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Disturbing the birthers–priceless!

Sharon Rondeau, citizen journalist at the Post & Email web site, has interviewed Cold Case Posse commander Mike Zullo. In the interview, republished at Gerbil Report™, [cue the MAD-TV “Lowered Expectations” theme], Zullo is quoted:

The Post & Email spoke with Zullo, who told us that “there are going to be some findings that ‘birthers’ may find disturbing,” referring to those who specifically doubt that Obama was born in Hawaii, as he claims.

Since his two original disastrously-wrong but detail-filled news conferences, Mike Zullo has been very closed lipped about his investigation, giving no one anything more to evaluate or criticize. This stonewalling has been remarkably successful in taking off the heat from critics and letting birthers’ imaginations run free, and their hopes soar.

More difficult to parse is another Zullo remark from the interview:

The public doesn’t understand the type of evidence required in a law enforcement investigation. The word “evidence” is often used to describe information that cannot be supported by its own weight.  Evidence that cannot be supported or corroborated is in fact not evidence at all but often personal opinion or just mere speculation.   Real evidence is something that provides proof to ascertain the truth in a proceeding. It has to stand the test of scrutiny, cross-examination and ultimately be determined to be factual and relevant.

Zullo puts that last in the context of speculation that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s real father, a speculation devoid of any proof says Zullo. He goes on to suggest that birthers are making him look bad, and he clearly is trying to distance himself and his investigation from the birther movement itself, says Rondeau:

Zullo believes that this is the type of activity which has diminished the credibility of the topic.

Of course it was Zullo himself who promoted all manner of crank image analysis, fake race code tables and unsupported tales at the beginning, but I digress.

Specifically, Zullo criticizes birthers trying to make sense of his intentionally ambiguous remarks, such as those on the Cark Gallups radio program. Zullo seems to be saying that birthers are mistaken when they think he is saying anything understandable [unplug irony meters]:

There is no room for this kind of rabid speculation. This is how wild rumors get started and then are repeated enough times that information-hungry audiences start to believe it to be factually correct.

Some have speculated that Zullo is making a subtle reference to Lawrence Sellin’s interpretation of a Zullo conversation to conclude that some Obots had turned coat and are assisting in the Cold Case Posse investigation (an absurd suggestion because no Obot has anything that could assist Zullo in proving his nonsense conspiracy theories). But even this speculation would be misguided if we listen to Zullo, who taken at his word, is telling us that it’s a mistake to try get any information out of anything he says. Zullo also promised another press conference. Because Zullo was widely criticized for not meeting his previous promises about press conferences, he’s not setting a date for this next one.

Surprise! Tea Party to hear Rondeau tomorrow

imageThe Surprise Tea Party Patriots (not to be confused with the Surprise Tea Party or The Judean People’s Front), will hear Post & Email web site editor Sharon Rondeau make a presentation September 2, 2014, via Skype™ about her favorite subject, the travails of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III. STPP describes the Post & Email:

The Post & Email is a child-friendly site which focuses on government corruption and constitutional issues.

The heavily-spun article on the STPP site is quite lengthy with a bio of Rondeau and a narrative of Fitzpatrick’s run-ins with the State of Tennessee over his attempt to force his interpretation of Tennessee grand jury statutes on the State.  One can be sure that the Arizona patriots will not hear both sides of the issue.

The Surprise Tea Party Patriots is the bunch that petitioned Sheriff Arpaio to investigate Obama’s birth certificate.

Fitzpatrick sentencing hearing August 19

I have not been a close follower of Walter Fitzpatrick III and his battle against the grand jury system in Tennessee that led him to some jail time. His most recent conviction has a sentencing hearing in Athens, Tennessee, next Tuesday, August 19. Fitzpatrick has not been cooperating with the process, refusing to meet with probation officers.

So the schedule is:

  • August 18 at 8 AM – Prayer breakfast at the Cracker Barrel
  • August 18 at 3 PM – BBQ at the Athens Regional Park
  • August 19 – Sentencing hearing

The Abel Danger radio show is interested, and Lt. Col. Field McConnell, Ret., that show’s host, will be at the hearing. Some fellow named William “Wilky” Fain (of William Fain Productions) will be making video which promises to uncover widespread corruption in Tennessee family courts.

Here’s a video from yesterday about Fain making the video including Sharon Rondeau. (Warning: Cookies are eaten during the video).

In other Fitzpatrick news, Attorney Van R. Irion filed a motion for a new trial, as well as to suspend sentencing pending appeal.

Read more:

Alabama chief justice may have tipped off birthers

Investigation requested

Photo of Moore with US flag in backgroundRC Radio reports that Birmingham Attorney Barry Ragsdale has notified the Alabama Supreme Court of a possible ethics violation. This came after Sharon Rondeau of the Post & Email wrote that Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore had spoken to someone and told them the future date of the Alabama Supreme Court decision in McInnish v. Chapman. The correct prediction of the date was published at the P&E. Lest we jump to conclusions, Ragsdale in his letter to the court cautioned:

Needless to say, given the tenor and content of the on-line blogs in question, there is reason to doubt the accuracy or veracity of anything reported by them.

Judge Moore was previously an author for WorldNetDaily.

Read the details at RC Radio.

After thinking about this for a while, I feel it more likely that Judge Moore did not have the conversation claimed by Rondeau. The “face to face” detail seems contrived, something added to make the story more believable. This story is a bit like Orly Taitz’ complaint about extra-judicial remarks by Judge Wingate in Mississippi, one that is almost certainly bogus.

Major media preparing for shattering of universe

I don’t have much to say except to note yet another fantastical story based on the last Carl Gallups show, that the major media was readying to report Sheriff Joe’s Obama investigation findings.

By “major media” I guess they mean the Greeley Gazette, and the Sonoran News. Read the silliness at Birther Report in an article by Sharon Rondeau. It’s all remarkably vague.

I try to cultivate a sense of bemusement about how birthers continue to sustain hope in the wake of so many failures. Today is a good day to think about those failures because of two anniversaries.1 Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of the first Arpaio / Cold Case Posse press conference, where Sheriff Joe said those memorable words about President Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service registration:

Based on all the other evidence…I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic.

One year ago today, Zullo and his posse said through Carl Gallups, “We will be gaining an audience with some VIPs from around the nation… we have some attorney generals and some congressmen who have said that they would perhaps speak with us; and one congressman in particular WANTS to meet with us….”

And all through this time we’ve seen “person of interest,” “enormous,” “block buster,” “definite plan of action,” “full steam ahead,” “there will be new revelations,” “this isn’t speculation any more,” “breathtaking,” “indisputable proof,” “you won’t believe the bombshells,” “explosive evidence,” “shocker,” “[Arpaio] will do something after the election,” and “surprises are coming.” In January 2013 we learned that due to unfortunate circumstances, the Cold Case Posse turned to the far-superior “Plan B.” With plan B “full steam ahead” we learn about “absolute forensic verification” and that they are in “total law enforcement perspective” mode again with a “definitive plan of action now in the works,” “gaining audience with some VIP’s,” “powerful things could begin happening,” “possible that something monumental will occur,” “real progress over the next several months (this was a year ago),” “undeniable evidence,” and last April, “the investigation is over.” With the completion of the investigation, Zullo concluded, “we’re in the driver’s seat.” Then, “information breaking” about VIP’s, “hopefully by mid-summer (last summer),” “light at the end of the tunnel,” “possibly mid–summer,” “three to six month window is still very plausible,” “the evidence is mounting up,” and “it will be universe shattering.”

And here we are two years later with none of this having come to pass. The VIP’s never materialized, what arguments that were released were shot down, and the Reed Hayes report remains unreleased. For the past two years we have seen nothing but publicity and promises from the Cold Case Posse. It’s pretty pathetic.

1Thanks to the RC Radio Blog’s MCSCO Cold Case Posse Timeline for these items.

Mike Volin

I was piqued by a comment I saw at Obama Release Your Records by commenter Birther1 (Mike Volin). The context was a discussion about Carl Gallups hanging up on Foggy when Foggy called the Freedom Friday radio show last week. Here’s what he said:

Birther1: Froggy can always post his comments here or at my blog or call into my show.

By “my blog” he meant his site: Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate? and the same-named Blog Talk Radio program. It might surprise my readers, given the amount of attention that I give Mike Zullo on my blog, that I don’t really follow him personally and his various Internet radio appearances. All I knew about Mike Volin was the occasional mention of his name on the Reality Check program when they talked about Zullo being on Volin’s show. Apparently Volin and Zullo have significant contact.

We’ve been talking about censorship at birther blogs, and here we have a birther web site and radio program inviting Foggy to participate. That’s noteworthy, and I hope genuine. Foggy reports that he was able to post a couple of comments on Volin’s blog. I dropped Mike a note, offering to be a guest on his radio show. We’ll see where that goes.

Another topic of late is the Sharon Rondeau attack on the Obots. I see the Volin had an interview with her on this subject 3 weeks ago. I haven’t listened to it yet.