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Grab your screen shots at BR quick

Some rapid scrubbing is going on at Gerbil Report™ on the thread where Falcon claims I don’t know who he is.

First there is the fake “Joe Mannix.” Look closely at these two Intense Debate profiles (in particular the URL):



The second one posted 6 comments, the first 15 weeks ago and, it would appear, the last 3 weeks ago; however, there are some deleted comments in the last 24 hours that link to this second profile if you click on the Icon. (There are actually four accounts who comment as Joe Mannix at Gerbil Report™.) I didn’t get there in time to see what they were. Here’s one. The image following  links to the Intense Debate Profile.


Then there is a gone comment from the esteemed Gerbil★FALCON★. I have a guess as to who this commenter is, but it is only a guess.


However as of this moment, there is another comment by Sluffy1, someone that Falcon has attacked in the past. This comment has a big reveal about Falcon’s identity. To get to this part of the page, locate the second message containing “Reilly” and then expand the comments and scroll down. This one is too hot for me to publish. The reveal is the image. This is the accompanying text:

He may or may not have any of your information but I’d bet he does.
I do. I’ve had it ever since you threatened me.
31 weeks ago @ Birther Report: Obama … – O’Reilly Busted: Lice… · 0 replies · 1 points

★FALCON★139p · 19 hours ago
I already have your information, pictures, address, and ramblings of the insane that you blithered all over the net.

It wasn’t that hard to find, your innate hubris made it rather simple. I knew you were “Fibbing” (since you never lie) about having my information since I’ve posted on only 2 sites, this being one of them, post it, you have my permission.

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Triple-scrubbing the birthers

A birther by the name of Lawrence Sellin wrote an editorial at Birther Report titled, “Managing Expectations About the Cold Case Posse.” Sellin wrote:

I was, like many, disappointed in the interview with Mike Zullo of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse (CCP) conducted by Carl Gallups on his May 23, 2014 Freedom Friday program.

Falcon, a frequent BR commenter, responded: “Add Sellin to the whining crybaby list.”

I thought Sellin’s remarks were pretty mild, talking about what needs to happen for the Posse’s investigation to have the greatest impact on Obama. Mild as it was, it is widely believed (including by the management at Birther Report) that this editorial, along with commenter remarks at Birther Report is what got Carl Gallups upset and led him to say some nasty things about the birthers in a YouTube audio that casts aspersions on them generally, and attacks certain unnamed birther web sites. “Jealous” and “whiners” he called them. The Birther Report then published its own editorial saying that Carl Gallups was out of line:

Yesterday Carl Gallups published an audio update for his Freedom Friday show basically vilifying the whole so-called birther movement and lashing out at prominent (unnamed) birther sites. I’m guessing he is specifically referring to Birther Report, and assume (was also told by multiple sources) it was related to an op-ed that was published here yesterday by distinguished writer Colonel Lawrence Sellin, P.H.D. (sic).

From that, a firestorm of commentary erupted.

Could the birther movement implode in a mass of infighting?

If one were to describe the result in a way negative towards the birthers, one might say that they just covered it up and pretended it didn’t happen. If one were speculating in a more positive way, they might say that cooler heads agreed to retract what was said. However it is positioned, the Sellin editorial, the Gallups YouTube and the Birther Report response with all the discussions attached have been scrubbed.









I personally felt that the Gallups YouTube was totally out of line, and that it would likely be scrubbed and I said so at the time and saved a copy. Also my written transcript remains available. You can recover individual remarks from BR commenters through their Intense Debate profile, for example mine or Falcon’s. The Wayback Machine doesn’t have the page, but as of this writing, the Google Cache has the Sellin article and the BR response editorial.


Zombies ahead

It died back in August of 2010, but the zombie claim that Supreme Court Justice Kagan defended Barack Obama on eligibility-related cases as Solicitor General has been seen lurking the streets of the web site. The cases Jeff Rense Googled have nothing to do with Obama’s eligibility. I’m still scratching my head over what George Soros has to do with any of this.

You might want to check out Rense’s link fast because it might just sink back into the ground as it did last time we saw it at WorldNetDaily before it was hastily scrubbed.

Donofrio blog scrubbing fails

Nothing new to the fact that Leo C. Donofrio’s Natural Born Citizen blog went dark a few months back. All of his content was summarily scrubbed from the Internet. The blog is back, but the old content remains buried.

Not to worry. An old friend, The Betrayal blog, reprinted some of Donofrio’s material. They wrote:

ADMIN NOTICE: for data security reasons this blog will republish all Leo Donofrio’s articles and updates. This blog runs on a save [sic] server that for all intends [sic] and purposes should be out of the Obama Maffia’s reach[.]

The Betrayal kept one of my favorite articles from Donofrio’s Natural Born Citizen blog, in which this seminal photograph appeared:

Scrubbed from Donofrio's blog

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.