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The Cold Case Posse’s six figures (retracted)

This article has been retracted.

It turns out that the 3,000 figure discussed is for all of the MCSO Posse’s and TPPTRUTHSQUAD was mistaken. Brian Reilly says that he personally didn’t pay any dues.

 ————————– Retracted content follows —————————-

Birtherverse-shattering conclusion

There was a part of Brian Reilly’s article that I wasn’t sure I understood:

I was chosen by Zullo over 3,000 existing Posse members.

I thought maybe Reilly was referring to all of Sheriff Joe’s posse members (there are many different posses) although that’s not what he said. But then I was reading something from another alleged insider, TPPTRUTHSQUAD,  posting in comments here who claimed:

I’m certain the 3,000+ members of the CCP will verify your claim of their being thrown under the bus.

A little history

Some time back a request was made to the Cold Case Posse for its IRS filings and determination letter, which it is by law required to provide. Mike Zullo, after dodging my registered letter, did eventually respond to someone else. In that response some private information was redacted (not allowed, but understandable) and not cause for a red flag. However, after my own request failed I applied to the IRS to get a copy from them, which they provided. In addition to unredacted names and addresses, the IRS provided an entire page that the Cold Case Posse for some reason omitted. I wrote about that page in my article, “Cold Case Posse screws the IRS (genetally speaking).” I’ll reproduce the page following for reference:

A little math

Now at the time, that didn’t set off many flags either, except from the spell checker, but in the light of this new information, it’s stunning. If there are indeed 3,000 Cold Case Posse members each paying $100 a year in dues, that comes to $300,000 annually and over the time the CCP has been in high gear, we’re talking about somewhere between half a million and a million dollars in membership dues! This staggering sum is on top of whatever donations the CCP receives from PayPal clicks on its web site and from other sources. Remember, that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has officially declared in a letter to me that they have no information about CCP finances. They don’t report them to the IRS because they are tax exempt from all reporting as a governmental auxiliary.

If this is the kind of money involved, then it certainly explains Mike Zullo continuing to hype his future revelations on the radio week after week. Indeed, this information is so stunning that I’m not sure I believe it (but I did check the math). Is this the second Birtherverse-shattering reveal for March?