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Ted Nugent: not dead yet

April 16, 2012
If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.

– Ted Nugent

Contrary to his prediction, the aging rocker, NRA board member and birther is apparently neither dead nor in jail, having just taped an interview with Bill O’Reilly to appear on The O’Reilly Factor show on Fox News this Friday. I wonder if Nugent will repeat his 2013 statement that Obama has a “phony birth certificate” on the O’Reilly show—O’Reilly is not birther friendly.

Birthers play the race card

While I have been hesitant to play the race card and make generalized statements saying that birthers are fundamentally racist, others have not, and they have used the “racist” label to good effect against birthers, to the point where I think that there are many, and maybe a majority who view birthers as racists (and undoubtedly they are right in many instances).

Birthers have been quick to pick up on any claims that they are racist and try to turn that into the entire argument to avoid the fundamental weakness of the birther position in general. However, seeing, I think, the effective use of the racist label when used against them, they are now responding in kind by labeling their opponents “racist.” Any time they can find two instances remotely parallel where the black guy is treated differently than they white guy, they cry racism, and we have seen such attacks against Barack Obama, Eric Holder and others.

We saw examples of this in the wake of the George Zimmerman trial in Florida this past July this such as the “Blackness Trumps Fairness (Eric Holder the Racist)” thread at the Free Republic from last July. Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld (in an ironic statement) suggested that calling some a racist unfairly is itself racist hate speech. Birther rock musician Ted Nugent said:

We are most offended that the president of the United States and the U.S. attorney general are clearly guilty of racism when they intentionally bring race to the fore when they make public judgments based on the color of someone’s skin instead of the content of their character in total defiance of the findings of the FBI, Department of Justice, entire state’s investigative resources and a jury verdict.

Orly Taitz is, of course, not to be left out of any anti-Obama movement. OC Weekly reports on this comment from Taitz, and her link to a racist web site:

More evidence of young black men beating up, mutilating and in some cases killing whites, particularly elderly, women and children. Black racist Eric Holder does nothing about it, only charged one white man with hate crime, did not charge any blacks, Demand impeachment hearings for Holder. Please, give me phone numbers of white men and women, who were victims of these attacks.

Black on white crime is a popular theme on the Taitz web site the last couple of days. Here are some articles, with links to the Taitz site (which still issuing that fake browser alert, so watch out):

The following are older articles from the Taitz site (where she is just copying the stories of others):

Who the hell is Ted Nugent, and why should I care that he’s a birther?

I can barely understand why I’m covering this story, much less the Huffington Post. Thanks to the Wikipedia, I now know that there is a 65-year-old rock musician named Ted Nugent who had hits like “Wango Tango” in the 1970’s.

Huffpo reported on one of his rants that included praise for Sheriff Arpaio and the phrase “phony birth certificate.” But why should I care about just another RWNJ? Maybe he and Reed Hayes can go hunting or something—BYOB.

Last month Nugent expressed an interest in running for President of the United States as a Republican in 2016. Forget that.