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Taitz continues to baffle

As usual, Orly Taitz makes little sense in her latest press release [link to Taitz site], this time about the certification of copyright registration of Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father. The opening paragraph contains at least two and probably 3 mistakes:

Attorney Orly Taitz recently discovered lack of necessary entry of date of birth in Obama’s registration of copyright protection of his book “Dreams from my father”.

The simplest mistake is not naming the book correctly as to capitalization. The second is the word “necessary’’ since the date of birth on a copyright application is optional according to the instructions. (“Author’s birth date is optional but it is useful as a form of identification.”) Here’s the copyright registration from Dan Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code, also with no birth date. The third is the statement that Taitz discovered the blank birth date, when it is highly unlikely that she made the discovery herself. Continue Reading →