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Mike Zullo presents the “meatball hypothesis”

In a previous article, I gave a short excerpt from the Carl Gallups Freedom Friday broadcast from November 22, 2013, where Carl announced the “universe shattering” new direction of the Cold Case Posse investigation. After Carl spoke, Mike Zullo called in to the show.

I think that it is interesting to listen to this broadcast, knowing what we know now from Arpaio’s testimony last week about the Seattle investigation into information from Dennis Montgomery about the CIA, the Justice Department and the federal courts. Zullo talks about being away from home for almost a month at an undisclosed location, which we now know was Seattle. I felt a great sense of irony in several places.

Making transcripts is a labor-intensive task for me, but I think it’s worth the effort in this case. The 9:49 minute audio file is on YouTube, and my transcript follows. One of the items discussed is the Xerox 7655 evidence, which Zullo rebuts at some length, his best argument being that those who present it are “meatballs,” hence the title of this article.

Gallups: Mike Zullo, you there?

Zullo: Carl, how are you?

Gallups: I’m, I’m doing great. Listen, In this particular segment, we only have about one minute literally, so I’m gonna hush and let you talk, and then we’ll hold you over if you want more time. Go ahead.

Zullo: Well, I just wanted to call … I was listening to your radio show, and I just wanted everybody to know that you did talk to me, been in contact. This is moving in a direction that was not anticipated by us, and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. It is now deeply involved in other aspects of this and we’re working closely together as one team and one unit moving forward on this. I can’t give you any specific details. I can tell you this, though, the whole notion of a Xerox 7655 copier is out the window.

Gallups: Yeah.

Zullo: That’s nothing more than a red herring rabbit trail going nowhere and we will annihilate that when that time comes.

Gallups: Fantastic. Mike, can you stay on for another 4 or 5 minutes after the break, or do you need to go?

Zullo: No, I can do that. I can do that. Continue Reading →


Poll: What’s your favorite birther image from 2014?

I have a couple of images from 2014 that are my personal favorites. One is the logo for the Orly Taitz Super PAC. Originally, the OTSPAC had laughably bad graphics, leading many to the correct opinion that the site was a spoof. The spiffy updated graphic made the site a little more credible. The anonymous designer is not a Taitz supporter, and was not responsible for putting up the site.

My other favorite image is one I made myself, altering a real TV news clip showing Mike Zullo, and highlighting the “universe shattering” revelations that never happened.

Commenters have offered another Zullo image (courtesy of RC Radio), part of the brief KPHO-TV interview where Zullo admitted taking the $10,000 gift:

Zullo Behind bars

Sheriff Joe’s universe may be shattering

It sucks to be Joe Arpaio this week.

imageFirst there is the Phoenix New Times story today (BANG!) by award-wining journalist Stephen Lemons, that opens up a big can of worms. It begins with some behind-the-scenes comments from Joe Arpaio suggesting that the birther investigation was motivated by fundraising, citing footage from a new film about Arpaio, The Joe Show, The New Times writes:

The most revealing part of Phoenix filmmaker Randy Murray’s recent documentary The Joe Show was a strategy meeting during Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s 2012 re-election campaign that included Arpaio, his top flack, Lisa Allen, Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan, and campaign manager Chad Willems.

The group huddled in the back of a Fountain Hills restaurant to discuss how to spin Joe’s negatives — the misspending of more than $100 million, the deaths in the jails, the scores of millions in lawsuit payouts — for the public.

At some point, Arpaio’s “birther” investigation came up.  …

At the mere mention of the birther investigation and the future press event, Allen and Willems practically rolled their eyes.

Willems called the birther probe “nuts.”

Allen said the sheriff might as well go the press conference “in big ol’ clown shoes.”
Arpaio shrugged, literally.

“There ain’t gonna be no damage control,” Arpaio promised Willems. “You’ll get more money [in campaign contributions] than you’ll know what to do with.”

imageIt gets worse on that topic (read the New Times article), but we then are given some idea what the Universe-shattering investigation is all about. The Sheriff’s Office confirmed some kind of investigation was in the works, but not about the birth certificate. Informants tell the New Times that the investigation is about Eric Holder and federal judge G. Murray Snow, the one who is overseeing enforcement as a result of a lawsuit proving pervasive racial profiling within Arpaio’s Department. And then there is the Seattle scammer. Sources say that $100,000 has been paid to notorious con man Dennis Montgomery. When asked, both Arpaio and Montgomery declined to deny that they were working together.  You just have to read the thing to believe it.

Next there is the sad story of Maricopa County deputy Ramon Armendariz who appeared to be shaking down undocumented aliens.  He apparently committed suicide by hanging and cannot be questioned as to how widespread the misconduct was within the department, but perhaps these facts have a very different interpretation. Further, 900 hours of videos of traffic stops that were supposed to be turned over to the Court were found in his house. This story was widely reported by the national press. It certainly leaves a lot of questions and I’ll be interested to see how the story plays out.

And if that weren’t enough, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals released its decision on Monday, awarding $975,000 to former Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox in a lawsuit against Arpaio and other county officials for false arrest and prosecution, bringing the total to over $12 million for those cases.

Finally an investigation has uncovered evidence suggesting that Maricopa County Sheriffs Office personnel and equipment were involved in the production of Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo’s for-profit eBook, A Question of Law Eligibility: A Law Enforcement Investigation into Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate and his Eligibility to be President. The book, copyrighted by Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo drew initial criticism as some dollars rolled in to Mike Zullo for what many think should have been the property of the non-profit Cold Case Posse not for Zullo’s personal use. Zullo sidestepped that issue by claiming he gave the money to his church. Now the question is more difficult with County resources involved. This topic led me to review that book, and in the light of what we know now about the Obama birth certificate PDF file, it looks pretty bad. For details on this investigation, check out “MCSO Public Information Officer Brian Lee Helped Write ‘A Question of Eligibility’ eBook” at the RC Radio Blog.

Read more:

CCP Universe-shattering evidence revealed

This article is in the Wild & Wacky category, suggesting that it’s satire or a spoof. In one sense it is and in another sense it isn’t.

The obvious question is: What could shatter the universe? Certainly no case of identity fraud on the part of Barack Obama, no matter how messy, would fundamentally alter the country, the world or much less the universe. If proven, Obama would be impeached, and out of office. It would be a scandal, but we’ve had lots of scandals. Life as we know it would continue. We survived “Teapot Dome.” No, it has to be something bigger, and what is bigger than the President? Clearly it must be something international and be tied to a fundamental way people comprehend how the world works.

I think two important clues are found in an unlikely source: anti-birther humor. The first is “What Birthers Believe,” (2009) one of my favorite videos. Please watch it and then this article will continue.

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Obot back channel chatter on Zullo’s investigation

There’s some traffic on the Obot channels speculating what Zullo is going to come up with next. I have some significant doubts about it because I can’t believe Zullo would come out with such conspiracy claptrap that’s so far unrelated to Obama as to stretch credulity, feh.

If it’s true, it will be a good cautionary tale reminding us that otherwise sensible people can get sucked into conspiracist nonsense. I better hit the books and start debunking this one just in case.

This is the way March ends

not with a bang but a whimper

Weather lore says that March comes in like a like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Applied to birtherism, March came in with bluster and high expectations of the great denouement of the “O-bots,” the shattering of their universe. Here on the last day of March, let’s take stock of the month:

  • Orly Taitz endorsed by Pastor Manning, only to find herself joined at the hip with his homophobic street sign
  • Tea Party Nation repudiates Taitz claim of endorsement
  • CalGuns repudiates Taitz claim of endorsement
  • Michael Shrimpton video gets no traction
  • FBI evidence of theft by threat, witness tampering and felony obstruction of justice by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office reported
  • Former Cold Case Posse member Brian Reilly describes unprofessionalism within the Cold Case Posse
  • Congressmen Labrador and Huelskamp express disinterest in Sheriff Joe investigation
  • Doug Vogt’s mysterious “friendly judge” does not come through
  • McInnish appeal denied by Alabama Supreme Court (7 – 2)
  • Larry Klayman faces Bar disciplinary action in DC
  • Birther Walter Fitzpatrick III jailed
  • Birther Lucas Daniel Smith reportedly jailed in the Dominican Republic
  • More delays in Taitz’ Mississippi lawsuit, strengthening Defense case for sanctions
  • Supreme Court declines to hear Robert Laity appeal.
  • Birther Report doesn’t go live with its new super secure server
  • No announcement from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office about an Obama investigation
  • No press conference, charges, investigative reports, or anything else of substance from Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average up 136 points for the month of March
  • Universe pretty much the same

Check out my 2009 poem, “We are the Birthers.”

Now, let’s play the birther theme song!

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