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Obama and e-Verify: SSA sheds some light

Attempts were made to get Barack Obama’s social-security records through publicly accessible systems that are provided to individuals to check their own information, and to employers to check numbers for employees. Putting aside the fact that these attempts for other purposes were illegal, and accepting for the moment these criminals’ assertions that Barack Obama’s records could not be accessed, one is left with the question of why Barack Obama’s records were not returned by e-Verify, SSNVS or Self Check. It was also reported in the press that Obama was unable to complete his online registration with an ACA healthcare exchange due to identity verification failure.

Birthers explain all this by saying that Obama’s social-security number belongs to someone else, and that is why verification fails. The birthers’ detractors have made a couple of alternative suggestions:

  1. In the wake of the publication of Obama’s social-security number on the Internet, the President applied for a new number and the old number was deactivated.
  2. Presidential records in national databases are treated differently and are subject to tighter access restrictions than other records.

The first suggestion is easily documented as a normal process in response to identity theft, but it doesn’t explain why Obama had problems signing up for health care. Up until now, the second suggestion seemed plausible, but to my knowledge not confirmed. I submitted a FOIA request to the Social Security Administration last May specifically questioning how public records requests were handled for high government officials including the President. The question was asked in the context of understanding government operations. I used as an example a comment by the White House that Obama had a problem signing up for health care online.

I received a somewhat less than fully responsive reply today from the Social Security Administration, but one that contains the nugget of information required to confirm that suggestion 2 is plausible:

This message is in response to your May 22, 2014 inquiry about Social Security Administration database inquiries.

In addition to our rigorous safeguards designed to protect the personal information of all individuals in our databases, we have further security restrictions in place to prevent unauthorized access of Social Security records of select national figures.

We share response information only with our trusted partners who are authorized to use our verification services.

Safeguarding the public’s information has been an important issue ever since the creation of Social Security.  In 1937, the first regulation adopted by the Social Security Board outlined the rules regarding privacy and disclosure of Social Security records.  Through the years, other regulations and the Privacy Act have further defined our responsibilities to ensure the confidentiality of the information we collect and hold.

When did Greg Hollister check Obama’s SSN?

On February 9, 2011, Greg Hollister (litigant in the Hollister v. Soetoro lawsuit) sent a private email to Orly Taitz, and copied John Hemenway (Hollister’s attorney in the lawsuit), Larry Elgin (Hollister appellate attorney), Susan Daniels (a private investigator assisting Orly Taitz) and Linda Bent (a writer) stating that he had  a web printout from the Social Security Administration indicating that Barack Obama’s social-security number did not pass the Social Security Number Verification System (SSNVS). For background on what that meant, see my March, 2011 article, “More social-security troubles for the President?

Taitz recently published an image of Hollister’s email, but rather than redacting the addresses, I’ll just present the text, making it accessible to search engines at the same time:

Dear Ms. Taitz.

I have been monitoring your efforts at a distance reference the eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as POTUS. I see that you are now filing suit reference his many SSNs.

I have a copy of Obama’s selective service card with the SSN affixed. I, as a small business owner have access to the Social Security Number Verification System. As a result, I checked the SSNVS for the SSN Obama used for registering with Selective Service. The SSNVS search resulted in a report sheet that states that number Obama used to register for Selective Service was never issued.

Let me be direct – i have not agreed with many of your tactics in this endeavor. However, I have continued to follow your efforts to see where there may be synergy and this is one.

Therefore if you think the documents will be helpful, please let me know and I will send you the PDF files for both the Selective Service Card and the SSNVS report that states that SSN was never issued.1

Greg Hollister

Gregory S. Hollister, Colonel, USAF, Retired
President, Hollister Enterprises, LLC2

Hollister doesn’t say when he ran the SSNVS check, but the letter suggests a sequence of events.

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The annotated Orly

Below I reproduce an article by Orly Taitz that describes a phone conversation between the two of us this afternoon. I wanted to clarify and correct some points. On the phone she said some things that I didn’t agree with, but for the purpose of not extending the conversation too long, didn’t object to and which she might have taken by mistake as agreement. There were some other times where I didn’t have an opportunity to say all I could have said. Orly talks fast and it is sometimes difficult to get a word in. So here’s Orly’s version in normal type with my annotations in bold.

I just got of the phone with Kevin Davidson, who runs a blog “Dr. Conspiracy” Mr. Davidson was a leader of the Obama technical defense on the internet for 4 years. I have written on technical issues related to Obama conspiracies for 4 years.

We had a civil conversation, we agreed to disagree on a number of technical (and other) issues.

Mr. Davidson allowed me to write on my blog about our conversation. He stated that he part-owned a software company which dealt with scanning birth certificates, converting information and creating computerised birth certificates.

We agreed on two main points:

1. Computer image posted by Obama on is not a document, it is just a coputer image, it is not a certified copy, it cannot be used by anybody for any purpose. I said that the uncertified image is not legal proof of citizenship.

2. Certified copy differs from the computer printout (differs from a copy or a scanned image) in that a certified copy contains ultraviolet safety feature (I am informed that this is true of Hawaii certificates but do not know it of my own personal knowledge), which is built in the security paper. when you get your passport you have to provide a proper document: an original (I didn’t say “original”) or a certified copy with proper security features. If there is a reason to doubt authenticity of the document, then an original needs to be examined. I said, in the context of a court using a certified copy of a birth certificate as evidence, that persuasive reasons were needed, not just doubts, to require other evidence. Continue Reading →

Taitz’s bogus subpoena

Let me present to you a very unsettling sentence:

Orly Taitz is an officer of the court.

It’s true in California, but not in the District of Columbia where she issued a “subpoena” in the case of Taitz v Astrue, to Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy, commanding her to give a deposition at the Health Department offices in Hawaii on June 27, produce the original of Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate and allow a copy to be made. Here is how Taitz filled out the subpoena:

Click for larger version

So what’s wrong with this picture? Commenter JoZeppy explains: Continue Reading →

More social-security troubles for the President?

Gregory Hollister, plaintiff in Hollister v Soetoro, has put forward a story that pours salt on Barack Obama’s social-security number wounds.

Readers will recall that dentist cum attorney Orly Taitz, Esq. DDS sloppily redacted social-security numbers for Barack Obama and others in one of her court filings, announcing to the world Barack Obama’s number. Journalist Spencer Kornhaber verified that this is the number that President Obama used when registering with the Selective Service in 1980 through a public Selective Service verification web site. reports that Hollister used the Social Security Number Verification System (SSNVS) provided for employers by the Social Security Administration to verify Obama’s published number with the SSA, and claims that the SSA system said, “SSN not in file (never issued)”. Following is an image that claims to show the verification (or lack thereof) for President Obama:

Alleged SSNVS response for Barack Obama (click to enlarge)

What’s wrong with this picture? Simply stated, what Hollister claims to have done is a crime: Continue Reading →