. One was Foggy’s announcement that he was becoming certified to use the federal Health Insurance Marketplace and would be assisting folks in his state to sign up for insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). The second was some fairly derisive remarks about Sharon Rondeau, the editor of The Post & Email web site. Foggy and Dr. Ken Noisewater focused on how gullible she was in publishing an article created to see how crazy an article she would publish.

Now Rondeau strikes back in an article at The Post and Email, “Report: Look Who Is An Obamacare Navigator; Obama ID Fraud Defender,” The P&E is a pay subscription site, but this was reprinted at Obama Release Your Records).

photo of Bill Bryan not wearing a hatA cursory review of the article suggests that it was intended to  put Foggy in the worst possible light, but not to cross the line into actual defamation. It consists of selected facts connected with innuendo. The subject of the story is Foggy’s new job enrolling people for ObamaCare. The article focuses on Foggy’s “hammer and sickle” hat, some past health problems, his web site’s negative view of birthers in general, and how much information ABOUT YOU, the health care “navigators” can access. (I can’t vouch for the accuracy of any of her claims about the role of insurance “navigators.”) Foggy isn’t, however, a navigator, but a licensed insurance agent currently representing Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I hope Foggy signs up lots of folks and gets lots of commissions.

Rondeau mentions me in passing as evidence that “‘Obots’ cannot be trusted to tell the truth,” a false generalization of my article, “Punking the birthers: priceless.” Still, I hope the folks at ORYR will read that article because it makes birthers seem pretty silly.

I love [hate] remarks like this:

It is unknown how many Obots are working as navigators or behind the scenes for the Obama regime.

Is her ignorance supposed to be evidence of something? I can only speak for myself: the only government check I get is from Social Security. (All my adult life conservatives told me I would never see a dime of the money I paid into Social Security. Smile with tongue out)