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Gallups turns on birthers: calls them “whiners”

Leading birther web sites thrown under the bus

I don’t think that I really need to say much about this, since Mike Zullo’s best buddy Carl Gallups, in his own words, says it all:

imageWelcome to this Freedom Friday update. Your host, Carl Gallups.

It’s absolutely amazing to me the amount whining, complaining and false information and flat-out fabricated information that continues to spill out of the birther movement. Perhaps you see why now I have distanced myself from that movement and its supposed representatives.

I’ve said for a long time now that what Zullo and Arpaio have goes far and beyond the question of where Obama was born. So far beyond that it almost fades into the sunset compared to the revelations they now have.

I’ll grant the fact that the place any president was born is an important issue—it’s a Constitutional Issue. I’m a Constitutionalist. I want the Constitution and the law to be followed, but the birther movement itself unimpressed me a long time ago. Just recently I was reminded again of why that is so. Continue Reading →

Breaking News: Carl Gallups uploads 2011 video and calls it Breaking!

In a video under an article published today titled: “BREAKING PROOF! OBAMA BORN IN KENYA – Long Form BC A FRAUD?” Carl Gallups presents a 2011 video compendium of all the people in the news business who ever got Obama’s birth place wrong.

His introduction says that this would be compelling evidence in court, but of course what some news reporter says without first hand knowledge wouldn’t even be allowed in court.

It’s old stuff. I had seen some fake letters reportedly from the Kenyan government about Obama’s birth certificate, but this video has one that I missed (from a “reliable source” who is not named), a Kenyan National Security Service memo that talks about a planned construction project at Kogelo village was “to honor the birthplace of President Barack Obama.”


Without a source, the memo itself has no standing. Beyond that, one has to question why the Kenyan National Security Service would be concerned with such a topic in the first place.

In previous material from Zullo, a red box indicates faked evidence.

Birther announces military coup

This is not a drill!!! This is not a joke or parody!!! This is real bat guano crazy!

Bobby Powell, yes the same Bobby Powell who organized the million-man “Walk Like an Egyptian” march September 9 to oust President Obama, which no one including Powell attended, has erased that boondoggle from the public awareness by putting forward something even more bizarre, “military coup in progress in Washington D.C. 9/10/2013.”

photo of Bobby PowellI have received information originating from a well-known former General at the Pentagon; everybody knows this guy’s name. This information comes to me second hand, but I consider the go-between to be very reliable.

The information that I have received so far is that five of the US Military’s highest-ranking Generals have met with Barack Obama and warned him that if he orders an attack on Syria he will be arrested and charged with Treason for attempting to provide aid and comfort to our enemies, namely the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front in Syria.

The generals reportedly punctuated that statement with a promise that if he is convicted of Treason, Barack Obama will find himself swinging at the end of a rope at Leavenworth.

This is so over top that I could just let it stand without comment, but I will, however, point out a couple of things for educational purposes.

First, the piece is an appeal to anonymous authority, which is worthless. We don’t know who this “well-known former general” is supposed to be, nor who the reliable go-between is. The “five generals” are also nameless. The meeting doesn’t have a date.

I find the piece insulting to the US Military, who are loyal to the Constitution and have a noble tradition of staying out of domestic politics. While Powell and his right-wing nut job cronies may want to turn the United States into Egypt, I see no such sentiment in our military leadership. The President of the United States can be impeached by the Congress and removed from office, but not tried for a crime while in office. The US Military does not arrest Presidents.

Photo of Anton LeVeyThe hate-filled Powell is a blight on the American landscape. A few Nut job blogs are picking it up—Godlike Productions, PP Simmons and Oppressed Sons.

OK, tell me. Do you think that Powell is going for an Anton LaVey look?

Zullo promises nothing new at public presentation

PPSimmons via Obama Release Your Records says that volunteer birther investigator Mike Zullo will make a presentation at an open session at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in St. Louis this weekend. Zullo is quoted as saying:

This public presentation will contain no new information concerning the case. However, the public presentation will be monumentally important. Because of the overall mainstream media news blackout there will be many there who will hear this important information and criminal evidence for the very first time. We are certain that once they hear the information from this 15-month criminal investigation, they will be deeply concerned.

Duh. However, there will be a close-door session where he promises full disclosure (not necessarily anything new), but you have to have a badge to get in. Once again, Zullo evades presenting his promised convincing proof (which anybody with a grain of sense knows cannot exist) to the public. Zullo’s private breakout session is at 11:00 in meeting room “Imagination D.”

So exactly what is the “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association?” I’d never heard of them. I asked my research assistant Google to check up on them. Apparently, they are a group of county sheriffs who have pledged not to enforce (hypothetical future) Obama gun laws that they think are unconstitutional. One member, Sam Page is quoted as saying:

I have learned more on Constitutional law in one day here at this convention than I have in my 15 years as a Sheriff.

imageThat’s pretty scary when a sheriff knows that little about the Constitution. The group was founded in 2011 and its current leadership council is listed on their web site, all sheriffs plus one chief of police and one county commissioner. The Sheriff from the largest jurisdiction is Carolyn (Bunny) Welsh of Chester County, PA, just west of Philadelphia. The photo I took (right) shows part of her county.

CSPOA Founder and Executive Director (former) Sheriff Richard Mack described the emphasis of the meeting as: “state sovereignty and local autonomy,” reports the Rockland Times. Mack says: “The greatest threat we face today is not terrorists; it is our own federal government.” Mack appeared on the same white supremacist Political Cesspool radio show that introduced us to Tim Adams way back when.

Read more:

Index to WND image experts

People talk like there’s a new one every day. I thought I was hopelessly behind. Here’s what I’ve been able to find, with links to WorldNetDaily articles on experts making claims about Obama’s long-form birth certificate:

OK, help me out here. Did I miss somebody. Is this all? There are many more articles than these, but most refer back to Vogt and Zebest.