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Hagmann demands apology from Conservative media

I’ve only mentioned Douglas J. and Joe Hagmann a couple of times in the context of an birther interview they aired on their nightly Internet program on BlogTalkRadio, the Hagmann & Hagmann Report and their “Northeast Intelligence Network.” The father and son duo describe themselves as career investigators.

I don’t know which Hagmann is speaking in a new YouTube Audio  featured at Birther Report. But after listening to some of it, I wanted very much to write this article so that the previous article will scroll down from the top of the blog.

Hagmann demands an apology from the Conservative media for ignoring the birthers, now that they have been shown to be right all along. 😯 Well no, I don’t know how and where they have been proven right. Hagmann primarily engages in the birther gambit of burden shifting, claiming that no one can prove to his satisfaction the details of Barack Obama / Barry Soetoro’s biography. He reiterates that no one knows who Barack Obama is, although Hagmann is sure he’s a Muslim/Communist/Marxist, and defends that clashing list. Hagmann doesn’t know because he refuses to look at the excellent biographical material available.

Hagmann has some notion that Obama’s education was funded by the Saudi Finance Minister, the evidence for which he says consists of some bread crumbs. He asks the leading question: how could some one like Obama have gotten into an elite school without a backer? (I think that was a crumb.)

So the meat of this article, such as it is, addresses that question. The simple answer to the question of how Obama got into elite colleges is that he went to an elite high school, Punahou Academy. The Wall Street Journal listed Punahou Academy as one of the top feeder schools for the most selective colleges and universities in the nation. How did he pay for it? Financial aid and student loans.

How did Obama afford to go to that very elite private high school? That has a simple answer too: financial aid and the sacrifices of his grandparents.

The Conservative media has a lot of things to apologize for, but dissing the birthers is not one of them.

Our Friend Barry

I’ve not spent much time on the subject of Barack Obama in Hawaii, and that’s my loss. Because of the recent birther flurry over Mia Marie Pope’s interviews, claiming that she met Obama during two or three summers1 when she and her parents stayed in a hotel in Honolulu. She described Obama as a “pathological liar,” a homosexual and a coke head, I’ve spent some time looking back at Obama in Hawaii, and contrary to what Pastor Manning said, there is a wealth of information coming from Obama’s actual classmates.

Photo of Punahou School buildingOne source is the excellent film, “Barack Obama Made in Hawaii.” Another is a book from 2008 titled, Our Friend Barry: Classmates’ Recollections of Barack Obama and Punahou School, edited by Obama classmate Constance F. Ramos. I started going through the book specifically to refute Mia Marie Pope, and I found plenty of source material for that. Clearly the President was known as Barry Obama and not Barry Soetoro as Pope claims. Pope also said that it was impossible to get in Punahou school unless you started there in kindergarten. Most of the classmates in the book started later.

But once I got past the debunking, there were some insights about Obama. Punahou was an elite school, and Obama rubbed shoulders with doctors’ kids and the children of bank presidents. But there were other kids from two-income families and some, like Obama on financial aid. The poorer kids were conscious of their clothes. Most people in Hawaii are mixed race and Obama did not grow up in the atmosphere of racial prejudice that he would have experienced had he been raised on the mainland. In Hawaii, the racial distinction was between Asian and non-Asian.

Some remembered Barry as “genuine and grounded in himself”–others that he was a leader. There’s a neat story about a tuna sandwich.

Somehow these recollections make everything so much more real and human. It’s nice.

1The exact time is fuzzy. Pope always says 1977, but sometimes she says she was aged 13-14 and sometimes 14-15.

Miss October: Mia Marie Pope

imageIt’s interesting to see a new face once in a while, and Pastor Manning (bless his heart) has come up a new birther of the month in the person of Mia Marie Pope. Pope was interviewed by phone by Pastor Manning in October, and the interview appears on Manning’s ATLAHWorldwide YouTube Channel.

Pope is the 4th woman I know of to relate personal stories of their own role in some part of the birther story. She says is a contemporary of Barack Obama from Hawaii, whom she says she knew as “Barry Soetoro,” describing him as a “cocaine-smoking homosexual.” She describes herself as an “admirer” of Manning. The photo above is cropped from what appears to be a Christmas card photo.

I wondered if this person had a history before birtherism. I found the name “Mia Marie Pope” attached to a expired trade name registration in Hawaii from 2006 and a mailing address in Hawaii (the kind of stuff I don’t publish). Apart from that, and her foray into birtherism, I found no tracks of a Mia Marie Pope from Hawaii on the Internet. Her interview with Manning, however, was on hundreds of web sites.

She says she was born in 1963 in California and moved to Hawaii, spending her summers in the Diamond Head area of Honolulu. She says the met “Soetoro” in 1977 and says he portrayed himself as a “foreign student.” They didn’t associate closely. She says he was very much in the gay community, and not interested at all in women. She said that she didn’t like him because he was a “pathological liar.” She speculates that he got cocaine in exchange for sex with older white guys. She was not a classmate of Obama’s, rather just knowing of him when she spent her summers in Honolulu. She speculates that the CIA or some “shadow government” was responsible for getting Obama into the rather exclusive Punahou Academy (a Christian missionary school).

There are forces in this country that like Barry’s slimy qualities, what he’s doing to our country, and that must be these globalists or the gang banksters. You name it. This secret shadow element of the government that simply wanted to destroy our Constitution and roll us into Marxism.

She identifies herself as a Christian who is angry about Obama “destroying my country” and explains that she is coming forward at this late date because of what Obama is doing. She said that several years ago she called the FBI several times exposing Obama’s use of fake social-security numbers, rather contradicting her evil Obama epiphany now.

None of Obama’s other classmates knew him as Soetoro, or as a foreign student. Her account doesn’t fit the stories of several Obama classmates in the book Our Friend Barry: Classmates’  Recollections of Barack Obama from the Punahou School, nor David Maraniss’ well-researched book on Obama, Barack Obama: The Story. And how would she even know Obama in a town the size of Honolulu when he wasn’t even a classmate? She would have had no personal knowledge of his social-security number except by trolling birther-related web sites. She admits being familiar with the Larry Sinclair claims of homosexuality and cocaine use and could have picked those elements up from him. She repeats the false rumor that “nobody ever saw him at Columbia.” She brings up a fake YouTube photo showing Obama in  a sexually provocative outfit. Here’s a video refuting the claim that the President was called “Soetoro” in high school. Here’s another video with a classmate, Sharon Yanagi.

One of the questions raised by Pope in the video is how the Dunham’s who lived in a modest apartment could afford to send Obama to an expensive school. The answer is apparent, the Dunham’s lived modestly, both working, and sacrificing for their grandson’s education. One family friend said that they sent Obama to school rather than buying a house. Also, one of Obama’s Punahou classmates said he was on “financial aid.”

Noting she had to say was new—all coming from prior birther material (except that Obama bummed cigarettes from people). It looks like she cobbled together some of the seamier stories about Obama from the Web and made them her own. Did she ever meet Obama in Hawaii? Maybe, but I doubt it.

It looks like Pope is making the rounds of Birther talk radio:

Why the idea that the President attended Columbia University as “Barry Soetoro” is beyond silly

Orly Taitz’ latest shiny object is a report from Al Hendershot, a skip tracer from Alabama, that he found a 2010 record in one of his databases that lists a “Barry Soetoro” with a Columbia University address. Hendershot thinks this is evidence Obama attended Columbia as a foreign student. He’s being silly.

The original story was an April Fool joke that Obama attended Occidental College as a foreign student. This may be one of the most successful April Fool jokes of all time, surpassing the Orson Wells radio broadcast that Martians had landed in New Jersey (which was not broadcast on April 1 anyway).

First, there is no way a name and address from the 1980’s is going to appear in for the first time in some skip-tracing database in 2010 unless somebody intentionally created a transaction, such as a credit application, for the purpose of inserting the record. This is obviously a birther trick  and only somebody hopelessly naive would fail to recognize this.

For the benefit of readers who have never been to college in the US, this is how things work. When you apply to a college, you have your high school submit a transcript. Well President Obama went high school in Hawaii under the name of Barack (or Barry) Obama, not Soetoro. Lots of people remember him from high school. Some of his friends even wrote a book about it. Obama is in the Punahau yearbook, and Punahou School proudly celebrates its famous alumnus named Obama, not Soetoro.

Barack Obama graduated from high school as Barack Obama, ergo, he entered Occidental College as Barack Obama. There are many references and published interviews confirming the President at Occidental, under the name Obama. Occidental College proudly celebrates its famous alumnus named Obama, not Soetoro.


The president then transferred from Occidental to Columbia University. When you transfer from one college to another, you have a transcript sent; you don’t send it yourself, the school does. The President attended Occidental as Barack Obama, ergo he attended Columbia University as Barack Obama.

His name appears on the list of graduates supplied to Brietbart News by Columbia University:

And we also see Barack Obama, not Barry Soetoro, in the Columbia graduation program. Columbia celebrates its famous alumnus, Barack Obama, not Barry Soetoro.

Following graduation from Columbia University, Barack Obama attended Harvard University. When one applies to graduate school, one must have the undergraduate transcript sent to the graduate school. The President went to Harvard as Barack Obama, ergo it said Barack Obama on his transcript from Columbia, not Soetoro. Harvard Law School celebrates its famous alumnus, Barack Obama, not Barry Soetoro.


As a normal human being, it is hard to grasp how someone would fall for an April Fool joke and try to keep it alive for years, risking their professional livelihood by violating the terms of service of a critical tool used in their job, and making themself the object of universal ridicule on the Internet.

Taitz lawsuit target named to US Senate

Photo of Brian SchatzBrian Schatz, defendant in Orly Taitz’ Judd v. Obama lawsuit, was named by Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie to the U. S. Senate today to fill the seat of deceased Senator Daniel Inouye.

Like President Obama, Democratic Lieutenant Governor Schatz grew up in Hawaii and attended the same prestigious Punahou school. Schatz attended college in California and studied abroad in Kenya. Schatz also worked as a community organizer.

Schatz is best known in the Obama conspiracy community for his job as Hawaii Democratic Party Chair in 2008, and the one who signed  the Certificate of Nomination of Barack Obama as the State’s Democratic Nominee for President saying:

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the following candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the national Democratic Parties balloting at the Presidential Preference Poll and Caucus… Barack Obama…

A bizarre headline appeared at WorldNetDaily on an article by Jerome Corsi:

Obama ignores senator’s dying wish

Appoints birth-certificate ally instead of Inouye’s choice

Somebody explain to Corsi that the President doesn’t appoint Senators.

Learn more: