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Future news: Supreme Court rejects Taitz plea

In a tersely worded decision later today, the United States Supreme Court announced its decision to let stand the California electoral votes for Barack Obama. The Court failed to be persuaded by Taitz’ allegations of stolen social-security numbers and forged Selective Service applications, and they remained unmoved by Taitz’ threats of treason charges against them. The stay requested by Taitz in the case of Noonan v. Bowen was not granted, leaving Barack Obama securely in the position of President of the United States.

In a related story, the Court also announced that it had denied cert in the case of Sibley v. Obama.

Given that it’s a foregone conclusion, I thought I might as well write the article, and scoop the competition.


Birthers deny that the Supreme Court even saw the case, and don’t read their own orders.

Orly Taitz ~ U.S. Supreme Court Grants Expedited Decision On Obama Fraud For Tuesday February 19, 2013

Happy Presidents Day, by the way.

I got the title of this article from Twitter this morning. I’ve spent a little time replying to such things online, and what I say is that the only thing “decided” last Friday, and to be announced February 19, is whether the Supreme Court will grant a stay of the counting of votes in the 2012 Presidential Election in California.

pot of melted cheeseGiven that Bender’s time travel codes are as fictional as Taitz’s allegations of a stolen Obama social-security number, there is no way the Supreme Court can stay something that happened already: It would create a time paradox in which both the Obots and the birthers would meld into a vat of temporally overheated Cheese Whiz. Since Taitz hasn’t even filed a petition for the Supreme Court to hear the substance of her appeal, there is nothing for them to decide about “Obama fraud” even if they were inclined to do so; and even if she had filed a writ of certiorari, the Supreme Court is not a trier of facts, and all they would do in any case would to be to refer the case back to the original court for a trial.

Nevertheless, I have grown tired of trying to explain this to birthers, so I give up. The Supreme Court did indeed decide the question of social-security fraud in the case of Obama and they will announce their decision tomorrow, and if dismissed, that means that Orly Taitz’ entire pile of evidence is wrong, her theories are wrong, and the birthers have lost well and truly, let them forever hold their peace. Amen.

Old news: Futurama spoofed the birthers

imageSo, in case you didn’t see it, the Futurama cartoon series did a spoof of the birther movement last year in an episode titled “Decision 3012.”

In the 3012 election for President of Earth, Kenyan-born Senator Travers is challenged to produce his Earth Certificate, which he can’t do because although he was born at Our Lady of Patriotism Hospital in Kenya, it was in the future, and so his Earth Certificate doesn’t exist in the present. However, he was born during the election and his birth was shown on live TV, erasing any possible doubt as to where he was born from the public mind.

Netflix customers can stream it (Volume 7, Episode 3) and perhaps other services have it as well. The Wikipedia has a more extensive plot summary of the episode.

Thanks to a commenter who sent me the hint.