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Fogbow fields fresh forum format: folks find few flaws

Visitors to The Fogbow forums today found a new look presented by new forum software, IP Board. While many topics are covered at The Fogbow, I know it as the most active of the anti-birther online venues. Existing content and user accounts were migrated to the new software. You can read the details of the conversion process and what’s happening here and listen to “Foggy and Dr. Ken Answer Questions about IP Board” tonight (25 August) on RCRadio at 8 PM (UTC-4).

Popular Politics Internet Radio with RCRadio on BlogTalkRadio

I personally like the new look that I find cleaner and easier on the eyes. The new software has a few cool features; for example, if you hover your mouser over a user’s hyperlink (not the avatar), a little window pops with information about that user including what they are doing.


Search is neatly consolidated into a single search bar with options:


There is also a mobile version of the forum, accessible automatically on mobile devices (here shown on an iPhone) with a button (not shown) at the bottom to switch to the full site:


A number of rough edges remain after most of the big stuff has been ironed out. Externally-hosted user avatars didn’t convert, so those users will have to upload those images. The nifty search is also not working. Firefox users will be flying without a spell checker, although Chrome is said to check spelling OK. At present the venerable [sekrit] tag isn’t implemented (I think it’s called “spoiler” now). In a few instances, the BBCode isn’t being interpreted.

So go check it out.

Counting Obots

Thanks to a commenter here for pointing me to a comment at Birther Report by a commenter named Rhodalicious. It’s the quote of the day now, and a longer version of this despairing remark about inactivity from the Cold Case Posse appears in the Quote Archives.

These days it can be hard to tell whether a commenter at a birther site is a birther being outrageous, or someone imitating a birther being outrageous, so I took a moment to look at the Intense Debate profile for Rhodalicious to get a sense of where they are coming from. I rather liked this one:

In about 5 billion years the Sun is going to run low on fuel. At that point, it will expand to become a "red giant" star, and its diameter will exceed the orbit of Earth, meaning that the Earth will be incinerated.

I’m hoping that Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo will see fit to release their evidence at least a few years before then.

I found a pattern of frustration about the Cold Case Posse’s inaction, but I found something else more interesting: There is a screen shot from a profile page, I presume from The Fogbow, showing the number of users on the site. I won’t reproduce it here, but you can view it from the Intense Debate link. Someone had said, How many of them [Obots] are left these days — 6 or 8? The comment’s reply was that The Fogbow had more than 8000 posts in June and on the day he checked there were 1,247 users online in a 24-hour period. Rhodalicious notes that at least one person online (and I recognized others) was a birther.

Fogbow down: Obots absquatulated?

Update: Fogbow Back up.

imageFirst it was Orly blocked by an “attack page” warning, and now probably the foremost anti-birther web site, The Fogbow, is down. It’s down, grounded. Trailing clouds of glory, it’s down! (Talk like that makes me hungry.)

You know, I was seriously considering moving this site to the company Foggy uses. :shock: Whatever the problem is, it effects many sites hosted by his company, so unless this is a massive false flag operation, Foggy is not en route to Belarus or Paraguay or wherever Obots are supposed to absquatulate to, when “any day now” becomes today.

8 PM (6/28/2014)


8:09 PM (6/28/2014)


8:52 PM (any day now)


9:20 PM (6/28/2014)


9:28 PM


The Fogbow Meetup 2014

I am in Philadelphia for the Fogbow Meetup. Anti-birthers and their spouses have been filtering in from across the country. I am very pleased to finally meet some folks face-to-face. Generally, I’m not going to talk about who’s here for privacy reasons (feel free to announce yourself). Foggy and Roxy7655 are here.

I don’t get on the Fogbow forum much, what with all the time I spend here and other places, and it’s good to catch up. One thing that I noticed is that there are more lawyers among the anti-birthers than I realized. It’s really a very sophisticated crowd with some rich personal narratives. It’s also enriching for me, who lived my entire life in the South, to hobnob with folks from other parts of the country.

It seems that that the order of conversation is: finding out who the person you are talking to is, briefly how crazy the birthers are, and then something totally different. A group of us went to see the Barnes Art Collection and I have now exceeded my life quota for Renoirs.

Fogbow to be investigated by US Attorney

It’s official. Federal Judge Henry T. Wingate says that he will ask the US attorney to investigate messages posted by an unknown individual on the popular anti-birther web site, The Fogbow, so states a Minute Entry in the case of Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi. The docket entry reads:

Further, the court discussed the recent blog posted on FogHorn (sic) of a Virgil E. Byrd, and advised the parties that the US Attorney will be asked to investigate this matter.

All I can say is that it wasn’t me—I only post at The Fogbow as Dr. Conspiracy.

One hopes the judge will get the name straight, or that the US Attorney will figure it out before he starts watching old cartoon shows for a mention of Virgil Byrd.


Different byrd

Of course, once the Fogbow is investigated, the US Attorney will find out that the comment was posted on the Taitz web site. :shock:

Mississippi investigation

Orly Taitz, who up until now didn’t even acknowledge on her blog the upcoming telephonic hearing in the Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi case, has issued a press release [link to Taitz web site] on the new developments that came out of that hearing.

There was some ambiguity in reports of the hearing on the matter of subpoenas that might be issued to try to find out the identity of the pseudonymous poster at Orly Taitz’ blog, Virgil E. Byrd, who alleged that someone named “Henry” (and by this the reader likely presumes the reference is to Judge Henry T. Wingate) made improper remarks about the case and expressed hostility towards Taitz [link to comment at Taitz web site]:

Virgil E. Byrd: I spoke at some length to Henry at our once-a-year Yale Club (he was class of ’72 and I was ’70) get together in mid-December at the Clarion Hotel in Jackson about you and your shenanigans.

I advised him to throw the book at you. He laughed and told me I have nothing to worry about as “everything is proceeding on schedule. She won’t get away scot-free.” He added, “We’re making the b*tch squirm a little first.”

I thought that Taitz may have understood that she had blanket authority to issue subpoenas for the IP addresses1 of everyone at The Fogbow, the web site that Orly Taitz believes is the source of organized harassment against her; however, that appears not to be the case, as shown in her press release, which says in part:

USDC Judge Henry Wingate, who is presiding over the RICO case, dealing with Obama”s use of fabricated ID’s and a stolen SSN, is consulting with the U.S. attorney and asking U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of MS to open a criminal case against an individual who made a defamatory statement about the judge and about Attorney Orly Taitz. The statement is below. additionally, he intends to serve the Internet provider with the subpoena, issued directly by the court, ordering the provider to release the identity and address of the person, who made this comment.

Taitz, believing that punking her is a crime, is looking back for nasty things said to her online so that she can forward those IP addresses to the US Attorney also. Taitz is asking her readers to scan through the hundreds of articles on her site since July of 2013, combing through all of the comments to find offensive ones, so that she can look up the IP addresses. (While the Virgil E. Byrd comment was dated January 20, 2014, the Taitz article it was attached to was from July 20, 2013.)

Taitz v. The Fogbow

A certain commenter here agrees with Taitz that the online forum “The Fogbow” is the prime suspect in the Byrd comment, as if a web site can be a suspect. This is not new. The Fogbow is mentioned in her RICO complaint filed in Mississippi in this case, and I would direct readers to my article from December, 2012: “Orly’s RICO statement: Fogbow is the enemy” for the details. Here’s how she described them (in part) in her RICO complaint:

“Fogbow”-subversive organization, created with the purpose of aiding and abetting Obama in usurpation of U.S. Presidency with forged IDs and by defaming and slandering civil rights leaders, ike (sic) Plaintiffs herein, who are bringing civil challenges to Obama and destroy their ability to make a living.

Certainly comments at The Fogbow about Orly Taitz are sometimes unkind, and folks at Taitz’ site are clearly anti-Fogbow. Here’s a sample:

Ron Riddle: Paul Jackson is over from Fog Blow Central. Just another clueless Obot with their head in the sand trying to gather inside info. You’ll find out soon enough knuckle head!

Ron Riddle: Do you notice the contrast in the posts from the Fog Blow Hards going back several years compared to nowadays? Even though we all knew their arguments were falsehoods years ago atleast (sic) some of them were amusing I guess. Today, it’s like they have their teenage kids posting on the forum. Just nothing but pure childish stupidity. Nothing remotely intelligent whatsoever!

Orly Taitz (article): Intimidating messages were traced to NY, however they used the name of Kallan Brucker, she is the political director of the Democratic Party of Marion County, Indiana. Please, look at the people posting on her site, do you recognize the names? Any Fogbow people, any working for the US Attorney, Superior Court, AG of Indiana?? I need to get to the bottom of these alleged contacts with employees of the Superior court of Marion county IN

Orly Taitz (article): Kurt Coleman and William Bryan, who are leading an anti-American group “fogbow”, which was aiding and abetting cover up of Obama forgeries, have formed a business venture. Who invested money in this venture, in “Fogbow”, who have been paying Scott J.Tepper, who financed “Fogbow” conference in AZ?

Orly Taitz (article): in their threads on “Fogbow” pro Obama operatives admit to interfering with my cases

Orly Taitz (article): Please, write to Congress, demand hearing and investigation of members of antiAmerican subversive groups “Fogbow” and “Politijab”

Orly Taitz (article): Pro Obama operatives on “Fogbow”, such as “Foggy”, aka disbarred CA attorney Bill Bryan, as well as other “fogbow” attorneys, who hopefully wil (sic) be disbarred very soon, are harassing assistant US attorney Patrick Nemeroff in order to derail my Obama SS Fraud and Forgery case Taitz v Astrue

Orly Taitz (article): Fogbow “Obama brown shirts” video is back

Orly Taitz (article): Please, write to the university of Connecticut and report Richard C Rockwell (sic). Provide them with all of his inappropriate speeces (sic) on his RCR radio and his coments (sic) of Fogbow. Our children should not be exposed to his influence

Orly Taitz (article): A member of “fogbow” is threatening my life by ending his National examiner despicable slanderous article about me with words “we know how to lock and load”

Orly Taitz (article): Did Politijab’Fogbow attorneys harass Constitutional Law Professor Ron Rotunda and Chapman university? who is pressuring the Third Circuit Court of Appeals to change their ruling on jurisdiction in my case against Berg and his felon paralegal Lisa Liberi?

Orly Taitz (article): More on attorneys from Politijab and Fogbow, who slandered me and filed false complaints about me. Some of these attorneys are believed to be employed by the department of Justice and High Courts.

Orly Taitz (article): Murderer of the judge and shooter of congresswoman Giffords was a crazy Communist-Socialist, Jew hater. Look at his info on my space: favorite books “Communist Manifesto” and Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” . He is just like those communist antisemites from “politijab” and “fogbow”, who claim to be attorneys and attack me, like scum who tampered with my car, like some criminals in courts who destroy the evidence and rape the law and the Constitution.

Maybe Orly will subpoena this:

1I looked up the Byrd IP address ( and am pleased to report that no comment here has ever come from it.