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Некультурная Taitz

Taitz-unculturedI’m venting this morning.

The Russian word in the title literally translates into English as “uncultured.” My encounters with the word in literature suggest a stronger connotation, perhaps equivalent to the English phrase “white trash.”

What got my juices flowing this morning was an article by Taitz yesterday attacking Sandra K. Fluke, a woman whom some conservative demagogues shamelessly lie about and denigrate.1 Here’s what Taitz wrote:

Sandra Fluke became nationally known for waging a campaign and demanding free condoms as a law student. Apparently her activities, which necessitated such great expenses for condoms, led her not to become a lawyer, however this did not deter her from running for the State Senate in CA. With millions of bogus voter registrations, a corrupt establishment in CA and millions of stoned, drunk and otherwise brain dead Liberal Democrats in the Los Angeles area of District 26 Ms. Flukie-Fluke might actually win.

The phrase “Flukie-Fluke” sounds bitchy to me and indicative of a mean-spirited writer,  but the rest of the citation shows how irresponsible Taitz is about her information. First off, Sandra Fluke is a lawyer in California, which any fool can look up in about a minute on the California Bar web site, and one doesn’t have to even finish the first sentence of the Wikipedia article on Fluke to learn that she is an attorney. While Taitz in a follow-up title did issue a correction say that Fluke was a lawyer, she didn’t apologize and she didn’t remove the false statements from her prior article.

The general context Taitz presents for Fluke’s advocacy for contraceptive health coverage at Georgetown University  is also wrong. Fluke wasn’t trying to get condoms for herself but contraceptive coverage for all of the women at Georgetown (a Catholic school), an argument that House Republicans didn’t want to hear. And Taitz, not Fluke, is the one who engaged in a steamy extra-marital affair, reports court documents.

The other factual anomaly in the Taitz article regards the number of “stoned, drunk or otherwise brain dead Liberal Democrats in … District 26.” It’s not “millions”; there are fewer than 150,000 registered Democratic voters in District 26.

If this is what Taitz thinks of the voters in her state, and this is the quality of her public discourse, she has no business running for statewide office in California.

1Rush Limbaugh limply apologized for calling Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute,” claiming that he was being humorous.