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Obama’s typos

Typos happen all the time to everybody. I was reported dead on a credit report. My father’s name is a typo on my birth certificate and my mother’s name is a typo on my hospital souvenir certificate. My bank changed my address even though I didn’t move, and so a public record probably existed at one time saying I lived in Torrance, California. The president of a state university once introduced me to a crowd of 5,000 people as a professor at that institution, even though I have never been on the faculty there. In my lifetime I have been called Keevan, Calvin, Kazin, Kerwin, Kelvin, Nevin, and Dave more times than I can count. I used to get mail for the Reverend N. W. Davidson although I have never been a clergyman. I once got a thick padded envelope in my company post office box addressed the Allied General Nuclear Facility in Barnwell, South Carolina (typo in the zip code: 29612 for 298121).

What’s so odd about the Social Security Administration keying a zero for a nine on Obama’s Social Security application? The IRS did exactly the same thing on my tax return one year. My dad’s birth date was wrong in the Social Security database.

Because Obama is a public figure, more things are said about him in public than about me. Many documents are available and have been examined minutely by the news media and the birthers, and thereby the typos are concentrated and made more obvious.

Add to the usual plague of typos, the inevitable confusion when a father and son share the same name.

A book about George Washington, printed in England, said he was born there. And indeed there were birthers back then too, who repeated persistent rumors (after his death) that the Father of Our Country was foreign born.

I don’t think that there is anything at all remarkable about Obama’s typos.

1The delivery error happened. The exact reason for it is speculative. The listed zip codes are from Greenville and Barnwell, SC, but I do not recall what was actually printed on the package. The post office where the package was delivered had the zip code of 29601, but it was also the main post office for the city. What probably happened was that the 29612 got the package as far as the main post office (all incoming mail for the city arrives there) in Greenville, and then the post office box number, since it was a  box at that post office, got it into my box.