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Rats @ Gerbil Report

I smell a rat…

The article isn’t about this image, posted by Barry Soetoro, ESQ at GR 4 days ago:

Once I started the article, that image came to mind and I went looking for it. Some of the folks who comment at GR seem to watch their Intense Debate profile intensely (the rat photo accompanied a comment that I had visited BSE’s Intense Debate profile). Of course, I visit a number of ID profiles because it’s the easiest way to find content.

The title of the story is related to the Quote of the Day from Falcon, who said back in 2013:

By the way – RC ratted you all out. Mole / Fagblow.

I won’t bother with hyperlinks to Gerbil Report comments because they’re more trouble than they’re worth to use. Reality Check (RC) commented on the Quote today pointing to a problem with what Falcon said:

I love the quote of the day. I need to [do] a better job of ratting next time. Nothing seems to have come from it.

So this article is, well, rubbing it in. Dates following are approximate due to the lack of precision in Intense Debate date information:

Falcon 10/18/2013: They know RC ratted them out, but don’t know who else has the archive and can turn it over. And they’re not mentally stable to start with. Dangerous times at the dangerous Fagbow.

Falcon 11/15/2013: And Dr. Dirty, you fool no one. I know you’re involved in the crime itself – and I know RC ratted your dumb ass out. Get ready for your next career – prison bitch.

Falcon 11/15/2013: Hey Commie fart-knocker ObamaCare Wavigator how does it feel to know that you got ratted out? I’ve been warning your slag filled ass for over two months and then you had the balls to actually post here and further your involvement. You just might be the dumbest [expletive deleted] that ever posted here.

Some weeks later, I came upon some of these rat droppings, and commented: Continue Reading →

Paige and Vogt fail at the Supreme Court

Folks reading comments here already know that the Supreme Court published decisions today: H. Brooke Paige and Douglas Vogt came up losers. The Supreme Court will not take up their cases.

If you want to read more, check out RC’s article, “It’s a twofer at the Supreme Court.”


Apuzzo filed for a reconsideration in the Paige case. It was denied in August.

(In)decision in Mississippi


For whatever reason, perhaps because of Taitz’s last-minute filing of “new material information” no rulings on the motions were issued today. Grrrr. See summary later below.

The telephonic hearing in Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi case is underway, where it is expected that Judge Wingate will rule on the outstanding motions in the case, including the possible dismissal or judgment in the case and possible assessment of attorneys fees and costs. For those interested in following the story as it unfolds, I suggest that you visit The Fogbow’s “alternate chat” (requires registration) and check out their forum thread on the case, now up to 10,258 comments at this writing!

Updates (Eastern Standard Time US):

  • 11:58 AM – No word yet.
  • 12:04 PM – The hearing has ended.
  • 12: 10 PM – Summary posted by Realist

Summary of Telephonic Hearing – 01-22-2014

Orly Taitz called in at 9:58 pm Mississippi time.
Walter Dukes and Sam Begley also on the line. Justin Matheny checked in.
Holland joined. He’s with Walter Dukes’ office.

Hearing began at 10:02 Mississippi time.

First thing to address is a blog shown to him by his law clerk. Asks Ms. Taitz about it and who Virgil E. Bird is.

“Multiple individuals who are posting on my blog.” She needs a subpoena to find out.

Judge explains some “backdrop.” Law clerk noticed some info on blog and passed on to the judge yesterday. He had never read blog till yesterday.

Judge then tells us of Virgil’s post.

Asks Taitz if she knows Virgil. She says no but she has IP address and wants a subpoena issued by the court. Taitz goes on and on about people making comments. Blah blah blah.

Taitz still going on about people pseudonymously posting on her blog. Anonymous people from various addresses. Taitz claims harassment.

Judge focuses only on 1 blog and alleged conversation with judge. He says it’s not true. He doesn’t know Virgil Bird, the once a year Yale Club meeting — he doesn’t attend. Clarion Hotel in Jackson in mid December? Judge has no knowledge of any meeting in Jackson of Yale club in Jackson for 10-12 years. Only 3 in Jackson. He doubts they meet yearly. He knows nothing of any such meeting and doubts it happened. Any conversation with judge is fiction.

Judge finds post offensive and needs to take some kind of action.

Reiterates his law clerk saw it and told judge.

Judge asks lawyers if they know anything about this matter. No one knows. Judge asks if anyone has read her blog. Only one admitting reading blog is Tepper.

Taitz then uses occasion to slime Tepper and Fogbow. Claims Fogbow writers and Tepper defame her. She wants a subpoena to Fogbow.

Taitz asks if judge read her additional materials. Judge said he will look at this afternoon.

Taitz going into her conspiracy theory of death of Lorraine Fuddy. Taitz surprised Duke didn’t notify court of Fuddy’s death.

Therefore important to continue with RICO action.

Judge asks if issuing subpoena is OK. Tepper explains briefly Taitz’s difficulty in serving subpoenas and suggests special master.

Judge wants any subpoenas issued returned straight to court. Judge will meet with US Attorney’s office and advise parties where we are on this. Judge will also immediately look at materials submitted to him on January 21st to see if it bears on outstanding motions. Therefore will need another time to report in.

Re outstanding motions — are they still outstanding:

20* remand
24 no good per Taitz
40 no good per Taitz
46 Tepper says this isn’t a motion
76 Lax
83 intervene

Judge asks about 96
Tepper says it’s not a motion nor admissible, Dukes says it’s a rehash.

Dukes says this is all done for delay

Sam Begley says we have dispositive motions, and anything else is irrelevant to the dispositive motions

Taitz: Miss Fuddy was an important part of the case, she died of suspicious circumstances.

Taitz takes off, misdescribing her cases, the Maryland case, various conspiracy theories and goes on and on for 7 minutes.

Tepper mentions Hawaii case

Defense required to submit response to 96. How much time do you need?

Dukes – 2 weeks (14 days)
Other counsel may or may not respond as long as judge has a response to pleading

Court asks if Taitz wants more time for rebuttal

Taitz asks for ruling on prior motions since case may become moot but judge says notice of new materials requires judge to study and doesn’t feel comfortable ruling one way or the other till he has read new materials and had some action on blog note

Tepper suggests court may sua sponte strike 96 as having inadmissible information. Also mentions social security number in 96-1, page 3, para. 6, line 5. Judge admonishes Taitz to redact. Taitz says she will.

Another conference call will be set up.

I note that ECF 11, 20 and 24 were previously denied.

RC Radio Special tonight Canceled

Scott Tepper, one of the defense attorney in Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi, was to be RC’s guest at a special edition of Reality Check Radio tonight at 9 PM Eastern Time; however, as no decision was issued, it’s premature.

Conclusive proof: Birth Certificate OK

As Texas Representative Leo Berman put it, “The YouTube’s are infallible.”

While there have been many solid debunking articles targeting birther claims that Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery, there hasn’t been any video covering the most recent findings.

That’s no longer the case. Blogger and Internet radio personality Reality Check has made an excellent video demonstrating his evidence, which shows to devastating effect that what the birthers have been saying is nonsense.

I can hardly wait for Part 2.

Blogger shows Obama birth certificate artifacts caused by Xerox machine: no joy in Birtherville

I know that Internet blogger and radio host Reality Check has been busy with real life, and it’s great to see that he has been able to carve out enough time to get a few articles posted covering his testing of a sample birth certificate on a Xerox WorkCentre.

The articles so far are:

I hope my readers will take the time to look at these detailed articles, but I noticed one thing so amazing in the most recent article that I just had to highlight it here.

RC scanned a facsimile birth certificate using a Xerox WorkCentre 7535 to demonstrate how the machine’s MRC compression generates artifacts such as those seen in the President’s long-form birth certificate. The facsimile consisted of the Associated Press scan of a photocopy of the birth certificate, printed on real security paper. The White House PDF was not used to make the sample.

One of the curious artifacts in the White House PDF version of the birth certificate is the way the certificate number is divided into different layers. Here’s the certificate number as it appears in the White House PDF:


Examination of the layers in the White House PDF file reveals that the number is split into two parts, and stored in two separate layers of the file. Doesn’t that almost make you think that there is something fishy, that the certificate number was manually assembled from parts? Birthers think that it proves the whole document is a forgery, but it turns out that when a paper birth certificate is scanned with a Xerox WorkCentre 7535, we see the very same thing! Below are the certificate numbers as they appear in separate PDF layers, the White House PDF on the left and Reality Check’s scan to PDF from a Xerox machine on the right:

WHv7535 1

WHv7535 2

Isn’t that remarkable? What are the chances that a forger would divide the number in exactly the same way and put the parts in exactly the same layers that an office machine automatically does? Pretty darned small, I think.

Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright,
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,
But there is no joy in Birtherville—mighty Zullo has struck out.

— With apology to Ernest Lawrence Thayer

Obots crack birther’s greatest secret

Some days are more fun than others. Today is a good day.

A few weeks back, Carl Gallups on his Freedom Friday radio show said, during an interview with Mike Zullo, that the Cold Case Posse knows identity of the anti-birther who goes by the nom de internet Reality Check. RC hosts an Internet radio program called Reality Check Radio and writes a blog to compliment the show. Commenter John, who participates here and is also a frequent visitor to the Reality Check Radio chat room, has been claiming the same thing, saying that RC’s real name is known by a few trusted birthers, and that it was their greatest secret. Writing here, John said October 14:

RC is NOT Dr. Richard Rockwell.That is a name that been orchestrated by Obots into misleading them in discovering Rc’s real identity.I can tell you that a select few know exactly what RC’s real identity is.

Birthers rather embarrassed themselves using a series of nonsense connections to conclude that RC was Dr. Rockwell. John excuses the mistake by blaming it on the Obots. That brings to mind the quote from George W. Bush [video]:

There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.

I don’t accept that Obots are to blame for the original birther mistake, but in any case, birthers should have used this as a learning opportunity–they didn’t, and in the words of Ronald Reagan, “there you go again.” 

John emphasized the the secret nature of their latest conclusion on  October 24:

Don’t worry about RC. His identity is already known. Its the most trusted birther secret. Eventually he will outed.

Given that birthers are incompetent at investigation, I can see why they are deathly afraid to commit themselves and  be proven wrong again, hence the secrecy. John, however,  gave a devastating hint in the RC chat room: He said that RC’s actual last name was the same as the last name of a prominent birther. Well that caused some head scratching on the Obot side, and I personally did some searches on Google for RC’s surname (which I know) plus the keyword “birther.” I didn’t find the answer.

While I like to consider myself an insider, there are some Obot secrets that even I am not privy to–I don’t know, for example, JimBot’s real name, nor specific information about Obot sources in the birther inner circle. However, I have now been told the birther’s “most trusted secret,” the name that the birther inner circle MISTAKENLY THINKS is RC’s real name.

Now to play along with the game, I will also give a hint. To get the initials of the mistaken birther identification, take the initials “RC” and change one letter to one next to it in the alphabet.

I get the impression that the Cold Case Posse shares little secrets with people in order to make them feel trusted and important. Whether John himself is one of those, or not I cannot say. But I can say that we know the secret, and it is WRONG, like everything else the birthers think they know.

It may be embarrassing that the birthers have ONCE AGAIN flubbed figuring out Reality Check’s name, but in all seriousness, the birthers greatest secret is how much money they take in from credulous birthers like John. That one, I do not know. Yet.

Or perhaps, this article is Obot disinformation, realizing that the birthers have figured it out, we’re trying the trick them into backing off in their identification.