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“tracies dad” lowers expectations

I’ve noticed a character of late posting at Birther Report under the name, “tracies dad.” (If anyone thinks they know who tracies dad is, I remind them of the site policy against identifying private individuals on the site.) The first comment I recall was from 11 weeks ago when tracies dad wrote:

November 19 was a real turning point. The Commiebots know the end is coming, but they do not know what form it will take. Here is a hint: It is not something just earthshaking or country shaking. It is Universe Changing. And the Commiebots are on the wrong side of the Universal Divide!

I couldn’t think of any important event that happened on November 19, but in the mind of tracies dad, something did, and a comment 5 weeks ago at BR explains the date and gives a big whopping hint as to his identity. There aren’t more than a handful of people who fit this description:

I wish that everyone who now wants to LEAD a mass demonstration of this type had actually been there with those of us ATTENDING the mass demonstration in DC on November 19. It seems that those who want to lead or organize (without actually bothering to show up in person) out number those who are committed enough to actually buy the plane ticket to participate.

My title comes from td’s comment a couple of days ago:

This is clearly another of a long string of attempts by Team Orly to discredit Team Arpaio. It will no more succeed than those in the past. Even if there is a delay in the release of information, the whole world will most likely know the more important aspects of it before the end of this year.

“Before the end of the year” rises in sharp contrast to the usual expectation of “this March.” The context was another comment noting that someone named Mitch Martinson, with the same name as the writer of Arizona’s Politics blog, lives 6.3 miles from Orly Taitz. The conclusion is that the Arizona’s Politics article saying that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office had walked back earlier confirmation of two deputies working with Mike Zullo, was disinformation instigated by Orly Taitz. That’s a classic conspiracy theorist connection.

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