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The President’s document examiner

I saw something yesterday that led me to a YouTube video, a pretty crappy production allegedly recording of encounters with Randy Foreman from The Blaze with Congressmen, and editing in Congressman Bobby Rush speaking on the floor of the House.

What demonstrates the complete lack of morality (or in the alternative a complete lack of competence) on the part of the video maker is the statement that “the President’s own document examiner, Reed Hayes with Perkins Coie….” I don’t believe the video clip of Bobby Rush has anything to do with Obama’s birth certificate. Here is a similar video clip of Rush, but not the exact one.

Hayes, of course, worked on an unspecified project for an attorney who previously workede for Perkins Coie, a very large national law firm that also represents Obama for America. He is in no way the President’s document examiner.

The obvious question is: if Congress is supposed to be responding to criticisms of the President’s birth certificate based on the conclusions of Reed Hayes, why isn’t the Reed Hayes report being shown to members of Congress?

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