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Misinformed birther vies for Michigan governorship

Photo from McFarlin's campaign web siteAccording to, self-identified Democrat and “conservative populist” candidate to be Michigan’s governor Mark McFarlin:

…claims the term “African-American” appears on the line for race on the birth certificate and Mr. McFarlin says at the time Mr. Obama was born the term was not in use. He argues the term should have been “Negro.”

Of course, anyone who has actually looked at Barack Obama’s birth certificate knows that the term “African-American” doesn’t appear anywhere on it. I would have expected better from a “licensed private investigator.” (“Just the facts, Ma’am.”)

But even if “African-American” had appeared, there’s nothing odd about that, according to the 1961 Vital Statistics manual:

“Considered Negro” in this context does not mean “changed to Negro” but that the category “Negro” should be used when applying the rules to determine the race of the child for statistical purposes. Of course, Barack Obama Sr.’s birthplace wasn’t in the United States in the first place, and the birth certificate doesn’t say “African-American.” I suppose we must excuse McFarlin who was only 3 years old in 1961.

Speaking of cheesy, you should visit McFarlin’s web site and listen to the synthesized string music.

McFarlin is strongly “pro-life” and wrote that if elected, “the trophy hunting of wolves will not be tolerated.” He also supports random drug testing for all state employees, including the governor. That latter may stem from his experience managing the Chinese Buffet restaurant.

McFarlin ran for County Executive of Bay County in 2008 as a Democrat, and previously in 2004 as a Republican (source He also ran for sheriff in two counties, state senator and governor—all unsuccessfully.

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The African Race: the final chapter

Ever since Barack Obama released his long form, birthers have said things like these:

Within 24-hours of the release of the long form Certificate of Live Birth on April 27, intelligence agencies from Britain and China to Germany and Russia examined the document and concluded it was a forgery based on the fact that Barack H. Obama Sr.’s race, listed as “African,” was a monumental error, considering that not only the United States, but other English-speaking nations described Africans and those of African descent as either “Negroes” or “blacks” in 1961. – Wayne Madsen

Why was Obama’s father’s race noted as ” AFRICAN ” when official documents issued in 1961 never used the term ” AFRICAN ” to refer to someone’s race but rather used the term ” N-E-G-R-O ” or ” N-E-G-R-O -I-D ” ? – Yahoo Answers

In those days nobody wrote African as a race, it just wasn’t one of the options. It sounds like it would be written today, in the age of political correctness, and not in 1961 when they wrote white or Asian or ‘Negro’. – Orly Taitz

Poor poor Obamatards, there was no political correctness in 1961. Which means that Obama’s birth certificate would list his father’s race as “Negro” not “African”. Fraud. Failed again.

I would have to do some due diligence to see what protocol was in the new state of Hawaii in 1961 but it certainly seems that if Barack Hussein Obama II was born in the lower 48 that even though we all know that his father is an Arab-African his father’s race on the Obama’s birth certificate would have been listed as NEGRO or perhaps BLACK in 1961… Certainly not African as is clearly shown on his official birth certificate.

To use “Caucausian” (sic) to describe the mother and “African” to describe the father is a no-brainer error. Hospitals were and are pretty careful in their terminology – it’s a legal thing1. Political correctness did not exist.

Back in 1961 people of color were called ‘Negroes.’ So how can the Obama ‘birth certificate’ state he is ‘African-American’ when the term wasn’t even used at that time?2

NO document in 1961 EVER listed ethnicity as “African” — it would have said “Negro”.

And there are inconsistencies, such as “African” for father’s race – that term wasn’t used when Obama was born. Until 1980 the word “N e g r o e” was the official term. If something else was used for foreigners, the correct term would have been “Kenyan”, not “African” – Africa is not a nation, there is no African citizenship3.

Because she had just asked something about the “race” field on the birth certificate she was working on, I asked, “Back in 1961, would anyone have ever entered ‘African’ as the race of a parent?” She said, “No, back then they probably would have listed a black person’s race as ‘negro.’” I asked, “So, the word ‘African’ wouldn’t have been used, because that is a nationality and not a race, right?” And she responded, “Right. Nowadays we can use ‘African American’ though.” To which I added, “But, the word ‘African’ by itself has never been used as an entry for race?” And she simply said, “No. Never.” – Dean Haskins

it states “african” which is a term that was never used in those days. Africa is a continent. People from all the countries on that continent with negroid skin and characteristics were call “Negroes” – It was Not a term of derision, as some think it is today. A birth certificate in that year would have said Negro. I bet you can not find one birth certificate from anywhere in the world that lists race as African (except Obama’s). It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the word ‘negro’ was replace by “african american”

“African”? On a birth certificate from that time? Not. A. Chance. Correct forms are in the government blood. Admin clerks freak if the wrong colored ink is used to sign documents. hat word wouldn’t make it past the first chain of editors before being corrected back to the government approved term.

No, “African” would not have been plausible as race in 1961 or any other time. There are millions of people who are not black who are African and whose ancestors have been for hundreds to thousands of years. In 1962 the term used for black as race was Negro. “African” on a document purporting to be official is pretty much clear evidence of something being wrong with that document. It would be like someone offering you an ancient coin with the date of 7 BC.

I think the relevant department would “translate” whatever they see on a foreign BC into whatever the equivalent and legal term is here. In Barry’s case, it would have been Negro. I think “African” on the purported birth certificate is an artifact of 1. the forger’s relative ignorance of things before his birth and 2. the modern, liberal forger’s almost unconscious shying away from the politically-incorrect “Negro.” Remember that school that characterized the photographer’s exhibit of black South Africans as “African-American South Africans”? I think the same level of brain stem “thought” was at work in this forgery.

According to the actual federal coding manual for vital statistics in 1961, they were expecting to receive answers such as “Afro-American” and national groups such as “Mongolian.”

If the racial entry is ... "Afro-American" ...

If the racial entry is "Yellow," "Oriental," or "Mongolian" ...

In fact, other Hawaiian birth certificates from 1961 make it clear how open-ended the race response was:

Race of Mother: Hawaiian Fil Port Sp

There was never a prescribed list of choices for race. Race is whatever the parents said they were and in 1961 black Kenyans called themselves “African” as evidenced by the 1962 Kenya Census forms.

Race. -- Write Eurpoean, Arab, Somali or African, etc. Asians must write Indian or Pakistan.

Birthers speak with great confidence about things they know nothing about, and in the case of Mr. Madsen, just make stuff up.

1Hospitals get parent race information from the informant, usually the mother.

2Barack Obama’s birth certificate does not say that he is “African American.”

3Race and citizenship are distinct categories. I don’t think all those who wrote “Caucasian” were citizens of the Caucasus.

1961 Hawaii Race codes: disclosed!

It now seems almost certain that in 1961, the penciled codes on Hawaiian Certificates of Live birth were unique to that department and did not follow any federal standard.

In the wee hours of this morning John Woodman published a remarkable article on his blog: Exclusive! “New Girl” Confirms Her Parents’ Race — and I Crack the Actual Entries, Confirming that Arpaio’s Codes Don’t Match the Hawaii Codes, Either, in which he documents that Hawaiian race code “3” designates “part Hawaiian” (not “Indian” as claimed by the Cold Case Posse).

I had disclosed that a few of us knew the identity of the person whose birth certificate Jerome Corsi redacted (inadequately) and published in WorldNetDaily. Mr. Woodman actually contacted the holder of that certificate, who had loaned it to Corsi at the request of a “friend.” She confirmed that her father and mother are of mixed ancestry including Hawaiian. Mr. Corsi, if you are reading this, SHE WANTS HER CERTIFICATE BACK! It was a loan and the only one she has.

Now, thanks to the discovery of another new certificate registered in April of 1961 (signed by none other than Verna K. Lee herself), we have another code:

xxxx certifcate_Detail

Code 2 is “Hawaiian.” This certificate also confirms Woodman’s result that code “3” is “part Hawaiian.”

For the benefit of those not familiar with the coder’s handwriting, here’s another example of the “2” from the same form.


Update 2:

Lord Monckton published a 1961 birth certificate for an unnamed black man, and this is the coding for that form clearly showing a “9” and confirming “2” for Hawaiian.image

So here are the codes so far:

Race Code
Caucasian/White 1
Hawaiian 2
Part Hawaiian 3
Negro 9


Let me remind you of the faux code table that the Cold Case Posse presented:


This  table that the Cold Case Posse tried to foist on the nation as the codes used to code authentic birth certificates from Hawaii, claims that Code 2 was “Negro” and code 3 is “Indian.” Verna K. Lee states that no mistakes were made on her watch and so this proves beyond any doubt that Corsi, Zullo and company lied both about having ANY 1961 race code table, federal or Hawaiian.

In addition to presenting a false code table (actually one from 1968), the Cold Case Posse also played another trick. They made the false assertion that using their table, there was an inconsistency in Obama’s birth certificate because according to them “9” means “not stated” and Obama’s father’s race was stated. However, code “9” (even it were listed correctly in the table) does not mean “not stated” but “unknown or not stated.”

Based on my experience with race codes in health data systems that goes back to 1974, I have never seen a race table where Hawaiian appeared near the top. White was always first, followed by black and then other stuff.  Only a uniquely-Hawaiian code set would be structured like this. The last code in the table is usually the catch all for what doesn’t fit the preceding codes. On some items, code “0” is used for “not stated” such as the “Date Last Worked” item under mother. I have also seen “0” on death certificates when the occupation is not stated.

So what is code “9?” If I had to guess, it’s “other” but we really don’t know; however, there is no evidence of internal inconsistency in Barack Obama’s birth certificate and the codes on it.

Thanks to the individual who pointed me to the certificate featured in this article.


Since the original publication of this article, I obtained a copy of the Hawaii Department of Health statistical reports from 1961 that shows all of the race categories. There is no category for "Black/Negro" (presumably because there were so few such births) and the final (9th) category in the list is "Other Race." This new information is detailed in my article "Race tabulations in Hawaii, 1961."

Shocking revelation: President Obama may be “white”

imageThis is not a spoof article. It’s literally true. You might think my headline is counterintuitive after looking at the photo of Barack Obama to the right, but bear with me for a minute and I think you will be convinced too.

First, we know exactly who Barack Obama’s father was, Barack Obama, Sr. This fact is verified by Obama’s book Dreams from My Father, his long and short form birth certificates, and verifications directly from the State of Hawaii.

Next, we know that Barack Obama, Sr. considered his own race to be “African.” Again, this is on the birth certificates and verifications from Hawaii.

New information from the US Office of Vital Statistics tells us what all this means. The long lost “Coding and Punching Geographical and Personal Particulars for Births Occurring in 1961” has been found thanks to blogger ladysforest. Here’s what it says about dealing with the parent’s race:

Determining race of parent. –Examine the information given for race of father and mother separately, and apply the following rules to determine the race classification for each parent:

(1) if the racial entry is a mixture of Hawaiian with any other race, consider the parent Part-Hawaiian.

(2) Where other racial combinations are involved …

(3) If the racial entry is "C," "Col.," "Black," "Brown," or "A.A.," "Afro-American," and the birthplace is the United States, consider the parent’s race as Negro [for the purposes of determining the child’s race]. If the birthplace of parent is not in the United States code as other nonwhite.

(5)  If the racial entry of the parent is "Indian" …

(6) If the racial entry is "Yellow," Oriental," or "Mongolian," …

(7) If the racial entry for either parent is not clearly identifiable as one of the races in the code scheme, consult the supervisor.

We cannot be sure, but it is reasonable that the supervisor could not “clearly identify” what race Obama Sr. was based on the combination of “African” and “Kenya, East Africa.” After all, it was a British colony at the time and there were any number of white people in Kenya. That means that Obama Sr.’s race was likely coded as “unknown.”

In determining the race of the child, the rule says:

(5) If the racial entry for one parent is omitted or unknown, code race of child as the race given for other parent.

Barack Obama’s other parent is coded as “Caucasian” which is part of the list for “white.” So maybe the federal government in 1961 would have called President Obama white. Who knew?

Indicting Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse

The charge

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo are charged with fraud and fabricating evidence.

The crime scene

On July 17, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference featuring the results of an investigation by his volunteer “Cold Case Posse” presented by “lead investigator” Mike Zullo. The centerpiece of their presentation was a claim that President Obama’s birth certificate is a fake because of internal inconsistencies. The argument goes:

The race of Barack Obama’s father is shown as “African” on the birth certificate, but next to that is a penciled data entry code of “9” that should indicate “not stated.” The code is wrong, proving that the form is a fake.

In support of that very serious allegation they presented a race code table taken from what they described as a “1961 vital statistics instructions manual.” They lied. Here is a screen shot from the Cold Case Posse video of the purported 1961 manual.


How do we know that they lied?

The US Public Health Service published Vital Statistics of the US – 1961 – Volume 1: Natality, a report of births in 1961 that’s available online.


In that report is stated on page 5-7:

Births in the United States in 1961 are classified for vital statistics into white, Negro, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Aleut, Eskimo, Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian (combined), and "other nonwhite

Only the Cold Case Posse code table doesn’t have separate codes for Aleut and Eskimo and so it could not be the code table for 1961. Later on, the Natality Report includes  footnotes to table 4-2:


This shows unambiguously that the real coding in 1961 distinguished between Indian, Aleut and Eskimo. The Cold Case Posse codes lump them all together and so could not be what was used for federal birth reporting in 1961. Whatever codes were really used in Hawaii in 1961, they are not the ones the Cold Case Posse claimed.

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Dean and Miki’s &$#7*E#^ Adventure

Birthers, ever a nuisance to the folks in Hawaii, visited the Kapi’olani Medical Center and the Hawaii Department of Health. This time the birthers de jour are Dean Haskins and Miki Booth. Haskins wrote about their trip in a couple of articles:

At the hospital

So what’s the substance of these articles (which of course you can read for yourself if you want)? Here’s the first torpedo:

I [Haskins] asked, "Back in 1961, would anyone have ever entered ‘African’ as the race of a parent?" She [unnamed clerical worker] said, "No, back then they probably would have listed a black person’s race as ‘negro.’" I asked, "So, the word ‘African’ wouldn’t have been used, because that is a nationality and not a race, right?" And she responded, "Right. Nowadays we can use ‘African American’ though." To which I added, "But, the word ‘African’ by itself has never been used as an entry for race?" And she simply said, "No. Never."

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